Saturday, May 31, 2008


I am not writing about places to live but movies. Last night my daughter rented some movies. Films we wanted to see and had not got to the theater to see. One was "August Rush". I enjoyed this film very much. You had to believe in the power of the music to draw everyone together. The line I liked best was" You know Mozart, I have one of those and he is sleeping under my bed." I loved the scene where he[August Rush] learns about writing music.

Another film we watched was"No Reservations". I also enjoyed it. I identified with the young girl who's mother was killed, and had to go live with her aunt as I had to.

Last Wednesday I had a surprise visitor at 6:30AM. A man rang the door bell and dressed still in PJ answered it. He said " I want to ask you about your neighbor" We have been concerned about getting the grass cut, and the garden weeded so I thought oh no a neighbor complaining. I said"Thats my daughter." He asks" Is she married, does she have a boy friend, is she engaged." I am shaking my head and I must have had a look on my face that said none of your business. He stutters "I just want to know if my fiancee is telling the truth." He then left. I was shaken. Dr John asked if I had seen his car. I didn't. I went over to my daughters and locked her back door to the padio, the front door is locked. When she came home I told her about him. Wednesday is garbage pick up and when she put out the garbage a white truck drove by and the man had a cap on and turned his face so she could not see him. She felt that was strange but it did not impack until I told her about the man coming to the door. He didn't break any laws but he gave me an uneasy feeling.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A New Pet

My grandkids and daughter got me a new pet. It is a stuffed black Lab, a Webkinz With the pets code you can play on line at Webkinz. This is great for the young and old. You can decorate rooms and buy items for the pet you have. There are games where you have to add numbers or find words. At the school there ways to work on your memory. I like these games because they are short and they have a variety of types. I also like that my grandchildren are into these. It gives a sharing area.

I also have a question. Are all items that you sweep, shovel, rake, or mop with built so they come apart and you spend your time fixing the item?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day

Please take time to remember why we have this holiday. BBQs and vacation as summer begins is not the reason but to honor those who served this country and lost their lives.When we lived up North we had a parade. I have not found any information on a service or parade in this area but I could have missed it.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Dr. John, John, lover, friend and lifetime companion. Hope you have a great day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

No I am not repeating myself. On Mother's Day my niece had a baby boy. She is now living in Spain. I am told everyone is fine. I am waiting for pictures. My sister will be able to visit her daughter, but I won't be able to so pictures are important. A great day!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a unusual Mother's Day. My daughter and I served coffee after church. We bought everything from the store because we both had bad colds during the week and my daughter cut our lawns on Saturday with a mower that didn't want to mow. Dr John was not well and stayed home from church. We tried to take pictures but we were not able to get into the sanctuary until after the sermon missing the choir. After the service we went home picking up food from Taco Bell. My oldest son call and said he and the children were coming down. His wife went out with her mother. Pete watched the baseball game and the kids played games with my daughter. Pete and family went home and my daughter and I got take out from Kentucky Fried Chicken. I got some nice gifts from my daughter and son and family.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maggie Quest To Play Soccer

Today began very interesting. I wanted to put grass seed on the bare spot in the back yard where we put dirt to make the area flat for the pool last year. Dirt and water had soon become mud. I had bought fertilizer and grass seed and they were in the garage. Maggie was with her mother[Maggie is a dog] my daughter, who had taken the week off to clean her house. So I wasn't thinking about Maggie. My daughter let her out and she was on my daughters step. We live next door and there is a fence and a open gate between yards. I hauled the fertilizer into the house leaving the door to the garage open planning to come back to get the seed. I didn't close the gate in the house that kept Maggie from the kitchen. I opened the back sliding door and put down the bag of fertilizer on the porch. Maggie saw me and before I could get the door closed, she was in the house. She ran into the kitchen and out the garage door grabbing my new garden gloves which were laying on the spreader. She then ran into the back yard and out into the farmers field. I went back into the house getting some beef jerky and a leash. I called her she looked up seemed to be thinking about coming but she saw the girls who were playing a soccer game on the soccer field. The soccer field is at the end of the farmers field. Beyond the soccer field is a christian school, and church. She ran full speed over to the girls interrupting the game. I ran as fast as I could on my 68 year old legs. When I got there the girls had her on her back and were petting her. I put the leash on her, apologizing to the team. I walk her using a Gentle Leader. I didn't take that but just the leash so I was dragged back at a running pace. She wanted to chase the birds and butterflies. I got her to my house and put her in her crate so I could finish the job of seeding the dirt spot. I finished ending the morning.

The afternoon I spent helping my daughter clean her house. We were, my daughter and I , invited out to supper at the Olive Garden. We had a good meal.

Monday, May 5, 2008

First Sunday in May

The children at St Marks had their last day of Sunday School. They did a skit and sang.
They did a great job. After church we went to Green Bay for my youngest grandsons birthday party. He had his party with friends the day before, Sunday was for family. My daughter-in-law's brother and family came with a new puppy. Very cute. It was nice to have all my family together and my daughter-in-laws family there too. We are not a large family.