Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Photo Story Myah

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

My story begins when I was just a pup. I lived with a very nice family, and they named me Myah.

My family provided me with food and water. I also had some time to play. On the day of the beginning of my adventure I was out on the porch when I saw a brown furry blur, which I wanted to see up close. I wiggled out of the leash and ran after the brown furry animal that climbed up the tree. I jumped and jumped. I tried a run and then a jump but I could not get to the what I now know is called a squirrel. The squirrel widened the chase by jumping to the limb of another tree. Then it jumped to another tree while down below I ran following it.
We traveled fast. My family which was calling and trying to catch me had to give up. I didn't stop as long as I could see the squirrel. Then the squirrel disappeared. I heard the chattering but couldn't see it. I then took notice of where I was. I could not see my family. There were no sidewalks, or cars. Surrounded by trees, I had no way to tell how to get home. I saw a path which I followed. I almost tumbled over a cliff. I was on top of a mountain over looking a lake. The lake looked like it was in the clouds. The path did continue on, but it was so steep that I many times, lost my footing.

I heard the sound of running water. I maneuvered my way to it. I took time to take a drink and go wadding. There were little fish swimming about in the quiet water.

The path continued to the highway where the cars and trucks sped by. I saw a large building with cars in the parking lot, across the street. I am not very courageous, but a bit foolish so I dodged the cars and trucks. I sat and trembled a bit. Then I approached some humans getting into their cars. I did my very best whine, and gave my cutest look, and sure enough they picked me up. They looked at my collar which was separate from my leash. I was carried into The large building which had a neat living room with a fireplace. A women at the desk petted me then picked up a phone and made a call. I did cause a bit of commotion because I wet on the person that was holding me. Another person took me out side, put me down, and told me to do my business. The sky clouded up and the rain came. I felt no rain for my family arrived and came running toward me. After thanking the humans that brought me in, my family brought me home. They built me a fenced in area of my own, where I could chase the squirrels but not get lost.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Raven challenge 73

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.
The words for this week's ten word challenge were: riverboat, procrastination, drank, demons, invisible, candle, enough, film stars, summer job, computer For the mini: general demeanor, surprisingly, masked man, reach, standards

Sandy Shore could not believe the call she received offering her a summer job with other film stars on a riverboat. She wanted that job so bad, none of the other jobs she had done held a candle to this offer. She must not procrastinate, but promptly confirm. She went to her computer and sent out her reply.
She was accepted. She wanted to celebrate, she poured out just enough diet soda into a cocktail glass, holding it up she toasted her good luck, and the invisible demons who brought her name to the director aboard the riverboat. Feeling on top of the world she drank down that glass. She was surprised when another glass was brought out from the cupboard, and some soda was poured into it, Then she saw that penguin, she named knight. Knight probably would be making this adventure on the river eventful she was sure.

The general demeanor of the director was surprisingly calm as he welcomed the actors, and actresses for his show aboard the riverboat. He was not taken aback by the masked man. The director began by giving an emotional speech about reaching for the highest standards.
Although the masked man did not bother the director, he made Sandy uncomfortable. She questioned to herself if that was because, the man reminded her of The Phantom of The Opera."
Sandy might be concerned about the masked man; the cast was unnerved by scenery seeming to be moving by itself.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dog Progress 2

The head front and back have been sewn, but then the machine could not sew the foam and lining.
I tried many different settings only to give up and sew the back foam and lining by hand. It took an hour, with a machine five minutes at the most.
Watched the live feed again, Peter brought Bree down so they saw it too. the going in and out makes it difficult to understand the speeches. Pennie just called and every thing is going fine. They put up some walls for Habitat For Humanity. Went on a scary ride. Getting into the stadium is scary because of the heat and the pushing to get in, so they are going a little later hoping to miss the pushing and shoving. We have not been able to see them because they are in the shadows Pennie said.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dog Progress

