Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have been thinking about items people collect. I commented on the mans Star Wars collection. My mother collected three things, cups and saucers, salt and peppers Shakers, and stuffed bears. We gave her Christmas plates. As a child she wanted a teddy bear and she couldn't have one , so when she could she collected them. Some she got as gifts, some from rummage sales and a friend of hers made them and she bought from her and the friend gave her some. The cups and saucers and salt and pepper shakers she bought when we would go on trips. She had some very cute salt and pepper Shakers, such as a squirrel and a nut.

My mother-in law collected stuff bears also, think about the bears I have inherited. We also gave her Christmas Hummel Plates. My sister -in -law gave us a collection of Ten Commandment plates. I have the beginnings of a collection of snow globes and angels. There is of course the trains, which Dr John gave up, but not all. I have also the collection of the houses on the train layout.

In our house up North, the houses and trains were outside in a garden or in the garage during the winter. The plates we hung in the dining room, kitchen and hallway. We now have very little room to display anything. Oh I forgot the dragons.

The above is the reason for our working at selling on E-Bay. Emotionally it is so hard to let things go.


quilly said...

Once you do let things go it can be very freeing. I have divested most of my clutter, and I miss very little of it. However, the decision to let go was hard to make and slow in coming.

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Melli said...

I clung to things for many years and then all of a sudden I hit 50 and all I wanted was to rid my house of clutter! I actually GAVE away my whole teddy bear collection... oh, okay - I still have 3 - because they are in my teddy bear bathroom. The rest - poof! Gone! I dumped the blue & white china... I packed away the pewter. My kids knocked my Cow Parade shelves off the wall while I was on vacation and wiped out the entire heard in one fell blow! They were scared to death I was gonna kill 'em and spent two days gluing them all back together -- it was like a giant jigsaw puzzle! My only concern was did anybody get hurt?! Of course, once they were broken I had no desire to keep them! I did for a short while just so the kids wouldn't feel their efforts had been in vain! LOL! The only collections I actually still have are my Christmas things. I have snowmen, Santas, angels, reindeer, churches, gingerbread men... at Christmas time this house becomes so cluttered you can't WALK through it! LOL! But all my other trinkets are gone with the wind. "Things" have become of really no importance to me anymore...

bettygram said...

We have been trying for years now. we have had four rummage sales. We havehad three moves and each home gets smaller.

In October we plan on going after the Christmas things. There is just not enough room here to but up what we have. The empty boxes are from what we have got rid of.