Tuesday, August 19, 2008

County Fair

Sunday Dr John. my daughter and I went to the Brown County Fair. It was a nice fair with a number of chickens, sheep,rabbits, cows and horses. We met my son and his son and daughter. Luke loved the animals. We then did not get to just walk quickly through but had to stop and do a careful study. Luke got to pet several rabbits and watched as a owner of a rabbit cleaned out her rabbit's cage. There were a exhibits and a lot of photo entries. My granddaughter is now considering entering next year some photos. It was a very hot day, probably not hot if you live Texas, but it was the hottest day we had all summer. I wanted to go on the tilt-a -whirl with my granddaughter and daughter but could not take anymore heat. We left and went to eat in an air conditioned restaurant.

I have to make a comment on how upset we were over Nastia not getting a gold metal with a tie. They could not protest because the procedure was in place before the games. Gymnastics do not give double medals for a ties.


quilly said...

If it is a tie, how do they decide which of the two to give the medal to?

I'm glad you enjoyed the fair. I haven't even heard about there being a fair, here!

William ~ The Old Fart said...

Glad you had a good day at the Fair, It has been a very long time since I've been to one. I cannot do the rides, I get sick if I do. It has been hot here lately, today it is cooler with rain forecast.

A Blessed Day is wished for you and Dr John.

Melli said...

When I was a kid I used to absolutely LOVE the county fair. Of course, I lived in a very LARGE, but yet rural, county and they put on one of the BEST county fairs in our state! Then in my late teens I moved to Minneapolis - which is only moments from St. Paul - and the Minnesota STATE FAIR grounds... and well! Minnesota STATE Fair is one of the BEST in the nation! So I have been very spoiled by Fairs in my life. THEN as an adult I moved HERE. Podunk Small Town, USA. Our ENTIRE craft/photography/woodwork/needlework entries all fit in ONE small hut. Our entire vegetables fresh/canned/baked goods all fit in another small hut. We have two buildings of livestock... 3 rows of cows, 2 rows of sheep, 2 rows of pigs, a couple of goats ... I think that's it. And then a hut full of fowl and rabbits. Dennis used to enter some of his wood carvings -- he won a grand champion White ribbon one year ... he was only up against 2 other projects. How disheartening is that!?

I STILL love the county fair... but it's just NOT the same anymore! And honestly - when we moved down here 22 years ago our fair was BIGGER then than it is now! Hardly anybody participates anymore!!! This county is seriously hurting for more QUALITY country bumpkins!!!

I'm glad you guys enjoyed your fair!

Jill said...

I have not been to a county fair in a long time. We used to live in a smaller town which had a "youth fair" which had a lot of things like you described and a lot of the school kids had fun. BTW I agree with you and I am irritated at the stupidity of the Olympics people. Nastia did a great job and deserved a medal. They could have shared, grrr.

Margaret said...

The summer heat must be unbearable up North. I almost forgot it was summer here in Georgia. We've been having some gorgeous mild days for the last few weeks in the '80's.

I haven't been "hot" in quite a while. In fact, the 4th of July had almost broken it's coldest record in Savannah's history.