Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary John. I love you!!!

It is almost the first of September and finally got to my computer. The kids have been using my computer all day. It has not been the same child but some child. Dr john did not mention what happen just before the service. We came over to church in two cars, Pennie, Dr John, myself and my older grandson and granddaughter. My son was to have the rest of his boys with him. They went ahead of our car. We parked in handicap parking in front of the church, my son in the back of the church. We entered the church and stood for a while and talked. We then went to the front of the church, taking up the first two pews. Alex asked,"Where's Elijah?
Pennie said," I will go look. He may be in the restroom."She left. My son asked Alex if Elijah was in the car with us. Alex said no. My son then knew that Elijah was still back at the house. He left the church then to go get Elijah. Elijah was in the computer room and on the computer and didn't know that we had left without him. When Pat got to the house Elijah was just coming out the door. He said he noticed how quiet it was and went out to see where we were. A small Home Alone.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Neenah Parking Lots

Thursday the grandkids and Dr John and I went bridge hunting in Neenah. I am cautious in driving in traffic so I missed the place where I should turn and had to turn around in parking lots. I gave them a tour of many parking lots. One of the parking lots was the hospital. I saw a spot by the water having a parking lot and a bridge. We went in and we got pictures of three bridges. Later I found out we were not to be in there, it was just for workers. I drove on from there and found a park with two bridges for foot travel. we got some more pictures and I drove out around a few blocks and arrived on the other side of the bridges. We found the Doty House which is a landmark.

In the afternoon after Pennie got home we drove to see the Houdini Museum. We were too late so we went to drive Go Karts and play mini golf.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To The Movie

We went to the movie theater with my grandkids to see The Dark Knight. It is rated PG13 it should be R as far as I am concerned. I had to close my eyes several times and I did not leave the theater with a good feeling.

Pictures should be coming on Dr John's blog of our trips with the grandkids.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greenville Memorial Zoo

Dr John and I took our grandkids to the zoo this afternoon. This zoo has many animals a number of endangered ones. I felt sad at the animals in cages, camels, bear, lions and tigers plus more monkeys than the Milwaukee Zoo. There was one white bird there that I read the description about. In the wild it is a social bird and is usually in a flock of 40. It sat in that cage all by itself. The children enjoyed the animals,so I am torn. It is nice for the children to see animals that they would never get to see,but animals that roam to be cooped in such a small unnatural area seems cruel. I like it at Disney where they are able to roam about, but you may not get to see them. Disney of course has more money. I know that the more modern zoos have the animals not in cages.

We did get a chance to eat with my daughter at lunch as she was on her way to an appointment and went by a McDonalds close to the zoo.

I am going to close now because I have grandkids waiting for this computer to play Roller Coaster.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

County Fair

Sunday Dr John. my daughter and I went to the Brown County Fair. It was a nice fair with a number of chickens, sheep,rabbits, cows and horses. We met my son and his son and daughter. Luke loved the animals. We then did not get to just walk quickly through but had to stop and do a careful study. Luke got to pet several rabbits and watched as a owner of a rabbit cleaned out her rabbit's cage. There were a exhibits and a lot of photo entries. My granddaughter is now considering entering next year some photos. It was a very hot day, probably not hot if you live Texas, but it was the hottest day we had all summer. I wanted to go on the tilt-a -whirl with my granddaughter and daughter but could not take anymore heat. We left and went to eat in an air conditioned restaurant.

I have to make a comment on how upset we were over Nastia not getting a gold metal with a tie. They could not protest because the procedure was in place before the games. Gymnastics do not give double medals for a ties.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Mall

I read the article at Yahoo on the couple living in the mall. I like malls because you can park and then shop without worrying about traffic. What I don't like about the mall here is getting to the mall traffic. I also do not like crowds of people ,and the noise from the crowds. The cost of items in the malls are higher. I guess I want my own private mall. When I lived up North we had a small strip mall, which had a clothing shop, a video shop , a gift&printing shop, Fabs restaurant and Subway. Around New Years the church would take the youth to Minneapolis for a youth gathering. We would stay in the hotel connected to the mall. There was no worrying about parking or driving in traffic once we got there and put the cars into hotel parking. That was fun.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Night Fear

I was reading blogs when I saw a question about being afraid of the dark as a child. Until my sister was old enough to sleep in a room together I slept alone. The doll house made of metal that sat on my dresser would rattle. I was sure that someone was in the room. I feared the most, the X's I would see. They came out from the closet. They wouldn't go away. Even if I closed my eyes. They came in different sizes. As I write this I still have fear. I would scream and my parents would come in turning on the lights and try to calm me down. My mother took me to the eye Dr. and he it had some thing to do with my eyes. He wasn't talking to me so I don't know why I saw those X's.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Woman's Gymnastics and VBS

The woman's gymnastics were more exciting and pleasant to watch than the men's, and not because of the metals. All the women we saw did a good job and only small mistakes. There was very close scores. I don't know the gymnastic rules so I wouldn't know when a mistake is made but I know I liked the Russian woman's floor routine.

VBS ended and I took many pictures and video. Now if I didn't move the camera they will be on the St. Mark's web page tomorrow. The children seemed to have a great time. They reviewed at the end, and the children seemed to have learned each lesson.