I have the eyes. eyebrows done on the dog I am making. The ears have been sewn, but not attached.The front of the head is pinned.
I got to watch the evening service at New Orleans, they had a live feed. It had trouble with choppy picture and I could not hear. There were more people watching than what they planned for. They scanned the crowd but I could not see our group. The Bishop of the church came in in a rolling bathtub and he was in a bathrobe and slippers. I plan on watching Thursday night, hope they can improve on it. You can get to the live feed this way; first go to Dr. John's blog then use the St Marks link , then to the Youth gathering and choose the live feed. There are probably better ways but that is how I got there.
I forgot about Quilly's words. I went and looked so here it goes. Lancy was a self indulgent as Acrasia and gave a oncethmus sound when no one could tell her about muklins.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They are off.

Pennie and the youth of St. Marks and the other two churches are on their way to New Orleans. The bus left right at 2:00 pm . I followed the bus out of the parking lot. They went left I went right and I got turned around, so I went the wrong direction, on the correct road. I did a little tour of Menasha.
When I got home I worked on the dog costume I am sewing for VBS. I started working on the head after finishing the body. I am afraid of the difficulty. I had to do some practicing because this is a new machine, because my better machine broke just before we moved.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Glimps at Lifest 2009

Here are some photos of Lifest 2009. We sit in the back so we can move in and out when in the evening the crowd grows and you can't see well. The stage is right of the man in the blue shirt. We watch the large screen.

There are many different areas to listen to different bands. Above was the Grand stand. Below is another area where they were judging up and coming bands. Each day a band won and then on Saturday the winners played in the Grandstand. A winner was chosen from the winners each day and that band got to do a show.


This is a video of the end of the playing in the afternoon a oldie.

Raven challenge 72

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This weeks Ten Word Challenge is: corn pone, delegation, nectarines, happiness, 12 going on 13, prancing horses, magenta, butterflies, fragmentary, arthritis

For the mini challenge: lavender cowboy, over the moon, preparation, zebra, area rug

As she entered the room she glanced around,the table was just the right size for Misty Leaf, and she gave a sigh of relief. Usually the tables in waiting areas were very small, made for toddlers. Misty wanted an area to draw, and sitting in a chair was cumbersome. Misty was a bright 12 going on 13 year old. Her time in a waiting room was because her grandmother was part of a delegation at a convention on arthritis. She was staying with her grandmother while her parents were overseas. She knew that she would have a long time just waiting and she came prepared with her drawing materials and a lunch, corn pone and nectarines
The waiting room was filling as Misty arranged her material. There was a small toddler table which two youngsters,a boy and girl, occupied. A boy Misty's age joined the toddlers showing them a book from which he read to them.
At first her ideas were fragmentary ,but soon Misty's art began to take form, with bright colors. Prancing horses were surrounded by magenta butterflies. Flowers bloomed everywhere in many hues. The toddlers and the boy with them came over to the table where Misty was working. Misty drew the toddlers,Caleb and Lisa, into the picture. She drew Caleb with a butterfly net running among the flowers. Lisa with a big smile, showing her happiness, was picking a flower and holding it out to Randy the boy who was with the toddlers.
A pile of paper began to form as Lisa told a story, and Misty would illustrate the story. Randy and Caleb would add a little to the story also.
Randy, Caleb and Lisa shared their lunch with Misty and she shared her lunch with them. They were all a little sad when the adults returned. They were happy playing with the horses and running in the fields, and the day was just too short.

