Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Life's Challenges.

I thought things would calm down. but they did not. I have been driving Pennie to work each day. I will have to do that for two more weeks.s Today they forbid Pennie from using the wheel chair or crutches. The nurse said she should be on her feet. It still hurts under the knee. I am sorry but I have to stop because I can not keep awake.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hearthstone with Bree

No Raven's words. I have been with my granddaughter. I have felt sorry for her because of Pennie's foot sprain, I have been driving her to work, and back. She is using John's scooter, so we have had to spend most of Bree's time here with us at home. Pennie decided to not go into work until the afternoon, Bree and I went to the Hearthstone Museum. The home build by Mr. Rodgers
has nine fireplaces so it was named Hearthstone. It had the first electricity in the Appleton area.
When we drove Pennie to work because it was in the afternoon we decided not to go back home , but stayed to window shop in Appleton. We went through a number of small shops with character.
It was a good day.