Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greenville Memorial Zoo

Dr John and I took our grandkids to the zoo this afternoon. This zoo has many animals a number of endangered ones. I felt sad at the animals in cages, camels, bear, lions and tigers plus more monkeys than the Milwaukee Zoo. There was one white bird there that I read the description about. In the wild it is a social bird and is usually in a flock of 40. It sat in that cage all by itself. The children enjoyed the animals,so I am torn. It is nice for the children to see animals that they would never get to see,but animals that roam to be cooped in such a small unnatural area seems cruel. I like it at Disney where they are able to roam about, but you may not get to see them. Disney of course has more money. I know that the more modern zoos have the animals not in cages.

We did get a chance to eat with my daughter at lunch as she was on her way to an appointment and went by a McDonalds close to the zoo.

I am going to close now because I have grandkids waiting for this computer to play Roller Coaster.


Melli said...

I never go to the Washington Zoo anymore. I didn't like it when they had the animals in cages. (which very few still are)... but now that it is wide open and natural - like you say - you usually don't get to SEE anything. It is still a beautiful place to stroll - but a hassle to get to and costly to park! (even though the zoo itself is still free) Although, the last time I was there was right after the baby panda was born, and I DID get to see that little guy play! What a hoot! I'm thinking about trying the Baltimore Zoo in the fall. I'm sure mom would really ENJOY the zoo! But Baltimore is mostly open and natural now too... which is why I'll go... I just wonder what we'll see! LOL! It is hard. But you know... I think maybe those drive through safari type places are really the best! The animals DO get to roam, and because they LOVE to approach the cars coming through - to get the goodies - the kids do see them! My Derek was a teenager when we went through one and one of the zebras stuck his head right in Dereks window! I got a picture! It was GREAT! The kids really did enjoy that! I wonder if you have one of those anywhere near you...

quilly said...


William ~ The Old Fart said...

Betty ~ Glad you Grandchildren got to see some animals they normally wouldn't see. Yes it is sad that they cage them up at some zoos. The Calgary Zoo the animals roam free but sometimes you don't see an animal. The Zoo is a nice place to visit and the C-Train has a stop so it saves on the parking.

Nice that you were able to visit with your daughter. My Cholesterol wouldn't allow me to eat at the McDonalds.

Margaret said...

If it helps any, many zoos have acquired many of their animals because these animals were once rescued from the wild. From a broken wing, abandoned at birth, caught in a trap.

Many can't be released back into the wild after they bounce back to health because they are too dependent and human friendly. It's safer for them to stay in a zoo.

Some are born in captivity (Pandas, etc.) and some are brought into a zoo to preserve them. Like the Elephants in Africa that were being pouched and killed for their ivory. Many left to starve with broken tusks and thankfully rescued and brought to a zoo where they can be fed and treated.

Or take Noah for example. Choosing a male and female of each to bring on a journey with him for preservation by God's order.

Zoo's can be good. =O)

bettygram said...

Melli:I am checking the Green Bay Zoo It is new.

Quilly : Dr John Has pictures, I don't know when he will post them.

william:McDonalds was a place near the zoo where we knew where to meet.

Margaret: Your correct about the good zoos do thats why I don't want to be too critical, but I couldn't help feel sorry for them. There were two 18month old foxes which she[the guide]was carring around, and a deskunked skunk. These animals could not go back into the wild.