Friday, August 29, 2008

Neenah Parking Lots

Thursday the grandkids and Dr John and I went bridge hunting in Neenah. I am cautious in driving in traffic so I missed the place where I should turn and had to turn around in parking lots. I gave them a tour of many parking lots. One of the parking lots was the hospital. I saw a spot by the water having a parking lot and a bridge. We went in and we got pictures of three bridges. Later I found out we were not to be in there, it was just for workers. I drove on from there and found a park with two bridges for foot travel. we got some more pictures and I drove out around a few blocks and arrived on the other side of the bridges. We found the Doty House which is a landmark.

In the afternoon after Pennie got home we drove to see the Houdini Museum. We were too late so we went to drive Go Karts and play mini golf.


Jill said...

Sounds like some of the parking lots I have visited.

Melli said...

ROFL! I visit a LOT of parking lots in my travels! All the BEST hunters do! So... consider yourself a primo huntress now!

I know the boys had FUN playing golf and riding go-karts! You'll have to get back to that Houdini Museum earlier in the day - maybe tomorrow!

You are gOOd grandparents doing all the best entertaining things!

quilly said...

Lately I have been touring parking lots in Waikiki, but I think I have finally found a good route to my new job, so maybe I'll taper off some for awhile.

Margaret said...

Yesterday, trying to get to a new, never been before bank - I ended up driving into another driveway a few yards up. It was a liquor store.

Problem was, these were on a one way street so I couldn't come out where I came in to make a right and pull in the bank's driveway a few yards over.

I'm bad, for I seriously considered bouncing my SUV over the curb, grass and to the other side.

But I'm also very good, for in the end - I did the right thing. Made a left - circled my way around half the town to try it again.

Waste of gas and time, but I did do the right thing.

bettygram said...

To all: I am so glad I am not alone.