Monday, June 14, 2010

Dr John's Memorial in Crystal Falls

Many things were planned that did not happen. Pennie put some pictures together for a slide show and I was to talk with it so I did not have to stand in front of the church where I was sure to cry. We worked on it through the week, but something would go wrong. The memorial was to be at 1:30PM, but we were to at the church at 12:30PM to visit before the service. We stayed in Iron Mountain 45 min. from Crystal Falls. We were still working at the slide show at 11:30. We were to meet Peter at Fabs Restaurant for lunch, the memorial was going to have only desserts. They had finished eating, but Pats kids were hungry so we ordered. I ordered toast and a egg, quick and easy. It took a half hour to get our meal. Fabs is not fast food, but it does have good food. We were late getting to the church.

This was not a bad thing it turns out. I came in the back way, and my circle was serving. They were in the kitchen so I got to greet them and was able to have a short visit with them.

It was hard going through a service twice but it was so very nice to be able to see our friends again. I also got to visit with members of the choir before the service. Our first Intern was there.

The service was very nice, but long. The one hour became two. Borning Cry was dropped. the flowers were beautiful, red roses.

On Friday at the motel the whole family was there, and we got to go swimming. On Sunday we went to one of Pats favorite restaurants in Iron Mountain B's. It has huge cinnamon rolls. We got three and shared.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Long day Sunday

I am writing this for the second time,because I can not get it to publish. It then disappeared.
I am shortening this now. Sunday service honored those graduating. After church Pennie and I worked in the SS office organizing last years SS material so it will be easy to get to when we decide to use it again. We were there for five hours.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Early Morning Surprise

Thursday night those interested in VBS gathered to do some more planning. Those gathered were excited at the way everything was going. Stations to teach were picked.

Saturday a Christian Ed meeting was called for at 9:00 AM. Pennie was on call, and had many calls out, one coming at 7:00 AM. She was to be off at 8:00 AM. It was five minutes to nine when I picked up the agenda on what I knew she wanted to discuss and headed out to the church. The back door was locked. I had Pennie's keys so I unlocked it and came in with the agendas. The superintendent office was open and two of the committee were sitting in the room. I was a bit surprised, but figured they had keys also. I noticed the cupboards were open and again I figured they opened them. Then Pastor came over and asked if we were the first people in the church, and if we noticed anything wrong with the locks. The lady who had the trouble with the talking parrot said she was there first and had let the others in. They noticed nothing wrong with the doors. Pastor said that his office was broken into, and the gift cards he gave to those who needed help were taken and a small amount of money he had in his desk was taken. Pennie came just at that time. So we explained what had happened. Pastor went back to wait for the police. We sat down to begin our meeting , when we noticed the safe which was not used but taking up our space was opened and a metal box with keys were laying on the floor. Then we noticed the door jam was pulled from the wall. Pennie's office was broken into also. We reported this to Pastor, and then we did a check of the other rooms. In the nursery we found where they had entered through the window. In the library where the food pantry is the door to it was open which is closed but not locked. Nothing was taken. There is a paddle locked door with items to give away which showed signs that there was an attempted to enter.

We made plans for next years SS. Another meeting was held to find out the teachers wants for their rooms, it was 1:00PM when we left the church a little unnerved.

The good part of this was there was no damage beyond what was done to break in. The large expensive copy machine, printer, and office equipment was not taken. We were also advised to not enter the place where they broke in by the police. I will leave you with that advise, if your office or home is broken into do not go in just call the police. To do that you have to be more observant than we are.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun Time

My oldest son had vacation last week so he and his wife came down here for a visit and to help me. I had boxes of items to go to Goodwill. They were loaded up and taken there. Then we went to Steins to pick flowers for Memorial day to put on Dr. Johns grave site. I did not want to plant this year because I was afraid that I would not be able to take care of those planted. I found a nice stand that would hold the beautiful flower basket I picked out. We went out to lunch at the Old Country Buffet.

On Saturday my daughter and I drove up north to Norway for my nephew's graduation party. We were a surprise. Coming in early gave us time to visit. The weather was perfect, although my sister-in law thought it was too warm.

Memorial Day we rested in the morning. I went out later to shop for items for my mantel, for the summer. In the evening we started to prepare for next years Sunday School. We are hoping that then my daughter will not have the stress during the actual teaching time.

Earlier in the week my sister and brother-in-law stopped over on their way up North for a family reunion on his side. We had a nice visit and we went out to eat at Oslos's. This is the place that was full so Pennie and I could not go. The road to get there is now all torn up under construction. It was hard to get to it, but it was open, and we were the only people there to eat.

The food was very good, and the choices were not your ordinary ones. I had Norweigen chicken. I am not sure of all that was on the chicken for sure cheeze, and mushrooms. It was served with new potatoes[ there was a potato choice] rutabager and a large beet slice.

I ho;e every one had a good Memorial Day.