Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Gift

We are not opening Christmas gifts until New Years and we are gathered as a family. Before Christmas packages arrived for me. The packages looked like flowers. The first one was not flowers,but a box of chocolates. The second one was the above vase and flowers from Dr John. Both the chocolates and the flowers were from John.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


We had a different Christmas. We didn't open gifts. We are going to wait until New Years Day, when the family will be here. We went to church to a nice service. I have had two other Christmas' that were not traditional. When Dr. john was in the hospital 30+ years ago was the first. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Green Bay. John's brother-in-law drove his mother and I down behind the ambulance. We stayed at John's cousin home as that family went to Florida. John had surgery. A friend in Crystal Falls who was caring for my children drove down so that the kids could see their father on Christmas. That is when the snow storm came. Very bad driving. I got a parking ticket how the officer found the mark on my tire I do not know. Then as I was driving back to his cousin's house I got lost because you could not see the signs. There were no gifts to give. John's cousin left cookies. John's mother kept saying Santa Claus flew right over. I can't remember if his mother got a meal. I remember I went to the cafeteria but I didn't find the food tasty.

The second different Christmas was when Dr John was in the hospital for the last major illness. That time my children were grown. Peter and Pennie came up and we celebrated at the place I was staying a converted hotel now used for families of those in the hospital. They had Christmas trees in the lounge area. Pat had to come later. We got a meal put together by the grocery store
and we used the kitchen. John could not have gifts because he was in the ICU. Pennie and I went to church Christmas Eve at Messiah. The pastor spoke about how Jesus was not at his home also.

Celebrating Jesus birthday is important even if is not traditional or on the 25th.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not wind or snow

It was below zero and the wind chill at -40 but that did not keep us from church. We bundled up and got in the Montana Van and got through the drifts of snow. The choir along with an orchestra of young students did a Cantata. They did a very good job.
After the service the serving group provided fresh cinnamon rolls and sloppy joes along with coffee,juice, and cocoa.
Another former pastor had a picture of different trains which he gave to dr. john.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Raven's 44

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

he words for this week's ten word challenge were: When pigs have wings, Moonlight, Mystery, Tower of Babel, Butterflies, Bread and butter, Beef barley soup, Charley horse, Novelty, Cold shoulder Mini Challenge: Software, Lottery, Newspaper, Mailman, Ringo Starr’s drum

Thirteen year old Mark continued his search for a new home, one he would be welcomed in. He settled into a community called Couldbe. There were life forms he had never seen. He saw a red horse flying, and it must be an important figure, because he saw a sign on a building having a flying red horse. Mark using his mind asked if he could shift into the form of the red horse. The horse responded,"when pigs have wings." Even though he was given a cold shoulder, the possibility of pigs with wings was not a novelty in this place. He took the form of a butterfly, without asking. Flying with the butterflies he flitted around the town, which was occupied with humanoid forms which again without asking he took the form of. There was a building which appeared to be public so he entered it. There was a man eating alone at a table. He was eating beef barley soup , and bread and butter. Mark asked if he could join him telling the waiter he would have water. The man at the table introduced himself as Charley Horse. Mark snickered. Mark repeated, " Charley horse like a leg cramp?" The man was offended , got up and paid for his meal, leaving Mark at the table alone. Mark also left following the man called Charley out.

It was now evening. Mark continued his exploration of the town. The moonlight made it easy to see. He discovered a object which was a mystery to him. A large form in the middle of a field. It was a very tall structure which reminded Mark of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. Around the structure were pigs and they had wings. Now to find that flying red horse.

Mini Challenge;

Sandy read the newspaper Bay News while she waited for the mailman. The mailman was really the mail carrier because it was a woman. She had ordered some new software and was anxious for it to arrive. There was an article about Ringo Starr's drum being shown at the library. A picture accompanying the article . In the corner at the bottom she could see her penguin it was holding up a small sign with words lottery numbers, below which were the numbers. She was tempted to forget about the software and go buy a lottery ticket. Could she trust the penguin? She thought about the gift shop, her date, and the last incident with the roulette wheel. the man in the white hat said that the penguin was para-normal. She was not sure what that meant he had not had the time to meet with her yet. It could mean that the penguin could see into the future and these were the winning numbers, or it could be another way to get her into trouble. Would others see the picture and infer the same numbers? Sandy put on her coat and grabbed the keys to the car. Maybe she would be a winner. She fought the temptation but it won . To the store to get a winning ticket. What could go wrong?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have been staying in the last couple of days because of the weather. Cold, not just cold but bitterly cold. I guess that true for everyone in the middle of the country. We are preparing for more snow. O K it is winter.
As far as Christmas preparations: Done some shopping and some wrapping. I decorated the new mantle. I found the stocking holders but not the stockings. Our stockings were knitted by John's aunt Bessie. She gave them to us the first year of our marriage. After the birth of each child she gave them a stocking. Bessie has past away so the stockings mean a lot, but I am not sure of where we packed them. The three moves mean we still have boxes not found. We stayed with my daughter when we first moved here so they may be at her place and she has not had time to begin decorating.
Now I must go get Maggie.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Two For Story

Before you read this truly unremarkable story just a few words about how it came into existence. John and I decided it would be fun to write a story together and thus the idea for this story was born. To keep us from killing each other a few rules were devised.
1. Each person would write one line and then the other a line until the end of the story.
2. We would not discuss what we had in mind or where we wanted the story to go.
3. No hitting or screaming.
This then is the product of our effort published on both blogs on the same day.

Sandy was just becoming comfortable with living with the stupid penguin when she found the two messages from Father Bill on her answering machine. Of all people, Father Bill wanted to know about the penguin. He wanted her to come down to the church hall now even though this was the day of the big casino fund raising effort and the place would be packed. She dressed quickly and grabbed the recently gifted stuffed penguin.
Ann Haggerty met her at the door to the hall and asked her if she knew anything about roulette wheels as it seems nobody could get the church's new wheel to work. Sandy looked at Ann with an odd expression on her face.Out of the corner of her eye she saw her penguin rushing toward the wheel. She felt that there was going to be trouble ,or maybe help,because that penguin was so unpredictable.Suddenly, the wheel began to turn and it certainly looked like it was working. Applause echoed through the hall, and Ann grabbed a bouquet of yellow roses used too decorate the hall and gave them to Sandy.
Sandy, however, was more concerned about where the penguin had disappeared to and what it was up to now. She excused herself , and walked into the sanctuary. Father Bill was not there so she went immediately to his office and waited for him to come back. There was a side door to the office, which opened, causing her to jump back in response . At the same moment she saw through the window her penguin running up and down on the fire escape of the building next door and being watched by a strange man in a white hat. Brother Joe had come in the door and commented on her watching the man in the white hat. Sandy not being able to say anything about the penguin on the fire escape said she had just noticed the fancy sunglasses the guy was wearing and thought she might get a pair.

