Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Aftermath

We had a nice Christmas with everyone home. The meal was a little tricky because it was cooked at two houses. There was a roast in each oven. The pies were cooked at our house early pictured in the video on Dr John's blog. Reason for hair not combed and the blank stare at cupboard. The vegetables were cooked with roast at the other house and so were the rolls. The ham was moved around and was late being cooked. It did get done.

Today I took back an
X-box 360 game because my son doesn't have an x-box 360. I looked at a X-box 360 and they are not cheep.

I have to find some time tomorrow to set up my Christmas outside decorations because the wind snow storm blew them all down. Next year I hope to get them out before the ground freezes and I can stake them down. They were sitting on my front porch.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The night before the night before Christmas

It is the night before the night before Christmas and I am trying to get every thing ready. My son from Madison will arrive Monday.My Shopping for gifts is done but not for the meal. We ordered a rib roast and had to go out in the bad weather to get it. The storm should stop.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Best Christmas Gift

One of the blogs I read asked: " What was your best Christmas gift?" My answer is Jesus. The second was my husbands life. The third is my family all together.

As a child I was always disappointed because my parents gave me what they thought I should have such as a doll etc. There was one doll I wanted and that was a bride doll which I got but I didn't get the one with a change of clothing. I wanted trucks, trains ,garages . I did get a train but not like my neighbors who were five boys. Their train was electric, I got a wind up one. If I had saved it I could have gotten a lot of money for it. As I got older I liked sewing clothes for the dolls. I also liked doctor kits.Some of the gifts I liked were a round plaid purse, and a record player.

I was talking this over with my daughter and I told her I found myself to be very ungrateful. She pointed out that my biological parents had died and what I really wanted was them. Maybe so but I feel bad that I wasn't satisfied.

Today I am very thankful the life I have.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today the doorbell rang. The only people who come and have rung our doorbell ,were children wanting us to come and watch them ride their bikes in a contest, and somekind of mailperson. I expected a mailperson. It was not. It was a woman from St. Marks, our new church. She handed me a bag. The bag had cookies and a beautiful hand made blanket. I would have liked to invited her in but my house was a mess, from the dog and me wrapping presents. The dog wasn't wrapping but had taken every toy and bone out and some torn up tissue layed on the floor. I was dressed in my clothes to go and work on the train layout and I had not even combed my hair. She said she was asked to bring the bag over and drop it off. Even if I was not prepared I was very grateful for the gifts because it said we were thought of. A big high five for St Marks.

Dr John was in bed most of the day. I would like to get him to the doctor if things are not better tomorrow. He is a hard person to get to go see a doc.

My daughter and I took a quick trip to Oshgosh to shop. They have an Outlet Mall.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Christmas Tree

The tree was easier to put up. It looks nice, so the humans are happy not so the dog. The tree is small and sitting on a round table. It has a train that goes around it. When the train is on the dog goes and hides. Tonight she took to barking at it.
I just fell asleep at the keyboard so I will call it a night.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Too much Eggnog!

Yesterday my daughter brought home a quart of eggnog. I poured two glasses, and was putting the cap back on when for no good reason the bottled leaped from my not too steady hands and splashed eggnog over my counter, floor, cupboard doors and the toaster. I grabbed paper toweling and wiped the counter and the floor and the doors. It was late so I put off a good cleaning. At breakfast, I told Dr John my hubby that I would have to scrub the floor and why. He had already gone to bed. For breakfast he wanted toast and as I put in the bread I noticed that my toaster was covered with eggnog.
Dr John is on a mission to clean the basement and get rid of things we can't use. He puts things on e-bay and I wrap and pack them. He has been keeping me very busy. The floor has need a cleaning for sometime, but he says it can wait. The eggnog made it have to be done.
I did make a little dent in the garage. It has been used for a workshop and there is no room for a car.
I have been walking the dog early in the morning. The last few days have been very cold so our trips have been shorter. We got a dusting last night of snow. There should be a storm tomorrow and it sounds like most of the country will share that storm. I was hoping that my son could come down and help me with getting Christmas decorations out. So we will see.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
It was a year ago we moved to Neenah. It was a good move. We see the children and the grandchildren more often. I still have butterflies when I drive. I do miss my friends. Being close to the grandkids is so nice. I got to see last year my youngest grandchilds holiday program at school, granddaughters first communion, Iwent with my granddaughter to meet her teachers, she also had a time at school to share a hobby and I got to see that. My son's three boys I would see once or twice a year, they have been here I think once a month.

