Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To The Movie

We went to the movie theater with my grandkids to see The Dark Knight. It is rated PG13 it should be R as far as I am concerned. I had to close my eyes several times and I did not leave the theater with a good feeling.

Pictures should be coming on Dr John's blog of our trips with the grandkids.


Melli said...

I had a feeling... It's so discouraging when they SAY a movie is FOR kids, but then it's not. I'm sorry... *sigh*

quilly said...

I find I am able to watch less and less these days. The violence is appalling.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, Betty --

I would like to suggest that you use Internet Movie Database when you are choosing a movie for you and the grandkids. It usually has a parents' advisory section which spells out, sometimes in graphic detail, what you will see. So even if you choose to go, at least you've been warned and can prepare. Keep it in your favorites for future reference.


P.S. Bob & I are going to California on vacation Sept. 1-10.

Lori's Minute said...

I will not see that movie because I cannot stand the way the Joker looks on the commercials.

I feel the same way about animals in cages...but perhaps they would die if they were out in the wild. THey should get a mate for the bird.