Sandy heard a commotion coming from the hall , so she left the office running past the softly lit candles in the sanctuary. It seems the wheel was now stopping on number 10 every time and Ann was about as angry as you can get. Sandy said," The penguin did it. The penguin in the cinnamon floppy hat and the yellow jacket did it." It was at that point that the man in the white hat showed up, took her by the arm, and said " They can't see him dear".

"He looks like this." Sandy pushed the stuffed penguin in his face sobbing softly. " I know dear. I can see him. Father Bill called me in to help you. I'm an expert on the para-normal."

Monday, December 15, 2008

Who's Money Is It?

Who's Money Is It?

Frank Short a portly man dressed in his Vegas duds of a yellow Hawaiian shirt and shorts sat down at the roulette wheel placing his bet. Although winning was his hope, his mind was else where. The guilt of where he got his money was over riding his concentration on the game, now going over and over in his mind the reasoning he used. He won. He collected his chips and placed more down. The wheel again turned. As long as he was winning it didn't matter ,but he continued to scan the room filled with gamblers. It was loud from the noise of the machines and roar of the winners. He was glad it was smoke free, because his lungs were bad. He lost. He picked up his chips and left the table for now, a rule he made to himself.
Frank had left Joyce Sarii in the hotel room changing. He had met Joyce on this tour. She laughed at his jokes and he loved her smile. She had become a fine companion. She also was a very lucky lady. He had taken her out for dinner, and as they were returning to their rooms she had placed a dollar in the slot machine and won big. She had cashed out her chips and had left the winnings sitting on the bed. Waiting brought temptation. There it sat lying on that plaid coverlet. I could double or triple that amount by the time she is ready to go, reasoned Frank.
"I am going back to the casino. I will be back to pick you up soon." he shouted out to Joyce while he picked up as much of the cash as he could.
Frank knew there was no more time and he would have to get back to Joyce's room to replace the money,but before he went back he thought a bouquet of flowers would draw her attention as he replaced the money. At the flower shop in the hotel ,he bought a bouquet of pretty yellow flowers . He knocked on the door, and there was no response. He knocked again, and still she didn't come to the door. She had given him her extra key. He used it and entered the room. The winnings that were on the bed were now gone. He looked around the room and there was no Joyce, but her things were still there. The answering machine flashing indicated a message. It was only her daughter checking on her. As he moved about, the sunglasses he had in his pocket fell out. He did not notice. He heard a ruckus in the hallway. He looked out and there was Joyce talking to security guards. Would he be facing jail time? Joyce was on the right,but on the left was a fire escape and a way out. He walked at a normal pace as he went to the door leading to the fire escape, upon reaching the stairs he went into a speedy flight. When he was on the ground Franks freedom was short lived , because the fire escape door had an alarm. He had left in Joyce's room flowers and sunglasses.
Greed had ruined a great vacation.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Raven's Challenge 43

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: Horny as a toad, Frankenstein’s sister, Greeks bearing gifts, Holiday, Cheese grater, Gridlock, Drip dry, Coffin maker, movie mogul, Turkish coffee

Mini Challenge: prenuptial agreement, The purple cow just hated the orange cat, potato chips, sari, Hammer and nails

Search For A New Home-Ten Word Challenge

"I know." replied the Captain to his adopted thirteen year old son Mark. His threats against the ship and possible take over were all possible. Mark had great power, as did all the zonics. The Captain remained still waiting for Mark to get a cooler head. Mark turned his back and shapeshifted into his true form of a blue globe, and vanished into the wall of the ship. " Mark" the captain cried.

Mark moved away from the ship but had no direction. He thought about all the trouble he had been causing. Maybe it was best for him to leave,to find a place for himself. It would not be his home planet. Someone from there wanted him dead, leaving him as an infant on uninhabited planet. As he traveled he searched with his mind for some kind of being. He heard what sounded like a melody. Some being was singing. This being was inside a log like structure. There were other similar structures in a circle. He entered the structure and saw a singing bipedal creature using a cheese grater on a small table. He took the form of a chair. She resembled what Mark thought the monster Frankenstein's sister would look like, horny as a toad. She wore a simple plain colored dress. On a near by wood stove was a pot of what smelled like Turkish coffee. Hanging across the room was a cord from which hung candles drip drying. Mark from his advantage point could see out the window and there was forming a large group of beings that resembled the female[or what he assumed was a female]but it looked like a mixed group. They were shoving and pushing one another. " We want the coffin maker. We want the coffin maker." they cried. There was a being coming from the back of the crowd caring packages. He tried to get to the front of the crowd but found gridlock. The package caring individual finally made it to the front. "Coffin maker it is a Holiday come and see." Mark could see this was not a holiday looking group, and he did not feel a holiday spirit coming from them. Were they Greeks bearing gifts? Out of a back room came a tall being. He opened the door, and as he did so Mark saw that from behind the backs of the crowd came large bat like sticks. He shapeshifted to be like the beings shouting"Don't let them in"Cut!" A fancy dressed being came out from the back room. All eyes were on Mark. It was then he noticed the well disguised cameras. An irate movie mogul faced him. Oh great, his shapeshifting would be on camera. It was of course of a chair to these beings. The cameras were not rolling now, and this is not where he wanted to make his home. He shapeshifted to his blue globe and left the building and out into space.

Mini Challenge;

Sandy Shore was reading the early morning news paper. She was dressed in her comfortable sari and sipping her coffee. She read the nuptial column and wondered how many had prenuptial agreements. She sighed she would have to get to putting up a shelf for the stuffed animals she had collected over the years. Her favorite was the purple cow ,which just hated the orange cat. She went to the cupboard and took out the hammer and nails ,along with a bag of potato chips for her pesky penguin, which she was sure would make an appearance later that day. Her sighting of the penguin was now to her common place. There was a knock at the door and there it was with the cinnamon floppy hat and yellow jacket. She let him in and it went to the stuffed animals piled on the floor waiting for a place on the new shelf. The penguin chose the orange cat and carried it out of the house. After a short time the penguin returned with a stuffed penguin with a cinnamon colored hat and a yellow jacket. The penguin ate the potato chips and Sandy put up the shelf and aligned up the stuffed animals.

