Thursday, August 14, 2008

Woman's Gymnastics and VBS

The woman's gymnastics were more exciting and pleasant to watch than the men's, and not because of the metals. All the women we saw did a good job and only small mistakes. There was very close scores. I don't know the gymnastic rules so I wouldn't know when a mistake is made but I know I liked the Russian woman's floor routine.

VBS ended and I took many pictures and video. Now if I didn't move the camera they will be on the St. Mark's web page tomorrow. The children seemed to have a great time. They reviewed at the end, and the children seemed to have learned each lesson.

We did some work on the train layout and we should be able to put plaster down tomorrow.

I have a friend Nila from Crystal Falls who wrote to me and she is confined to her apartment with blood clots. Would you pray for her. She is a lady who has cared for so many people.


quilly said...

Your friend Nila appears to be suffering from the same thing my friend, Betty is. Perhaps we can trade names? I have put Nila on my prayer list.

Melli said...

I'm glad your VBS was a success - I sorta knew it would be! It's hard to mess up VBS - God is so IN it!

I finally got to watch about half an hour of the Olympics last night! Saw a bit of men's swimming and a bit of women's beach volleyball -- and then I fell asleep! So sad... I LOVE gymnastics - but I just can't stay AWAKE in front of a television for any length of time!

Your friend Nila will be in my prayers. I suppose she IS on blood thinner... right? My mother had clots - and eventually a stroke, but she popped back from it pretty well.

Margaret said...

I agree the American women athletes have done a remarkable job this season!

Lori's Minute said...

Oh noooooooo....of course I will pray for Nila...I will tell Pete about her situation as well.

I like women's gymnastics as well but fell asleep after two rounds thinkg there was no way they were going to place and then I woke up to find out they got gold and silver! THey are replaying it tonight so I will see it then. I cannot believe the stuff they dangerous...I would be afraid of falling and bonking my head on the balance beam and breaking my neck!

bettygram said...

Thank you for the prayers. I am sure she is on blood thinners as she had the problem before.