Friday, November 30, 2007

Too much Eggnog!

Yesterday my daughter brought home a quart of eggnog. I poured two glasses, and was putting the cap back on when for no good reason the bottled leaped from my not too steady hands and splashed eggnog over my counter, floor, cupboard doors and the toaster. I grabbed paper toweling and wiped the counter and the floor and the doors. It was late so I put off a good cleaning. At breakfast, I told Dr John my hubby that I would have to scrub the floor and why. He had already gone to bed. For breakfast he wanted toast and as I put in the bread I noticed that my toaster was covered with eggnog.
Dr John is on a mission to clean the basement and get rid of things we can't use. He puts things on e-bay and I wrap and pack them. He has been keeping me very busy. The floor has need a cleaning for sometime, but he says it can wait. The eggnog made it have to be done.
I did make a little dent in the garage. It has been used for a workshop and there is no room for a car.
I have been walking the dog early in the morning. The last few days have been very cold so our trips have been shorter. We got a dusting last night of snow. There should be a storm tomorrow and it sounds like most of the country will share that storm. I was hoping that my son could come down and help me with getting Christmas decorations out. So we will see.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
It was a year ago we moved to Neenah. It was a good move. We see the children and the grandchildren more often. I still have butterflies when I drive. I do miss my friends. Being close to the grandkids is so nice. I got to see last year my youngest grandchilds holiday program at school, granddaughters first communion, Iwent with my granddaughter to meet her teachers, she also had a time at school to share a hobby and I got to see that. My son's three boys I would see once or twice a year, they have been here I think once a month.

The granddog has kept me active. I walk her during the week at least once a day. We have the train layout coming along.

I am very thankful for my life.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Train Show

Saturday my son, his boys,mydaughter,Dr John and I went to Trainfest in Milwaukee. My feelings on it ,too big. Dr John got to ride around and to see every thing. That was not true for me. My plan was to go up and down the rows of tables and then cross ways. As I began the walk I found a mill I thought would be nice on the layout. As I began I told Dr John and he didn't see it. I continued up the row and started down and found they[the tables] were not in nice rows. Then I saw Dr John again and he had not found the mill. I continued down the row and Dr John found me and said he found it follow him. I did. He couldn't find it and so up the same row I went and back down. I was about to continue when Dr John told me he found it, and we went over and bought the logging building the mill was sold out. At this point I was tired and wanted to just sit for a moment. There were rest areas but I couldn't find a seat. I was also hungry but the food lines were long. The family was also tired at this point so they found me and said we are going. So I did not get to see most of the show.

We ate at Fuddruckers[ not sure of spelling] and the grandkids were happy. I had a good grilled chicken.

It was nice to see the grandkids. It was too bad that my other two grandchildren and family could not be there but because of the recent illness of my granddaughter I didn't want to exposed her to anything.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lots of Candy left

We didn't have a single trick or treater at our house or did we see any kids moving about. That was scary. We do have kids in our neighborhood, and the house next door was decorated but we didn't see any kids. Our grandchildren came and they were in costume[ pictures on Dr John's blog]. They already had plenty of candy so they didn't eat any.
We went to the Post Office and they had plenty of candy left also. Each clerk had a pumpkin with candy in it. The question is are the children of Neenah going to have better teeth than other children?

I finished plastering the beginning of the mountain of Dr John's layout. I am looking at pictures with mountains in them so I can see colors so I will have a mountain that looks like a mountain. I am not an artist because I can't see it in my mind, but I can copy.

I have left the dog unattended so have to go back to the living room to see if she has found something to tear up. I left her sitting in my chair asleep. My daughter is on call, so I do not know when she will be back.

Oh yesterday we ventured out to Hobby Lobby. I didn't get see all that I wanted, John with his scooter traveled much faster than I did. In that store I could spend a lot of time and money.