For the mini challenge: lavender cowboy, over the moon, preparation, zebra, area rug

Mini Challenge:

It was not his imagination, but this house had strange noises. Harry Fisher debated with himself
as he laid in bed whether to check out what he was hearing or to remain as safe as he could in bed. He got up. He walked around using a flashlight to check out the rooms. He found no intruders or ghosts. Now he could rest.
There they were again the bumps in the night He knew that unless he checked he would get no sleep, so flashlight in hand he made a tour of the house he inherited from his uncle Jim. He had the same results as the last night, but he could get some sleep.
Tonight he decided to do some preparations before he got into bed.
Under the area rug in the living room he put peanut shells , put up a motion censor, placed baby monitors in each room, and had the CD player set up to play "Lavender Cowboy." Now he went to bed sure that he would know before morning, who was making the noise. He slept peacefully.
The CD player did not play, he heard no peanut shells cracking, or unusual sounds from any rooms. The neighbor talk of haunting must be causing him to hear strange sounds at night. Tonight he would just go to bed and not let any noise bother him. Harry pulled the covers up to his chin and he closed his eyes. There came a loud crash. His resolve left him and he grabbed the flashlight and ran out to find a zebra in his living room. Feeling he was crazy, or over the moon, he called a friend, a young women he met named Sandy Shore, who had told him about a penguin she saw.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Us Together Again

Penny Sue Tractor and Colonel Montana were the names that Mr. And Mrs. Reginal Maki decided to use for their big Hillbilly party this evening. The party would be held at a small cabin in the woods they rented for the night.
It looked just like they thought a Hillbilly home should look like. Every good Hillbilly home should have a pig. But the only pig they could find was one of those fancy pet pigs that belonged to a rich friend and they had to promise no harm would come to it to borrow it for the evening.
Mr. and Mrs Maki came up with mud wrestling as one activity, since greased pig catching was ruled out not wanting to harm the pig.
At the last moment they even found a dog named Duke to complete the picture.
Turning into Penny Sue Tractor and Colonel Montana brought them to giggling as the transformation took place. Everything was ready including the fake still from which the liquor would be served in fruit jars and the deer in the pen behind the cabin for the deer tackling event.
Old hats long beards and missing teeth were the norm but Lester Cain, or at least who ,the now, Penny Sue thought was Lester Cain had deep scratches over his face, and cuts on his arms. He looked like he had been in a fight with a mountain bobcat and she assumed it was part of his costume. He staggered as he picked up his fruit jar and sat at the teeter-tottering table. Suddenly the table went over and he fell to the ground looking very much like he had died. Mrs. Maki screamed out his name, and ran to him finding that the blood pouring from him was not fake but real.
That was when the Federal Agents choose to raid the party and arrested them all for a long list of offenses including having an illegal still. Mr Maki tried talking to the agents explaining that everything was fake for a party, but the with the body they were not buying his explanation.
As the agents were rounding up the guests, a couple and a teenager, Billy Jones and his parents walked in , Billy also with multiple scratches. It didn't take long to discover that Lester and Billy had a fight and according to Billy he stabbed Lester while defending himself. Billy was caring a pitch fork as part of his costume, but Lester, somewhat drunk, thought he was the devil.
Tomorrow they would be arraigned and the authorities would discover they had among others the District Attorney, the Mayor, and the Chief of Police, the strangest group of Hillbillies ever arrested.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

POW #2 Thom &John

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

It was with anxiety Penny Sue Tractor waited for the arrival of the crew with her award. Only two weeks ago she participated in the mud wrestling contest

at the State Fair, and won first place. The winner of the contest won an all expense trip to any resort in the area or a city for a week. She decided to take a week in the city, where she had never been. Leaving behind Edgar the pet pig
and Shadow her dog
was hard enough, but she would also have to leave behind the familiar cry of the eagle,
and the shy intrusion of the deer.

The official car arrived and those giving her the award got out. The formal wear and the expressions on their faces made her want to run back into her home. She could not leave this place. What she had to wear would be unacceptable in the city. One of the people a lady stepped forward and with a gentle voice asked Penny Sue to come with them. She encouraged her to take the adventure, they would make all the arrangements, making sure that someone would come and take care of her pets.
In Penny Sues eyes the hotel was a palace. The lady who had encouraged her to go on the trip Lacy Hope,became her companion aiding her in the city tour and the shopping. At the end of the week Penny Sue had changed her look of a country girl to a city lady.
Her name also won her some more good fortune. With a name like Penny Sue Tractor who else should be a sales person for a tractor manufacturer
Had her fortune changed Penny Sue? At the end of the week, Penny Sue packed up her new clothes, and returned to her home in the country. She was relieved to be back home, but she kept her job selling tractors, traveling to work by first a long walk and then taking a bus.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Raven challenge 71

