Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time Goes On

A week has past and not much has happened, in my life. I went to my monthly bible study and we started a new book. Dr John went to get a hearing aid and proved to have a bit of an adventure. There is a back way and a get on the highway way. After a bit of an arguement which I won but lost because I agreed with him but he agreed with me so we started on the back way and I could not find the road to take up north. We took a road which I knew was wrong because it was a highway and the speed limit was 55, I remembered the speed limit was 35 from before, but we came to a crossing road that was just North of the road I wanted and I knew how to get to.
My daughter was almost in a bad accident on her way home. She was driving in the middle lane when a red suv cut in front of her. It lost control and was going side to side out of the lane. My daughter slowed down not sure of what that car was going to do. On her right was a green van. The red car moved into the right lane and hit the green van. The green van spun across the three lanes and turned over and back up then moved back across the three lanes to stop on the side of the highway. There was smoke coming from that van. My daughter had slammed on her brakes as did other traffic. She had pictured in her mind those chain of accidents you see on the news and thought she should get her car which was not hurt at all off the highway. She pulled ahead and to the side and called 911. They asked if anyone was hurt and she said there must be and he said did you see someone hurt and she said no. She felt bad because she didn't think to go back and check on the people just to get out of the way.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Breakfast Somewhere

The other day both Dr John and I had to have blood tests and I had to fast. Dr John also decided to wait to eat breakfast after the test so we could go out to eat. In mind was a place where we could sit and someone would take our order. The Docs office is in a row of eating places all were fast food or they didn't serve breakfast. The ground was broken for Perkins but it is far from being ready yet. We set off down the road but nothing was seen we turned around ready to go to a fast food place when Dr John suggested why not try the Mall. Not in the Mall that has a food court not what we are looking for but there may be something around there. Off we go. I had in mind Old Country Buffet for up North they served breakfast. Drove there and they don't serve breakfast. We sat in the parking lot and looked around. There was Hooters, but they don't serve breakfast. We saw the back side of a bakery. Maybe, sometimes they serve breakfast so we drove to the front and sure enough they served breakfast. We had a very good meal. You can tell how dull a life we have .

Saturday, September 8, 2007


I don't know why but I am having trouble commenting on other blogs. I hit the comment line but no square. I even got to read the comments but could not leave one.

My daughter, son, his friend and myself played canasta until late into this morning. So the morning began slow. We went to Mary's for lunch. It was very good. Then we went to the Mall for the boys to shop for things for the Packer game. Dr John joined them for canasta now. Before the canasta game, a bunk bed we want to sell came up from the basement to the garage, and the pool started to be drained. Burned out lights were changed but Maggie missed going to the dog park. She really likes it there. I like seeing her bound through the fields. We still have half of a fence to paint and a lawn to mow. Sunday our church is having a 50 year celebration.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor done on Labor Day

The week started with my grandchildren and son coming. They helped Dr John build the tables for his train layout. My daughter and I took them to an art studio. We did not guide them well in their selection of material. The youngest picked a castle bank with a lot of detail, and the oldest decided to do a mirror decorated with glass. The middle child picked a tank and there was paint everywere some getting on the tank. They had fun but the two hours we spent were not enough. We are to pick up the finished items this coming Tuesday. The oldest gave me the mirror which will mean it should not get broken in travel. He put a lot of thought into it. I have a place to hang it. I think it should be very pretty.

The weekend held for us a lot of jobs to do , because I was going to have surgery on my other eye on Tuesday and for the rest of the month I would not be of use. We started sealing the deck, which was more work than we thought because I read the directions and they said to sand off the words printed. The deck looked great when we finished. Then came the fence, which had a very worn look to it. We had decided to paint it white. Dr John bought a electric paint spayer. I was afraid of it, I can't get water hoses not to leak, so when my other son came to visit we asked him to set it up. He did and squeezed the handle, first nothing and then the paint came in big globs spaying far and wide. The deck was then speckled in white paint, which quickly dried and was not coming off. My daughter bought an inexpensive paint spayer which leaked, and I used a paint brush and we got the fence on our side of the house done. It looks nice but I had not pain from the eye surgery but pain in my arms and legs.

My eye surgery went fine but there has not past enough time to see how well I will see.