Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Wonder Why

I watched Dr Phil yesterday and I was disturbed because a man confessed to killing a number of people. He is claiming to want help as a reason for coming on the program. The police found no body where he stated he put it. He is not sure if he really did the killing or not. The doctor ,not Dr Phil ,who examined him believes he can't tell what is real or not real. Will this bring out more people who just want their time in the sun on the program? I truly hope he can be helped because he is married and has a family.

I got to see a little of Dr Phil today and there was a man with a huge Star Wars collection. His wife thought she was loosing out to the collection. On "Clean House" I have seen them on different shows ask the person getting their house cleaned to sell their collections to end clutter. On one show the book collection was the only thing that was neat. Is there something wrong with people who want to collect items?


quilly said...

And now you know why my TV doesn't see more than 2-3 hours of air time per week. And that's usually a sports game.

I do occasionally play a movie, but I am just not into regular programing and neither is OC.

Jill said...

I saw a little bit of both programs. The guy with all the Stars Wars stuff has a lot of money in it. But I wonder how he can keep up with it all. The other guy who "killed" people was a little creepy and I have to wonder if he is telling the truth or is he in need of a shrink.

Dr.John said...

Even if there is the trains stay.

Margaret said...

LOL at Dr. John comment regarding the trains.

I love clean house and so does my five year old daughter. In fact, when it's time to clean up her room and she is dilly daddling - I threaten to bring the "clean house" lady in to help her. She gets to cleaning right away then.

We just moved and before were really crammed in a little 2 bedroom mobile home. I gave a lot of stuff away and now, keeping things simple and organized. I love it!!

Now to organize and clean up my husbands home office. It is a terrible mess. He's out of town so "Extreme Makeover" .. here I come.