Monday, December 8, 2008


My son came up from Madison to put up the mantel that my daughter gave me for Christmas last year. We think we had a part left out and we couldn't find the directions. My daughter first bought what proved to be only a front to the fireplace and not the mantel. She then went out and bought the shelf. That was last year . She stained all the pieces not knowing what was needed. We found also that the shelf was longer than the fireplace. After all she went through I didn't want her to go get another shelf so I said put up that shelf. They went out on the net to see if they could find directions and that is when we found we didn't have the part they asked for. Not to be stopped he found some wood in the garage that looked liked it could be used. The mantel is up.

While the mantel was being put up. My grandchildren brought up the tree and decorations. We put up the tree and hung the decorations. The oldest and I went out in the cold and hung some lights on the fence. We had lights that used solar energy. We hung them on the far side of the fence, so we don't know if they can be seen.

On Sunday we went to church. After the service in the fellowship hall they had a Silent Auction.

I got a fishing trip for the summer for the grandchildren. They had small items that the children could bid on also. They had a good time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Raven's 42

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: think the rain’ll hurt the rhubarb?, B Vitamins, credit card, jolly, angels, mouse, three ring circus, haiku, sponge, copper
Mini Challenge: compulsive, trunk, African violets, curiosity, UFO
  • Ten Word Challenge-The Attack
The military aboard the space ship Horizon move to their posts. The hits could be felt. There were failures about the ship of necessary equipment only to go back in to commission with no visible fix. No enemy was seen, no injuries reported. Bodies moved around like they were in a three ring circus. Captain Clark's ship was failing and he couldn't tell why. He wiped his forehead with a near by sponge. He felt a strong pressure in his brain and a thought came forward.Think the rain'll hurt the rhubarb? What? He thought to himself. He should be taking more BVitamins. In front of the counsel he saw a copper angel holding a mouse. The ship took another hit.

"Call off the alert" he announced."I know how to stop this attack."

He left the bridge and walked to Mark's quarters. As he moved the ship took some more hits.

"open" the door opened and Mark a dark blue globe rested in a nest like container. The printer on the desk was sending out a page with a haiku. The globe then did a slow transformation to a young tall slim Mark that Captain Clark knew as his son.

"A jolly good day to you Captain."Mark said.
"stop it now." The Captain said in a stern voice. " What do you think you will gain by this trickery?" The bombardment stopped.
" We all left your quarters and no decision was made."
" You thought that this trickery would show you as a responsible person? "
The Captain was trying to contain his anger. How could an highly intelligent individual like Mark not understand that this incident might be forcing him into having to have Mark leave the ship.
Mark's demeanor changed and the Captain could see that he was understanding the problem. Then there came another change and Mark stood directly in front of his father and in a threatening voice said" There is no way that you can get me to leave this ship. I can force you into keeping me. In fact I can take over this ship, if I want."
This was not the first time that the father and son had confronted each other. Captain Clark had scars from earlier years, but he had always prevailed. Could he use his credit card again?

Mini Challenge:

Sandy Shore had a curiosity about a UFO sighting. Maybe the penguin was from a UFO. It was not your ordinary penguin. As she watered the African Violets, she thought about the books and articles on UFO's stored beneath the violets in the old steamer trunk. She took off the violets and placed them on the floor, and started to open the trunk and changed her mind,placing the plants back. Then she changed her mind and took them off again. She compulsively put them on and off the trunk. She finally made up her mind and put the plants down and took out the information on UFO. There was no information about penguins near the UfO's but they could have missed it. She decided to drive out to where the UFO was seen. There was a crowd of people around the area. She began by questioning those gathered and no one said anything about a penguin.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The day after Thanksgiving feast

We went to my son Pat's the day after Thanksgiving. He cooked a turkey that had not been frozen. It was very good. We also had a beef roast. My grandson baked three pies, apple pumpkin and lemon . They were all very good.They have a wii and I went bowling. I didn't play but they also played football. Maggie came with us and was for the most part good. My grandson took out his pet snake and put it on his head. Maggie wanted to get it. We brought a stake and chain to put her outside. One time it was not on right and one of the grandkids went to walk around the house, and she followed. He went in not knowing she was there. She decided to check out the neighborhood. Pennie notice she wasn't on the chain, and called her back.The day was very nice but my son Pat got sick probably nerves and my daughter got the flu.Dr John is still recovering from the long ride.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Raven 41

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: posthumous, flagrant, seven days a week, cheese and crackers, pyramid, civil war, clarinet, microwave, absent without leave, blue jeans

Mini Challenge: sugar-coated, thermometer, tractor pull, evangelical, masquerade

The Ten Word Challenge
Mark had been envisioning the meeting with Captain Clark since the teams return. It was a flagrant breaking of the rules for him to shapeshift . Not the Spaceship rules and not Earth's rules, but rules made by the Captain, his adoptive father, and him. It was for his protection for people could be cruel to those who were different.There would be a consequence for breaking the rule, and it would not be eating cheese and crackers for seven days a week. His greatest fear was that he would be sent to the Zonics home planet where he had never been ,to his people he had never seen. They were not meeting in the office but in the Captains residence. The Captain was dress in blue jeans and a tee shirt with a clarinet painted on it. He so wanted to be absent with out leave. Dr Peterson entered the room. Mark could feel his anger and fear. He had lodged the complaint against Mark. Dr Peterson was holding a object pointed at Mark that looked like a pyramid. . Mark knew that he had contracted with a weapons expert to build a weapon that would be able to kill a Zonic. The weapon was to use some kind of microwave ray. Would his report of the Linx be read posthumously. There was the mystery of the human contact with the Linx still to solve. Was there a civil war? The anger was directed at the Captain. The fear was toward Mark.

" How could you knowing the suffering our family went though at the hands of the Zonics, harbor one.? I have written so much on the danger of one Zonic in our universe. It will be you who will lead to the destruction of our freedom. Get him off our ship and out of our universe."
Captain Clark responded" Mark is my son and has a place on this ship. How comfortable would you have felt knowing the truth? Has he at any time given you a reason to be concerned about your safety?"

