Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Maggie

Maggie's birthday turned into a two day affair. It was fun because the whole family came. Maggie enjoyed all the attention she got from the grand kids. A friend of my daughters came over with her puppy on Sunday and Maggie got to play with someone not human.

We went to church and they had to call for 911 for aid for someone who was a retired pastor. We were impressed with the way the congregation cared for not only the one in distress but others in the congregation that needed aid. The children who were listening to the children's sermon where given an explanation as what was happening and what they could do to help. They moved the congregation to the fellowship room so that the 911 attendants could work more easily. In the fellowship room we prayed and sung "Jesus Loves Me" The pastor did give a sermon which was one of the best I have heard. There wasn't any notes he walked around from table to table talking to the individuals there. He was asking them[ and me] to listen and look for Jesus calling them to a special job He wants them to do.

Friday, January 18, 2008

What did you do to help your team win?

As my daughter left to see the Packers play last week, her dad said," You know if they lose it will be your fault because you are going to the game instead of watching it on TV like you have all season. They won does that mean she has to go this week? Can't afford it and she doesn't have tickets.
We pick a Packer shirt to wear to watch the games and wear the same shirt if it brings a win. Some people sit in the same chair to watch. My question is what do you do to help the team win?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

When is a Walk nota Walk?

The answer is when you are walking with Maggie our Springer Spaniel. We have been working on Maggie walking by our side. I have been having better walks walking down the street in front of our house but it is not a very long walk. Most of the snow has melted because of the rain and warmer weather so this morning I decided to try walking in the back of our lot to the church and school. I walk around the soccer field twice. First there was some snow left. Then we[Maggie and I] saw the rabbit hop in front of us. Maggie wanted to pull me after the rabbit but I managed to stay on trail. We had just began the trip around the field when her leg got tangled in the leash. I reached down to untangle her and she pulled the leash out of my hand and off she ran. After all the practice of come when I call went out the window. She paid no attention to me. I know not to run after her because she will run away faster than I can catch her. So I continued walking as I was still walking her. She ran far beyond our usual path but she kept me in sight. She stopped to examine some dead plants in a garden and I was able to grab her leash. What I learned from the walk is that there is a lot of work to do. My fear is there is an express way near by and she will run onto it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve

We had one of the dullest New Years Eve ever I think. My daughter was on call the night before and had not been able to sleep. She wanted to see the new year come in. She woke up in time to see the ball come down in New York on replay. New York is an hour ahead of us but the station replayed the New York celebration. Maggie heard our cities fireworks and began to howl and bark so my daughter went home. From my padio I could see the fireworks but I had to open the door and it was cold.
The night before was interesting. My daughter was on call and we couldn't find anything we wanted to watch on regular tv,so we went to free movies on demand,something she could watch but if she was called out wouldn't feel bad about leaving. She had the control and she fell asleep. I watched the worst movie I have ever seen because of the acting. The best came when the dad who was secret santa ended up at the North Pole wisked there by the elf. He found a talking owl. I could not help it I started to laugh so hard. I don't know where they got the owl but it was stuffed and didn't look like any owl I have seen. I woke my daughter, but it was a good thing because she was called out.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!