The granddog has kept me active. I walk her during the week at least once a day. We have the train layout coming along.

I am very thankful for my life.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Train Show

Saturday my son, his boys,mydaughter,Dr John and I went to Trainfest in Milwaukee. My feelings on it ,too big. Dr John got to ride around and to see every thing. That was not true for me. My plan was to go up and down the rows of tables and then cross ways. As I began the walk I found a mill I thought would be nice on the layout. As I began I told Dr John and he didn't see it. I continued up the row and started down and found they[the tables] were not in nice rows. Then I saw Dr John again and he had not found the mill. I continued down the row and Dr John found me and said he found it follow him. I did. He couldn't find it and so up the same row I went and back down. I was about to continue when Dr John told me he found it, and we went over and bought the logging building the mill was sold out. At this point I was tired and wanted to just sit for a moment. There were rest areas but I couldn't find a seat. I was also hungry but the food lines were long. The family was also tired at this point so they found me and said we are going. So I did not get to see most of the show.

We ate at Fuddruckers[ not sure of spelling] and the grandkids were happy. I had a good grilled chicken.

It was nice to see the grandkids. It was too bad that my other two grandchildren and family could not be there but because of the recent illness of my granddaughter I didn't want to exposed her to anything.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lots of Candy left

We didn't have a single trick or treater at our house or did we see any kids moving about. That was scary. We do have kids in our neighborhood, and the house next door was decorated but we didn't see any kids. Our grandchildren came and they were in costume[ pictures on Dr John's blog]. They already had plenty of candy so they didn't eat any.
We went to the Post Office and they had plenty of candy left also. Each clerk had a pumpkin with candy in it. The question is are the children of Neenah going to have better teeth than other children?

I finished plastering the beginning of the mountain of Dr John's layout. I am looking at pictures with mountains in them so I can see colors so I will have a mountain that looks like a mountain. I am not an artist because I can't see it in my mind, but I can copy.

I have left the dog unattended so have to go back to the living room to see if she has found something to tear up. I left her sitting in my chair asleep. My daughter is on call, so I do not know when she will be back.

Oh yesterday we ventured out to Hobby Lobby. I didn't get see all that I wanted, John with his scooter traveled much faster than I did. In that store I could spend a lot of time and money.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Boots

I got a pair of new boots to walk the dog. They are mens but they work.
I have a new problem , mice and dog. This morning after her walk the dog found a nest of mice under my daughters little corner garden. She dug and dug until she got the tiny wiggly body and threw it around. With a great deal of effort I dragged her back into the house and put her in the crate. She was very dirty and my rug is now very dirty from her paws and my boots. I have left the dog in the crate and I will cover in her hole and dispose of the mouse. I know this is not the end to the problem.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Walking the Dog

The cooler fall weather has now come. Nights have been freezing. My problem is walking the dog. I walk the dog at 7:oo AM and the grass is wet. I walk the dog behind my house, in an area between my fence and a farmers field. This area is behind all the houses on this block and it leads to a soccer field at the school at the end of the block. I walk to the soccer field and around it twice and back to my house. My shoes got wet. I found a pair of old boots of my daughter but they have a whole in them, so I again got wet feet. I found my old boots and tried them they also did not keep out the water. I need to find a pair of comfortable boots that keep out water.
Winter is coming and that will bring more problems in walking the dog. I need a high boot that keeps out water and is warm. I will be beginning a search of the stores for this boot. I wonder if I can get the dog to use the tread mill solving the winter walking problem.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sickness Hits.