Mark spoke up,"I have saved you a number of times."The captain gave him a look that said be quiet. Mark was not concerned about the weapon pointed at him. He could easily put it out of commission, but he was concerned about his fathers need to punish him for breaking the rule. Dr Peterson was a well known scientists. He was a man that he admired. There was no question that his recklessness was responsible for putting his father in a precarious situation. Just as his father turned to Mark there was an explosion and the ship was hit. A voice was heard asking for the captain to return to duty.

"We will have to settle this later. Get to safety immediately."The captain ,although needed ,took the time to put on a uniform . He felt he needed the uniform for respect.

The Mini Challenge
It was not the noise that made Sandy Shore want to turn down an invitation to the tractor pull, but the fear that the pesky penguin would show up. There was no telling what that bird would do. On thinking her decision over, Sandy considered she could masquerade as a contestant in the pull. She was making up her mind when the doorbell rang. She looked out the peep hole in the door and saw Jeff. Oh boy. She gabbed a thermometer placed it in her mouth and pulled an afghan off the couch wrapping it around her. She unlocked and opened the door.
"I am not feeling well so I can not accept your invitation,"she lied.
There was no sugar coated pill she could take. Jeff became evangelical in wanting Sandy to go to the tractor pull. Reluctantly she left with Jeff to go to the pull, on alert for the penguin.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy 'Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May you have a great day.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Week in Review

Last week I helped my daughter make learning posters for the Christmas program. She was helping he choir directer who does the Christmas program. The simple way to do the posters is to write on the poster board the song words. Pennie got a Cricut for Christmas and had not been able to use it as much as she would like. She decided that this would be the perfect time to use it. The Cricut cuts out forms out of paper etc. The Cricut was set to cut light material. She did not understand that and had a few failures before the setting was correct for cutting out construction paper letters. The next problem she faced was the size of the letters. We wanted them big enough to be seen by all the students, but the least amount of poster board used. I took the cut letters from the paper and at the beginning because we didn't have the setting correct it was time consuming. We had managed by Saturday night to have two songs on large poster boards. It was 2:00 AM before we could go to bed.

Dr John and I worked also on the train layout and got nine packages out on EBay and sold.

Back to the posters. They got used but as they were used the letters would come off. Pennie came home on Sunday and in the afternoon got all the songs on small er poster boards{easier to hold up]. She used the simple method of just writing the words on the poster board. She has them all ready for next week. She learned a great deal about the Cricut's use.

We got our first significant snow fall today.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Today I face another Raven's Challenge.
Ten words: pipe organ, ravages of time, lottery tickets, angelic music, five x five, boxes of books, flattery will get you nowhere, yodelling, pig tails, knitting needles

Mini challenge: canary yellow, grizzly bear, out of the frying pan into the fire, simpleton, Ministry of Crazy Walks

The Flicks
Ten Word Challenge
Mark in the form of the giant thin green bipedal humanoid creature, engaged a pair in conversation. Another gift he had was that after listening to a conversation for a little while he knew the language. The pair were heading to the palace. No one prevented him from entering with the pair. There was angelic music being played by a pipe organ. He looked around and he could not see the pipe organ. The room was spacious . It had marble tile with beautiful mosaics on the wall. The room was attractive but showed the ravages of time. The organ stopped, and then he jumped because there came a sound that he had only heard from Carol Burnett on old CDs. There was someone yodelling. Out from a sliding door came a creature like the others but smaller in pigtails. The pair bowed to the smaller creature. Mark followed their lead bowing also. The creature with the pigtails walked past them and the pair followed, and so did Mark. She walked to another sliding door. The door opened to a five x five room with a box of books and another box of what looked to Mark like large human dolls. The pigtailed creature pulled out of the box three dolls. The creature then went to the box of books and sorted through the books finding two and taking them. She then walked passed them and the three followed. Mark was silent as the other two discussed as they followed that the Princess was "Not right" because she was obsessed with the belief that something looking like the dolls did exist.

Mark had learned that the creatures were called Linx. Their names were Let and Sut, and the Princess's father wanted the two body guards to stop his daughters belief in what Mark knew to be humans. As they made their trek toward the waterfall that Eric and his father were hiding behind ,Let and Sut argued over who would be the best in convincing the Princess. Each one was trying to convince the other that the other would do the better job. After Let described Sut's amazing verbal abilities, Let said"Flattery will get get you nowhere." Sut finally agreed to explain to the Princess that the beings she had dolls of, did not exists. He made no head way.

Eric had spent the time of their hiding telling his father Dr Peterson that Mark was not a threat. They had known Mark for sixteen years and no one had been hurt. Dr Peterson argued that Zonics are powerful and that Mark alone could destroy the ship and its inhabitants. Eric as he talked to his father check the court yard. He saw three giant figures and a shorter one approach the waterfall.
"They are coming this way,"whispered Eric.Dr. Peterson and his son ran back to the fake living area. They hid behind the couch and just in time. The four came into the room. The shorter one with pigtails placed the dolls it was holding on to chairs around the table. It spoke to them, brought over the fake food seeming to be pretending like a human child with dolls. One of the dolls which had grey hair, had a ball of yarn and knitting needles. The smaller creature then moved the dolls to chairs facing the fake TV. The creature with the pigtails went to a pocket of the doll which looked like an older human male. It pulled out what looked like lottery tickets. It then bounced the dolls up and down raising their arms. It was then that three of the Linx froze, and Mark shapeshifted into Mark the human.
"Lets get out of here now," he said.
Eric and his father did not argue but left the way they had originally came in. They were not met by the wild dogs , and they move quickly and silently to their space shuttle. Each one was thinking about all that had transpired on this excursions.

