Friday, August 15, 2008

Night Fear

I was reading blogs when I saw a question about being afraid of the dark as a child. Until my sister was old enough to sleep in a room together I slept alone. The doll house made of metal that sat on my dresser would rattle. I was sure that someone was in the room. I feared the most, the X's I would see. They came out from the closet. They wouldn't go away. Even if I closed my eyes. They came in different sizes. As I write this I still have fear. I would scream and my parents would come in turning on the lights and try to calm me down. My mother took me to the eye Dr. and he it had some thing to do with my eyes. He wasn't talking to me so I don't know why I saw those X's.


quilly said...

Did they make the X's go away?

bettygram said...

They did go away but i do not know why. Maybe it was when I got glasses.

Dragonstar said...

It's strange the things that scare you in the dark when you're little. My Dad used to burn the backing off "silver paper" when I was little, because he saved the aluminium to raise money for blind people. I used to have nightmares of someone burning an important and beautiful piece of paper. Reason had nothing to do with it!