I went to stay with my grandkids last week. The youngest got a sore throat and and upset stomach, the oldest, trouble breathing. We watched a lot of childrens TV. What to feed the youngest was a problem. We got a kids cheezeburger. He ate half and sat it down and the dog ate it. My grandson said."Thats OK its not chocolate.
I am home dog sitting now and dog wants out , so long for now.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time Goes On

A week has past and not much has happened, in my life. I went to my monthly bible study and we started a new book. Dr John went to get a hearing aid and proved to have a bit of an adventure. There is a back way and a get on the highway way. After a bit of an arguement which I won but lost because I agreed with him but he agreed with me so we started on the back way and I could not find the road to take up north. We took a road which I knew was wrong because it was a highway and the speed limit was 55, I remembered the speed limit was 35 from before, but we came to a crossing road that was just North of the road I wanted and I knew how to get to.
My daughter was almost in a bad accident on her way home. She was driving in the middle lane when a red suv cut in front of her. It lost control and was going side to side out of the lane. My daughter slowed down not sure of what that car was going to do. On her right was a green van. The red car moved into the right lane and hit the green van. The green van spun across the three lanes and turned over and back up then moved back across the three lanes to stop on the side of the highway. There was smoke coming from that van. My daughter had slammed on her brakes as did other traffic. She had pictured in her mind those chain of accidents you see on the news and thought she should get her car which was not hurt at all off the highway. She pulled ahead and to the side and called 911. They asked if anyone was hurt and she said there must be and he said did you see someone hurt and she said no. She felt bad because she didn't think to go back and check on the people just to get out of the way.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Breakfast Somewhere

The other day both Dr John and I had to have blood tests and I had to fast. Dr John also decided to wait to eat breakfast after the test so we could go out to eat. In mind was a place where we could sit and someone would take our order. The Docs office is in a row of eating places all were fast food or they didn't serve breakfast. The ground was broken for Perkins but it is far from being ready yet. We set off down the road but nothing was seen we turned around ready to go to a fast food place when Dr John suggested why not try the Mall. Not in the Mall that has a food court not what we are looking for but there may be something around there. Off we go. I had in mind Old Country Buffet for up North they served breakfast. Drove there and they don't serve breakfast. We sat in the parking lot and looked around. There was Hooters, but they don't serve breakfast. We saw the back side of a bakery. Maybe, sometimes they serve breakfast so we drove to the front and sure enough they served breakfast. We had a very good meal. You can tell how dull a life we have .

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I don't know why but I am having trouble commenting on other blogs. I hit the comment line but no square. I even got to read the comments but could not leave one.

My daughter, son, his friend and myself played canasta until late into this morning. So the morning began slow. We went to Mary's for lunch. It was very good. Then we went to the Mall for the boys to shop for things for the Packer game. Dr John joined them for canasta now. Before the canasta game, a bunk bed we want to sell came up from the basement to the garage, and the pool started to be drained. Burned out lights were changed but Maggie missed going to the dog park. She really likes it there. I like seeing her bound through the fields. We still have half of a fence to paint and a lawn to mow. Sunday our church is having a 50 year celebration.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor done on Labor Day

The week started with my grandchildren and son coming. They helped Dr John build the tables for his train layout. My daughter and I took them to an art studio. We did not guide them well in their selection of material. The youngest picked a castle bank with a lot of detail, and the oldest decided to do a mirror decorated with glass. The middle child picked a tank and there was paint everywere some getting on the tank. They had fun but the two hours we spent were not enough. We are to pick up the finished items this coming Tuesday. The oldest gave me the mirror which will mean it should not get broken in travel. He put a lot of thought into it. I have a place to hang it. I think it should be very pretty.

The weekend held for us a lot of jobs to do , because I was going to have surgery on my other eye on Tuesday and for the rest of the month I would not be of use. We started sealing the deck, which was more work than we thought because I read the directions and they said to sand off the words printed. The deck looked great when we finished. Then came the fence, which had a very worn look to it. We had decided to paint it white. Dr John bought a electric paint spayer. I was afraid of it, I can't get water hoses not to leak, so when my other son came to visit we asked him to set it up. He did and squeezed the handle, first nothing and then the paint came in big globs spaying far and wide. The deck was then speckled in white paint, which quickly dried and was not coming off. My daughter bought an inexpensive paint spayer which leaked, and I used a paint brush and we got the fence on our side of the house done. It looks nice but I had not pain from the eye surgery but pain in my arms and legs.