We did some work on the train layout and we should be able to put plaster down tomorrow.

I have a friend Nila from Crystal Falls who wrote to me and she is confined to her apartment with blood clots. Would you pray for her. She is a lady who has cared for so many people.


I watched into the early morning hoping for a miracle. The miracle didn't come and the USA did not get a metal in the all around. The swimming was more exciting because everyone had a chance. The final comes tonight. Phelps has been doing all that he can for the team and himself. I like our swimming team.

I felt like was in training for the track team this morning. As Maggie and I began our walk a rabbit jumped out in front of us. Maggie wanted that rabbit and with all her strength she was dragging me along. The rabbit was hopping along right in front of us, and until she was out of sight I was being pulled along on the chase. She has a gentle leader leash but I had to use both hands to control her.

Took more pictures of VBS but not enough according to Dr John, and whats with the feet pictures. I have more than I need of feet. I look into the view finder so why do I get feet? Tonights the closing program.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Day Out

I began the day going out to bible study with a red dragon. After lunch, Dr John and I headed to where he got his hearing aid to see why it wasn't working. It needed a better cleaning , and he can now hear again. Then we went to I Hop to eat lunch. Very Good and so was the service.

When I got home I watched the end of a boxing match in the Olympics. The USA boxer didn't know the score and thought he was ahead by a point but he was behind by a point so he didn't do an offence, losing the match and four years of work. I felt bad for him.

We also got some wood cut for the layout with a little trouble from a light socket in the garage that wasn't working. We brought the cord into the house.

Monday, August 11, 2008

VBS and More

VBS started on Sunday with a picnic in the afternoon. Up North VBS was in the morning until noon. In Wis. they have it in the evening. I am doing pictures for the St Marks web site. There were some hard feelings on the part of my daughter. Very early the leaders asked her if she would do puppets which she agreed to do. In the ads they mentioned puppets so she gave it no more thought and cleared her work , she works until 8:ooPM. A card was sent for a meeting of those working at the VBS and she attended the meeting only to find out that she was not doing puppets but registering, and she was needed for only two hours for two days. She was very disappointed. She did what she was asked to do. When they started planning there was just our church and then they joined with another. The pastor of the other church does puppets and he and his wife were just called so my daughter was forgotten. The VBS has about 60 students. There are pictures on the St Mark's web page, which you can get to by Dr John's blog.

I enjoyed the opening of the Olympics but I did think about the fact that the farmers can't use water for their rice crops because it is needed at the Olympics. The relay swimming was exciting last night, with a last reach to give the USA a gold.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Plant Closing

At the same time as everyone was focused on Farve a plant closed, close to Green Bay, putting 500 people out of work. The company would not sell the plant to another paper company, because it was reported that would help the competition. The company said that the workers will just have to look for other jobs. Not to much more was reported that I saw. There were some political people , the workers asked for help and they said not much could be done. I am more upset over these people loosing their jobs than I am over Farve going to the Jets and not playing for the Packers. Some of them worked longer or as long as Farve and they did not choose to quit. Prayers are needed for these families.

Today I started to clean my very dirty carpet. I also got my hair cut.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are They Still Safe?

A horrible thing happened in the Iron Mountain area. Three teens were killed and another wounded by a sniper as they were swimming. This was a safe place to live. People leave the city to come up North to be safe. The shock of the incident made everyone feel insecure.The man believed to be the shooter h as been caught and brought to court, but there is still a fear that was not there before. I have had two shootings on either side of my former home up North. One was a man who had escaped from State Prison who shot a man sitting on the porch of his house . The man was shot in the head but he did not die. The other was a woman who was killed by a man on the steps of the county police station. The police station is across the street from my house. The county police station was remodeled and they no longer used that door and they did not hear her cries for help. In both cases I or my family could have been in danger. There were two grocery stores near my home and we sent my boys to the one away from were the the shooting took place of the man on the porch. I was at the church putting on make up to be a clown for the bible camp. When I left the church my house was marked off with crime scene tape. As I drove to the bible camp I turned on the radio and they reported what had taken place. These shootings took place with a distance of time so we remained feeling safe. I feel this area is a safer area to live in, but I am sure that the families who children were killed or hurt will never feel safe again.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I have been thinking about items people collect. I commented on the mans Star Wars collection. My mother collected three things, cups and saucers, salt and peppers Shakers, and stuffed bears. We gave her Christmas plates. As a child she wanted a teddy bear and she couldn't have one , so when she could she collected them. Some she got as gifts, some from rummage sales and a friend of hers made them and she bought from her and the friend gave her some. The cups and saucers and salt and pepper shakers she bought when we would go on trips. She had some very cute salt and pepper Shakers, such as a squirrel and a nut.

My mother-in law collected stuff bears also, think about the bears I have inherited. We also gave her Christmas Hummel Plates. My sister -in -law gave us a collection of Ten Commandment plates. I have the beginnings of a collection of snow globes and angels. There is of course the trains, which Dr John gave up, but not all. I have also the collection of the houses on the train layout.

In our house up North, the houses and trains were outside in a garden or in the garage during the winter. The plates we hung in the dining room, kitchen and hallway. We now have very little room to display anything. Oh I forgot the dragons.

The above is the reason for our working at selling on E-Bay. Emotionally it is so hard to let things go.