Thursday, August 14, 2008


I watched into the early morning hoping for a miracle. The miracle didn't come and the USA did not get a metal in the all around. The swimming was more exciting because everyone had a chance. The final comes tonight. Phelps has been doing all that he can for the team and himself. I like our swimming team.

I felt like was in training for the track team this morning. As Maggie and I began our walk a rabbit jumped out in front of us. Maggie wanted that rabbit and with all her strength she was dragging me along. The rabbit was hopping along right in front of us, and until she was out of sight I was being pulled along on the chase. She has a gentle leader leash but I had to use both hands to control her.

Took more pictures of VBS but not enough according to Dr John, and whats with the feet pictures. I have more than I need of feet. I look into the view finder so why do I get feet? Tonights the closing program.


Melli said...

Tonight is the closing? Already? Did it start on Sunday? I couldn't believe when I looked at the pictures last night that your church did the Friendship Trek too! WE had sO much fun with it at our VBS this year! I hope you have enjoyed yours as much as I did!

(that rabbit wasn't 3' tall and white was it?)

quilly said...

LOL at Milli!

You probably get photos of feet because when you push the capture button down, you move the camera down as well. That's how I used to cut off heads!

bettygram said...

Melli: The rabbit didn't have a pink sweater, in fact he/she wore no clothing but fur.

All the children seemed to be having a great time and were sad to see it come to and end. The leaders were tired but they liked the material.

Quilly: Thanks as I think about it is probably the reason. I sure hope it didn't happen tonight.