Mini Challenge : Sandy's Date

Sandy had no idea how unusual her date with Jeff , the B movie star was going to be. They left the movie set ,and drove to a park near the lake they were filming. There was a small hut at the entrance. It said in bold letters above the door Ministry of Crazy Walks. Jeff picked up a map and paid the entrance fee. They began walking on the path when Sandy almost fainted for there was that penguin with the cinnamon floppy hat, and wearing a canary yellow jacket. The penguin waved at Sandy. Jeff said nothing. She grabbed Jeff's arm tugging on his navy jacket.
"Do You see it? Do you see it?"
"See it? what?
"The penguin in the yellow jacket and a cinnamon floppy hat?"
"What are you talking about? I don't see anything. Wait, there is some thing behind that rock. It is." He walked closer, Sandy followed close behind, but the penguin was not behind a rock. It was beside them.
"It is a grizzly bear"
They were about to run, when it rotated to the side.
" It is a fake bear. Brave me I feel like a simpleton. Nothing to fear from a fake bear."
" But what about the penguin?"
" A penguin? I don't see a penguin."
" Then there was a roar, a lion was charging them. Jeff was pulling Sandy. He saw a brick building ahead. He hoped they were close enough to get there before the lion. Sandy saw the penguin beside her then ahead of her. The penguin went in ahead of them. Sandy closed the door leaning against it trying to catch her breath. Jeff was leaning over trying to catch his breath. Sandy heard the penguin chuckling.
"What are you laughing at. you ran too."
"I am not laughing." said Jeff
Just then they heard the flutter of wings and a giant bird flew at them. It was out of the frying pan into the fire. The bird was on a string hanging from the ceiling. It seems that the animals they were meeting were models. The penguin was still there, and Sandy knew it was not a model or was it. Jeff and Sandy decided it was time to end their first date. Jeff left Sandy off at her place, quickly driving away after a short kiss.The future of this pair did not look so good.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sandy Shore could not believe how fortune had gone her way. She landed the leading role . She was kissing the leading man Jeff Hurtz. The film was being filmed on Lone Lake. A beautiful secluded lake in the mountains. The shot had to be taken several times, which Sandy was enjoying as she sat in the light blue convertible. Was that thunder she heard . She looked up into sky to see the dark thickening clouds. She thought nasty thoughts toward the heavens. She gave Jeff a questioning look. Would they have to stop the filming? She knew they would because the scene did not call for rain or storm and the lighting would not be right. Sandy’s fortune had turned suddenly she thought. Jeff gallantly escorted her out of the convertible.. They ran as the rain drops started to fall toward the main lodge, The filming crew joined them in the scramble for shelter. All were drenched by the time they entered . The noise from the excited voices was deafening . She looked at Jeff and was hoping that her disappointment was not showing. Jeff and Sandy walked toward the back of the room passing around the beautiful but fake wedding cake. In the movie script, they were to be married but never had a honeymoon because some monster from the lake attacks them. They sat at a decorated table. Passing the time they talked about from where they came and general get to know more about you information. An announcement came that there would be no more shooting for the day. The crowd slowly cleared the room. The two continued in conversation. The next day they would be filming again and Sandy was glad for that but she was glad also for the time of not filming. The rain was not unfortunate , but she continued in her good fortune. She had a date.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Raven's Challenge

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: palace, hypocrite, canned air, telephone, biscuit, pinball, acorn, customary, fruit juice, waterfall

Mini Challenge: buyer's remorse, lava, haphazard, mildew, soup to nuts

The team feeling they were out of danger examined the underground room more carefully only to discover things were not as they appeared. Yes there were computers, a microwave, beds, a telephone, and even a pinball machine. Eric walked over to the computers and picked up the cords they were not plugged in. Mark went over to the phone, and it had a cord not plugged in. Dr Peterson examined the walls and there were no outlets. Dr Peterson opened the small refrigerator. It was stocked with food. There was a glass bottle of fruit juice. Dr Peterson picked the bottle up and shook it. The juice did not move."It is fake,"he said. "Everything is fake." Looking up at the ceiling cameras were located in four locations. Were they real or fake? There was a fake biscuit on the table. It sure looked real. Eric was hungry but he guessed he would have to eat the rations he took with him from the space ship. Both he and his father reached for their back pack at the same time. To get to the food rations the canned air had to be removed. Mark did not notice the eating pair as he continued on his search of the room. He did find a real acorn. He picked it up and put it in his pack for storage. Mark noticed that there was a wall switch. He went over and pulled the switch expecting it to be fake also, but was surprised to see the wall open. There was a tall narrow hallway. "People come check this out ,"he shouted at the other team members. Eric and his father stuffed the food into their mouths and quickly picked up the remaining items putting them into their backpacks. They examined the opening leading into the hallway. The hallway was lit which caused them to be cautious.

They did not follow their customary order, but Mark led the way. Mark made the comment that he was the brave one. Then he felt like a hypocrite because he had the feeling that he could handle any situation because of his abilities. He made no apology. They followed the hallway and it was about a half mile long. Then it came to the end, it just stopped and they were standing and looking at a wall. There was a plate on the wall, which Mark touched and a door slid open and they were standing behind a large waterfall. Before them was a large court yard with what looked like marble pathways winding among fountains.and waterfalls. There was a green tint giving a peaceful feeling. There were tall,giant size, biped creatures walking about the courtyard. " This looks like a palace," said Mark. Unthinking he shapeshifted into the form of the creatures roaming about. Eric and his father moved back into the hallway just enough to hide themselves. "Oh great" said Eric. His father was flustered. "Whats going on?" Eric looked at his fathers face and wondered if this was the time to reveal Mark was a Zonic. Mark had moved quickly on to walking with the tall creatures and conversing with them. Eric was in a spot.

Mini challenge;

While out driving Sandy Shore saw a quaint little shop on the side of the road. She stopped and went in. There was a slight mildew smell. The shop had a every item from soup to nuts. They were not neatly arranged but they were haphazard. She could not believe again what she was seeing. The penguin with the Cinnamon floppy hat was picking up a blue lava lamp. She was not sure what to do. Sandy picked out a sugar and creamer and headed to the register to talk to the clerk. She put down the sugar and creamer taking out of her purse a wallet to pay ,bending over toward the clerk and whispered" do you see a penguin in a floppy hat?" "What?" said the short gray haired clerk. The clerks voice was loud . "Shush . Do you see a penguin?" asked Sandy. "No I don't have penguins" Frustrated Sandy paid for her sugar and creamer hoping she would not have buyer's remorse. Sandy watched as the lava lamp in the penguins hands left the shop. The clerk move quickly as she could from behind the counter running after the penguin holding the lamp. The penguin moved faster than the clerk. "Did you see that?" " The lamp floated . "I have a ghost. A fast ghost. I have to call Ghost Hunters." Sandy left the shop looking for the penguin. It had vanished ,if it was ever really there.

