Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary John. I love you!!!

It is almost the first of September and finally got to my computer. The kids have been using my computer all day. It has not been the same child but some child. Dr john did not mention what happen just before the service. We came over to church in two cars, Pennie, Dr John, myself and my older grandson and granddaughter. My son was to have the rest of his boys with him. They went ahead of our car. We parked in handicap parking in front of the church, my son in the back of the church. We entered the church and stood for a while and talked. We then went to the front of the church, taking up the first two pews. Alex asked,"Where's Elijah?
Pennie said," I will go look. He may be in the restroom."She left. My son asked Alex if Elijah was in the car with us. Alex said no. My son then knew that Elijah was still back at the house. He left the church then to go get Elijah. Elijah was in the computer room and on the computer and didn't know that we had left without him. When Pat got to the house Elijah was just coming out the door. He said he noticed how quiet it was and went out to see where we were. A small Home Alone.


William ~ The Old Fart said...

Happy Anniversary Betty to you and Dr John. Glad that you found Elijah safe.

Melli said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I Happied you on Dr. J's blog too!

That is too funny! I hope Elijah took it well!

Margaret said...

A small Home Alone for sure. Happy Anniversary to you!

quilly said...

LOL! I'm glad this one had a happy ending!