My eye surgery went fine but there has not past enough time to see how well I will see.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

No dog,Kids, or Husbands

I took a day off, and with my daughter, daughter-in law, and her mother we took a trip to Do0r County, WI. My daughter drove so I didn't even have that concern. We took off on Friday afternoon and stayed at the Landmark Resort in a suite with kitchen. This is a great place to stay. They have a restaurant, The Carrington Pup&Grill, they open at 5:ooPM,we were too hungry to wait ,so we drove toEgg Harbor and ate there. Great food. I had honey BBQ salmon. Next to the restaurant was a little shop of purses which we wandered through. Then back to the resort after picking out food to eat for breakfast at the market. We watched the Packers play . Then played canasta.
Saturday morning we went to the Hands On Art Studio in Fish Creek. Had a relaxing time. I painted a butterfly. Then we traveled to the small communities stopping in the small shops.

There were some problems. No pictures, we had camera but forgot to take them. At the resort the pool was to be open twenty-four hours but when we went it was closed for cleaning which would take 30 minutes, but we could use the hottub. Hot tub was very nice. We also got a call from my son that Maggie[the dog of my daughter left at home] was enjured by my sons dog while they were playing, and my son took her to the vet which gave her eye drops.
I want to thank my son and my granddaughter and grandson for taking care of Dr John and the dog.

Monday, August 20, 2007


It rained last night and lightly misted all day here. We have been praying for rain but you have to be careful for what you pray. The grass was brown and the weeds grew. The green is returning here. I don't know if the rain saved the crops or not. The Western part of WI if flooded.

I put Maggie in her crate and did the little trips that needed to get done this morning and I got two loads of laundry done. In the afternoon I played with Maggie. She wants to play football. When we play fetch she comes back full speed and bumps into you before she gives you what she caught. She caught me just below the knee giving me much pain. I had visions of hospital, but the pain got less and I am still walking.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's a Sunday

Sunday was a quiet day. I went to church. It was a very nice service. A member from the congregation sang a solo .
During the afternoon I managed to put up my collector plates above the cupboards. These are Christmas plates in blue and white and my kitchen is decorated in blue and white. I had them hanging when we lived up North but we don't have enough room for all the plates here. I have three different sets of plates, and even if they are for Christmas blue and white can go in the kitchen. When we first moved in they put the box of plates on my counter and I have slid the box around as I have been preparing meals. The box was to heavy to move off the counter. Putting them up required a ladder and then it was hard to get them up. My counter is now clear.
I still have two sets of plates, Hummels and The Ten Commandments, which I have no idea what to do with them. It seems to be such a shame to leave them in boxes. These boxes are in the basement so they are not in my way.
I watched High School Musical 2 with the sing along, in the evening. I enjoyed it.
Dog sitting Monday. What new adventures await?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Starting New

Hi Everyone!

I have a new spot and the ability to post again. I have missed you all. Much has happened but you can get a summary on Dr John's page.

I did want to tell you about my eye surgery. It is great to be able to see even if it is only in one eye. I can see almost at 20/20. I have worn glasses since I was nine. I was very near sighted, I guess I still am but the lens is implanted. I will have surgery on the 4th of September, on the other eye. It is funny because when I go to bed I try to take off my glasses, which I no longer have.

What have I been doing? I have spent most of my time dog sitting. I have spent more time with Maggie than my husband. Although we have a fenced in yard Maggie wants company. She loves to play. She knows how to get my attention. I don't want her in the flower beds so into the flower beds she goes, and digs. We have the famous pool which needs to be treated but we can't because she wants to get in. She has a small pool of her own which she loves but that doesn't keep her from the bigger one. Yesterday she caught a bird. My daughter (whos dog it is) and I went to the doggie park twice. We thought if we went early there would not be many there, wrong. Maggie loved it. The problem we have is that she doesn't come when called yet, and with the other dogs there it is hard to keep her with us. My house needs a lot of attention but I hate to put her in the crate, thats why I am sitting so she doesn't have to stay in a crate. In the house she gets into trouble, wanting to tear up paper and cloth.
I will close for now.