3rd Wordzzles

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.
Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: France, cold weather, backhoe, light and shadow, Humane society, ambivalent, “Happy Birthday, Sarah Jane,” Martians, Thanksgiving Day Parade, green eyes

Mini Challenge: she’ll be comin' round the mountain when she comes, pumpkin pie, yellow jacket, short-changed, life after 50

Ten Word Challenge:

Dr Peterson despite his problems of fear of Zonics, wanted to get another research project in before the cold weather came to the planet Harper. Mark and Eric were back at loading the shuttle, and Dr Peterson was in the lab . With only Eric there Mark felt free to use his ability to move objects with his mind, and the job was going quickly. Over the speaker came a Happy Birthday,Sarah Jane. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. "I don't know Sarah Jane, but have a Happy Birthday",said Mark. Happy Birthday, Sarah Jane",repeated Eric.

Wearing spacesuits the team left the shuttle. They roamed about , and saw an object sitting in a field. It was large, and had a large appendage. It appeared to be metal. "What is that?" exclaimed Mark. The light and shadow made it look like a monster. "It is Martians"said Eric faking his fear, with wide green eyes. "It is a backhoe, said Dr Peterson. "A what?" question Mark. "A backhoe . A machine used in construction many years ago,"said Dr Peterson. The team approached the machine and examined it. They found the words made in France printed on it. It was rusty and looked to be abandoned for a long time.

The team continued to investigate the surrounding area. As they walked they heard a loud snap. Mark immediately used his ability to read minds to search for intelligent thought., other than human. He picked up nothing. He lead the team forward assuming they had nothing to fear.The terrain became more hilly, and more densely forested. He did begin to pick up images of them moving. Something was encircling them. He felt the hunger of those encircling him. The others heard the low growling, then saw the matted frames of dogs of differing breeds. There must have been thirty or so, to many to shoot with their guns.They were menacing. Mark saw that the earlier snap was not the dogs ,but a way to open a door in the hill ahead. "Follow Me," he said. He led them to and through the door, using his ability to freeze movement to stop the dogs. Dr Peterson was concerned about his own safety and didn't stop to think how they got by the dogs. Mark whispered to Eric "I think the Humane Society would be ambivalent to my treatment of the dogs."

The team found themselves in a large underground room. The room was equipped with antique computers and other equipment. They found another room with beds, and another room with table and chairs and a microwave. It looked like this was the living quarters of humanoids from some where. Earth? " I feel that I could have a Thanksgiving Day Parade to celebrate a place of safety. But are we safe. What happened to those who lived here?" Mark whispered again to Eric," You are always safe in my hands" Eric nodded but he was not so sure.

Mini Challenge:

Sandy Shore bought a piece of pumpkin pie, and sat at the counter in the diner. She felt the waitress had short changed her. She asked and so she had. Things were made right. Sandy felt well dressed in her new yellow jacket but paranoid because she was continually looking out the window and at the door waiting for the penguin with the cinnamon colored hat to appear. To keep her mind sane she bought a magazine with an article in it Life after 50. The radio must have been playing real oldies for she heard, She'll be comin'round the mountain when she comes. It had been many years since she sang that song, when she was at 4H club. She went back to reading her magazine. The radio began broadcasting the news, when she heard someone humming She'll be comin'round the mountain when she comes. Looking up next to her sat that penguin. She shook her head. Impossible, penguins can't live like this. What made it more strange is that the waitress did not seem to see the penguin just like the salesperson had not seen the penguin. What should she do?

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I forgot about the Peace Day. The day has almost gone so I am going to say May the Lord give you peace. May it not be peace without war but an inner peace also.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

word challenge Picture

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: squeaky toy, perpendicular, olives, shanty, howling at the moon, soul, bow and arrow, uniform, statistics, praying mantis

Mini Challenge: glamour, rocking chair, cormorant, objective, symbolism

Veronica was glad she had accepted the invitation to the Fall Art Show. She passed up the table of goodies although she could hear their call. She noticed a bowl of salad on which there were black olives arranged in the likeness of a spider. She felt that was an unusual item, but it was close to Halloween. She walked slowly down the aisle examining the art displays,
they were not placed in uniform perpendicular lines , but in clusters. She wondered if where they were placed drew people to them. She did not have any statistics but at craft sales the best booth was near the door. A painting caught her eye. What caught her attention was a large full moon. There was a gray wolf howling at the moon. The wolf was silhouetted against the moon with its head raised. At the wolf's left side was a shanty. The shanty's door was ajar and a dark figure held a bow and arrow. In front of the raised foot of the dark figure was a squeaky toy. That was not the only detail that was unusual, but among the tall grass surrounding the shanty and wolf on one blade was a praying mantis. She knew in her soul that if this was a motion picture the noise of the squeaky toy would throw off the aim of the dark figure sending the praying mantis and wolf in different directions, and the wolf would be safe. You could feel the tension looking at the picture. Veronica then moved on to the next cluster of art objects, but wondered if that picture would be something she would want in her house. It would be a talking piece.

Five word paragraph

Sandy Shore could not find the glamour that was supposed to be in going to the beach. That penguin with the cinnamon floppy hat sat in the only rocking chair. Sandy's objective now was to get into that rocking chair. She tried bribing with fresh fish ,but the penguin sat firm. Sandy felt that the cormorant flying over head, and pooping was a symbolism of her stay at the beach.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Model Train

I felt happy today when we finished working on the train layout. On Friday we began with getting the logging car to dump it's logs. We felt good about that. Next we started to move the transformers to the new table and the animated pieces stopped. I felt so bad because until that happened I couldn't wait for daughter to come home to show off. In trying to get things back working we had to cut through the scenery to find the burned out transformers. We did get all but the skating rink working. We got a new transformer but couldn't find the right size end. Today John spliced the old end on the new transformer and we got the lights and music but the skaters still don't move but we have two other skating rinks so we will let the skaters just stand on the rink. Then we ran everything. We had two trains moving and two trolleys and all the animated items working.

I felt so bad on Friday that John sent me roses. Beautiful red and yellow roses.

I want also to thank Kristin for the pictures I have been getting of Samuel.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Word Thing

Today I try another shot at Raven's Challenge.

Week's Ten Word Challenge : build-a-bear workshop, man bites dog, opulent, disparaging, lipstick stain, preponderance, smoky quartz, clothes pin, meticulous, falling leaves

Outside of the counselors office, alien Mark felt ashamed. He knew how upset Dr Peterson was, why did he have to make it worse with the cutting of the paper into a necklace. He shifted into human form, and was walking down the hallway when Eric approached him. Eric is Dr Peterson's son and a fellow assistant to his father.

