Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Day Out

I began the day going out to bible study with a red dragon. After lunch, Dr John and I headed to where he got his hearing aid to see why it wasn't working. It needed a better cleaning , and he can now hear again. Then we went to I Hop to eat lunch. Very Good and so was the service.

When I got home I watched the end of a boxing match in the Olympics. The USA boxer didn't know the score and thought he was ahead by a point but he was behind by a point so he didn't do an offence, losing the match and four years of work. I felt bad for him.

We also got some wood cut for the layout with a little trouble from a light socket in the garage that wasn't working. We brought the cord into the house.


quilly said...

I think Bible Study is probably as good for dragons as it is for us.

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhhh you do have me wondering WHY you were taking the red dragon to Bible study... I'm sure he DID get something out of it. I'm sure the good Dr. was behind this! I'm so glad you're a good sport to all his shenanigans! And it sounds like YOU are as involved in this whole train layout as he is... I LOVE that!!! You two are an awesome couple!

Jill said...

Is this "Be kind to your local dragon" week?