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

sober, spoilage, knight, laugh and the world laughs with you, peak, blueberries, owl, drugstore, lampshade, keyboard

The peak season for blueberries had arrived, and Sandy wanted to go out picking. She did not want a lot but enough to make a pie. Too many there would be a danger of spoilage. An area with wild berries would be best. Wild blueberries tasted better than those found on the farms although the farms had larger berries.

Sandy drove out onto a country road, and pulled her small blue Saturn over on to the edge parking there. She sprayed bug spray, and then grabbed a bucket to put the berries in. Concentrating on finding berries she did not see but, felt an others presence. Beside her wearing a large brim straw hat was Sandy's invisible penguin. Sandy glad for the companionship began talking to the penguin. "I think you need to have a name, how about Knight?" Sandy began to giggle, but the penguin did not look happy. "Hey, laugh and the world laughs with you," said Sandy. The penguin remained sober. Although it was light, an owl sat on a branch near them and did a "Whoo"

"Who Mimicked Sandy, Knight should be its name, because he has rescued me like a knight in shining amour."

Her bucket full Sandy returned home, after stopping at the drug store to pick up her prescriptions. Adjusting the lampshade as she entered the apartment, she went to her computer keyboard to find a pie recipe. She found many. One seemed to stand out. Sandy had discovered long ago that she was not a neat baker so she began her pie making by putting on an apron.When she had taken the pie out of the oven she was joined by Knight for a taste of her labors.

For the mini challenge: economy, Michael Jackson, ladder, clue, structure

I am sorry, but I have been at Lifest and up very late, I have not been able to finish and I probably will not be able to read others until later.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Fourth of July in Photos

Bree lighting fireworks.


Peter Lighting Fireworks

Turtle taking off.

Patrick Grilling

I found this meme on Thom's blog on Saturday the 4th of July. I hope he doen't mind if I use it.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

1. What is your favorite 4th of July memory? (If you aren’t in the U.S., then use your own national holiday.)I have many, including this 4th. The bicentennial was the one I was most involved in making costumes,& making a float.

2. Do you consider yourself patriotic? yes

3. Do you like fireworks? Not the noise but the pretty ones. We have always have done are own fireworks. Dr. John at one time with the help of his sister and mother would put on a display for the small community that his sister lives in. There have been some scary moments.

4. What are your plans for this weekend?We had the whole family here. We did our fireworks, which I still have to clean up. Grilled steaks. Had strawberry shortcake.

5. Are you optimistic about the future? I think we are in for a change, do not know,for good or bad.

6. Do you think everyone should serve in the military?No. I think there would be some who if serving would be a hindrance.

7. Would you support a constitutional ban on flag burning?Flag burning makes me unhappy, but peaceful protest should be able to continue.

8. What end of the political spectrum are you?Depends on issue.

9. Where do you get your news? On channel 7.

This gives a outlet for what I was going to write about today. We had a very nice Fourth of July. No major problems. We laughed through the fireworks display. The males were all outside and the females inside watching plus Dr. John. We critiqued the display and the presenters. They put a cardboard box under the display table which at one time was smoking. My oldest grandson was wearing a green elf hat and beard not the safest get up which he was told he could not wear.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Raven challenge 70

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: Florida, spit, child bride, operatic, busy, holding pattern, sunflowers, ginger jars, office, superintendent