"How did the exploration go?" asked Eric

"Not very well. Your father had a panic attack and we cut the research project short."

Mark restrained himself from making any disparaging words about Dr Peterson.

"let's go to your room and I will fill you in on the details."

Eric's room was not opulent. It was fill with items that were called collections. Meticulous care was given to the items. There was a bear made at the build a bear workshop on earth centuries ago and handed down to Eric. It did show a lipstick stain from some grateful relative. The bear was sitting on shelving and next to it was a small bear of smoky quartz. There were hanging on a string and held by a clothes pin colored leaves. They were arranged to look like falling leaves. In Marks eyes the preponderance of items of Earth, showed a longing of the Petersons to go to their home planet. Mark was filled with envy. He had never seen his own home planet. The only information he had was from the Petersons and they were filled with hate having anything to do with the Zonics. Mark picked up the bear turning his back to Eric, and then he quickly turned around. "Put the bear back" demanded Eric. "Why, are you afraid I will do this." The bear exploded into many pieces. Eric leaped at Mark to get what was left of the torn bear. This was a man bites dog event . Eric could have been in the same shape as the bear and just as quickly. Eric knew this because he had accidentally walked in on Mark as a blue glowing globe, when they were much younger. Eric kept the knowledge from his father feeling that was the safe thing to do. Eric found much to his surprise that he grabbed a intact bear. The torn bear was a fabrication of Mark. "You are such a Zonic, "said Eric. Mark laughed , not a Zonic reaction. Mark then began to inform Eric about the research.

Mini Challenge: moisturizing, pickles, seat belt, flip-flop, Chicago

As Sandy Shore left the store ,she heard the flip-flop of the penguin behind her. She got into her car, and the penguin got into the passenger's seat. Sandy was getting more and more upset. Sandy got out of her purse a moisturizing cream with chopped pickles as an ingredient, after putting on her seat belt. She slowly put on the cream. She was hoping that the cream would calm her. Then she turned to the penguin and said, "on to Chicago."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Word Challenge

Today I try my first shot at Raven's Challenge.
Ten Word Challenge will be: blinking, cellulite, crescent, ship-shape, homonym, suffering, packer, wind chime, scissors, necklace

Mini Challenge: static, floppy hat, penguin, cinnamon, alphabetical

Here is my story for the ten word challenge.

Mark ,the assistant, watched the blinking lights move about in the tall grass,as he and his professor explored this area of the planet. Next to him, Dr Peterson also watched the movement of the lights. His breathing became labored. Mark knew that Dr Peterson ,a research biologist, was having a panic attack. His fear came from his capture and imprisonment sixteen years ago by Zonics. Dr. Peterson and crew were human and stood no chance against the Zonics. The Zonics were Chrystal like balls,who could destroy their enemies with a number of abilities. The lights were not Zonics. Mark was not sure what they were, but they looked like giant fireflies. The Zonics also glowed but it was a continues light.That fact Dr. Peterson must have forgotten.Not wanting Dr Peterson to continue suffering , Mark suggested that they return to the space ship, and abandon the project on this planet. Wanting to leave the area as they had found it, Mark worked at making everything fit back in their shuttle leaving the area ship-shape . He was an excellent packer. Their spacesuits were cumbersome but essential for Dr. Peterson ,not for Mark who was not human. This fact was not know by Dr. Peterson, and Mark had been his assistant for the last year. Mark was a Zonic and one of their abilities was shape-shifting.

Back on the ship, Dr Peterson contacted the ships counselor Sandy Fitz. An attractive young officer, the doctor imagined she had little cellulite on her. The office had a wind chime made of crescent shapes from scrap metal. The shapes were familiar, but he couldn't think of where he had seen them before. They looked like the crescent moon but there were patterns in each one. The counselor gave Dr Peterson an exercise using homonyms, hoping to relieve his stress. Dr. Peterson stared at the scissors on the desk before him. They appeared to be rising up and were cutting a sheet of paper. The paper was cut into a necklace with crescent shapes like those on the wind chime. A shining dark blue globe appeared in the room visible only to Sandy Fitz, because it was behind Dr Peterson. Dr Fitz knew that it was Mark, for she had raised him. She shook her head at him and Mark left. Dr. Peterson thought the shake of the head was for him. The scissors and necklace were gone. Dr Peterson made another appointment, for he had a long way to go to be healthy.

Five Word Challenge

Sandy Shore,a petite woman, was in the store where they were selling TV's. Suddenly the TV's playing became full of static. She looked around for a clerk , and she saw a penquin in a cinnamon colored floppy hat. Now she really needed a clerk. She found him behind a counter putting sales slips in alphabetical order. He egnored her ranting about the TV's and a penquin. Gary, who had his name on his name tag, did not want to hear about non working TV's or penquins in the store. Finally she got tired of being egnored and left the store. The penquin, with the floppy hat followed her out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun Monday

Today is Fun Monday and the idea is to start with a red nine and then doodle. This is my doodle.

Doodle Analyses

Done in center of page self centered.
eyes alluring, That would be nice.
Faces by adolescent girls seeking to produce an idealised self portrait. I am close to seventy maybe a second childhood I am seeking.
right to left logic
Comic faces usually drawn by men indicating a desire to be center of attention, There it is again I want to be the center of attention. But i am not a man.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I look at John