For the mini challenge: music to my ears, plot, powerful, braggart, super model

The gang with invisible animal companions were in a holding pattern waiting for the police to investigate the man in the multi-colored hooded sweatshirt they brought in for causing the explosion at Poets Corner. William and Stan had warmed up to Sandy after what they went through with her to get back her penguin. [The penguin that didn't need to be rescued.] Of course if they did not think the penguin was in danger they would have not caught the hooded man.
William paced back and forth in front of the office of the police superintendent and making the others nervous.
" I know a lady you should meet. Let's go over to her place, and get out of here. I will give them my cell phone number in case they need to talk to us some more. Her name is Winter Florida," said Stan.
Sandy followed Stan and William's car out into the country away from the busy city streets. They came upon a cottage nestled in the woods, and the car with William and Stan came to a stop in front of it. Sandy pulled up behind it. Sandy felt she was playing a part in fairy tale. The cute shuttered cottage had sunflowers lined around a winding brick path up to the door. She expected the flowers to burst into song. They were silent not even singing an operatic chorus, a bit disappointing. Stan knocked on the door, and a petite young dark haired girl opened it. A tall red haired gentleman stood behind her. Her face became glowing as she grabbed Stan in a hug.
"Oh, come in , come on in," she said. She dragged Stan in. William and Sandy followed him into a spit and polish clean house. Stan introduced William and Sandy to Winter Florida and Dale Florida. Winter led them into the living room past a kitchen door where Sandy could see ginger jars on the shelves. To Sandy, Winter looked so young. Sandy whispered to William,"She must be a child bride." Her whisper carried to Winter's ears, and Winter said," I was."
The three sat on a couch facing Winter on a recliner and Dale on a matching recliner. Stan told them about the catching of the man expected of bombing the Poets Corner. As they were speaking Stan's phone rang. He smiled as the conversation over the phone transpired. That is music to my ears. Stan related the conversation. The police had enough evidence they felt to charge the man. He confessed that he was with a powerful group that had plotted to cause fear in the community, and the braggart even confessed to wanting to kill supermodels. Once he started he was not able to stop and gave up other names.
"We can be a powerful force, but that power should be used to help those without, "said Winter. As she was speaking a wolverine curled up on her lap. Sandy began thinking about the beginning of seeing her penguin and how she wanted to get rid of it. It did cause some trouble for her, but maybe it had to grow up too. It now was part of a force for good.

Mini Challenge:

Super model Celeste was cruel to her step sister Mable. A braggart in their home she would rag on Mable about her hair color and style, her weight, and her gate. Mable could do nothing right. In her mind Mable would plot to bring the powerful model down.
Jim Rose, a very handsome man, a super model also, became interested in Mable not Celeste.
He came to the home with flowers and gifts to woo Mable. Mable's attitude slowly began to change about herself. The change showed in her demeanor. When Mable told her mother that Jim had proposed, her mother exclaimed," That is music to my ears."
Mable no longer wanted to humiliate her sister but found it enjoyable to rejoice in her success.

Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

One + One = One

This is another story written by Dr. John and I,exchanging sentences.

With disgust Rex threw both the rope and the old drumsticks on the ever growing pile, filled with memories of long past days. Some of the items brought pain, memories such as the rope from his once owned yacht. The next item in the closet was that great big safety pin and as he took it out he began to cry. This was a wall decoration in his babies room. He could almost hear the baby cry, and knew he would never hear it again.
He was questioning how he could begin anew, and removing the painful memories was a way to begin again. Over and over he could see the yacht exploding with his wife and baby on board.
Sue was offering a new beginning with her Sweet shop. They would be partners , he would make the baked goods while she served customers. She was a lady that always had a smile, and a get up and go attitude. "At least I will get out of this house" he thought as he put on his hard hat and walked through the never finished addition. "I should go and contact her to confirm, and then contact a realitor," he thought.
Sue was waiting for him as she hoped he could let go of the past and just maybe fall in love with her. She had cared for him since high school, but he had picked another lifestyle marring Joann the millionairess. Now she wanted to help him get over the guilt he felt, because he got carried away playing the drums, and was late getting to the boat.
He need not feel guilty, because she planted the bomb not knowing how much he cared for that woman and her brat.