1. He’s sitting in front of the TV; what is on the screen? House or Monk

2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?None

3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?Tomatoes

4. You go out to the bar. What does he order? Diet Pepsie or coke

5. Where did he go to high school?Ishpeming

6. What size shoe does he wear?10 1\2

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?Dragons and trains

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?Ham and jam

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?Steak

10. What is his favorite cereal?Rice Krispies

11. What would he never wear?(anything stylish...)

12. What is his favorite sports team?Packers

13. Who will he vote for?No idea yet.

14. Who is his best friend?God and me

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?fuss

16. How many states has he lived in?three

17. What is his heritage?English and Finish

18. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind of cake?Chocolate

19. Did he play sports in high school?No

20. What could he spend hours doing?Running trains and blogging

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Source of Gunshots Found

There is a animal hospital and a groomer with it about three blocks from our house. Maggie needs her nails cut badly, and my daughter and I are afraid to do it. My daughter used Petko last time. I kept saying why don't we go to the place close to us. My daughter called and had to leave a message. No call back. So I thought Maggie and I would walk down to the hospital and make an appointment in person. As we approached the hospital shots rang out. Maggie stopped dead, and then made a movement to head back home at top speed. I looked up and to the right across the road. There were two or maybe three men with guns pointed toward us, but up in the air. In front of them a flock of geese flew upward with loud honking and a flutter of wings. It was a heart stopping moment. I then dragged Maggie back and towards the hospital. She was happy at the arrival at the hospital for she could see and hear and smell other dogs.We entered the building and there were two women at the desk. I asked if I could make an appointment to have Maggie groomed and they said that the grooming lady was not in but she had her phone with her. They gave me her number. I went back home and there were no more shots at that time. I called the number and got a answering machine. I left a message. Still no call back. I guess they do not want our business.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Waker Upper

Not only do we have gunshots to wake us in the morning but a rooster. In the weekly paper front page ran an article about a man from Neenah complaining about the neighbors rooster waking him up. He was the only neighbor complaining. The rooster owner has a permit and they checked the noise and it was not too loud. Just a reminder this is the city. I have not heard the rooster and I would not be bothered by that noise, I lived in the country and I am use to that sound. Neenah is trying to raise money to restore the city clock so it will again chime. Crystal Falls has a bell that would sound on the on the hour and half hour at the County Court House. I liked the bell because if I awoke at night I could tell the time by listening to the number of times it rang. There are people who do not like the bell ringing. I wonder if Neenah will get complaints when the bell is fixed.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


As I was going out the door to pick up Maggie for her morning walk at 7:ooAM, I heard what sounded like gunshots and the dog next door was barking and barking. I noticed the time because I watch crime shows on TV and the thought that came into my mind was that someone was shooting someone in the house next door and I was ready for the questioning. I looked around the house next door as I was walking over to my daughters. Every thing seemed normal. The shots came again. My daughter had left for work and I picked up Maggie and our walk began. We have to pass between my house and the neighbors to get to the walk behind the house that I take Maggie on. I tried looking in the windows, but I couldn't see anything. We walk around the soccer field the shots continued. I thought maybe what I was hearing was fireworks but that would seem unlikely because we were not near The Fourth. Then I thought maybe it was some mad person who was going into all the homes and shooting. Why hadn't anyone called the police? Of course I hadn't. Would I find dr. john shot when I got back,{ you know he wasn't shot because he blogged.] A flock of geese flew over. Could the farmers be shooting to keep the birds from landing in their fields? No police came. That evening I told my daughter. She said that happened every Saturday and it upset her because she would like to be able to sleep in and Maggie was also upset. This was not on Saturday, but the middle of the week, but I hadn't heard the shots before. Pennie thinks the man across from us, who has a business is shooting in the back of the building. There is a field back there. We have no idea whats going on.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Retreat 2008

Over the weekend I attended a retreat at St Marks hosted by St Marks. My daughter was asked to use Margaret ,her puppet. She agreed and she became part of the planning group. The retreat planning had begun almost a year ago, but my daughter joined only in the last part of the planning.

The long planning paid off, for it was a very nice retreat on prayer. Pennie would open with Margaret ,giving a over view of what was to come with humor. There were a number of projects in which you could choose whether to participate or not. A prayer journal was made, prayer quilts were tied,cards were sent to those ill, having a loss or in the service. The synod had supplied some ideas such as mandalas(not sure of spelling but they were patterned pictures which could be colored)and prayer thoughts on equality for men and women. The last was a box with sticks standing with blue ribbons and then there were sticks with pink ribbons hidden in a box of sand. You were to find the sticks with the pink ribbons and place them along side of the sticks with blue ribbons praying for equal rights. The retreat began with the traditional Lords Prayer and ended with singing the Lords Prayer. The retreat also closed with communion. The Holy Spirit changed the program a bit. St Marks has stained glass windows which tell the gospel story and the planners were going to go from window to window telling the story. This was planned in the summer. When the ladies came into the sanctuary to see the windows you could not see them because it was dark. So the lights were turned on and the ladies went outside and walked around the church. We had three meals on Saturday prepared by some men in the congregation. They were excellent. I was very glad I attended the retreat. Pictures on the retreat are found at St Marks web page and you can get there from Dr John's

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Zoo Tycoon

I wrote about how the small cages at the zoo I visited upset me. My daughter found a computer game Zoo Tycoon and then Zoo Tycoon 2. I have been building my own zoo. I failed badly the first time. Then I built a fine zoo but my animals multiplied too fast. I then found they could be released into the wild or adopted by another zoo.That helped but I have lost some animals from old age. I have lazy workers who like to sit on the guests benches. My daughter said pay them more ,but I have not found out how to do that. This game gives you information on many animals and would be good for young children if they took the time to study each animal they placed in the zoo. There are different forms to play. I am playing a game where I have all the money I want but another game gives a certain amount to work with. I am having fun.

Dr john and I went to see his lung doc today. His lung x-ray showed his lung looked better, but his breathing has deteriorated.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Caught a Bird

Note to birds: Maggie moves at the speed of lightening. The birds in flocks sit upon the fence, taunting Maggie the dog. She runs at them they fly away circling just above her reach. That is the way the summer has gone, even flying just above her as we walk in the morning. On Monday evening we gave Maggie a bath holding her with the gentle leader. After the bath,My daughter walked her to my house and put her in the crate to dry. She put the gentle leader on a chair on the porch. On Tuesday morning I looked for the gentle leader over at my daughters . I couldn't find it so I walked with Maggie back over to my house through the back yard. As we were about to enter the door Maggie turned and jumped and landed next to the fence. It looked like she found something on the other side as she was squatting down. I went to see. She had a bird in her mouth. I said leave it. She put it down and I took hold of her collar and tried to get her away from the bird. She made the movement toward the door but jumped back to grab the bird and away she ran. The next hour I tried to get the bird away from her. I gave her all the commands she knows , sit ,stay, give etc. She did none of them she had her prey and she was not going to give it up besides she had me chasing her, a game she loves. I found the leash were my daughter had put it to dry and I took that with me with beef jerky trying to get Maggie to give up the bird.She finally tired and took the beef jerky for the bird. Maggie prey now is two mice and two birds. The rabbit still out smarts her.