Monday, August 11, 2008

VBS and More

VBS started on Sunday with a picnic in the afternoon. Up North VBS was in the morning until noon. In Wis. they have it in the evening. I am doing pictures for the St Marks web site. There were some hard feelings on the part of my daughter. Very early the leaders asked her if she would do puppets which she agreed to do. In the ads they mentioned puppets so she gave it no more thought and cleared her work , she works until 8:ooPM. A card was sent for a meeting of those working at the VBS and she attended the meeting only to find out that she was not doing puppets but registering, and she was needed for only two hours for two days. She was very disappointed. She did what she was asked to do. When they started planning there was just our church and then they joined with another. The pastor of the other church does puppets and he and his wife were just called so my daughter was forgotten. The VBS has about 60 students. There are pictures on the St Mark's web page, which you can get to by Dr John's blog.

I enjoyed the opening of the Olympics but I did think about the fact that the farmers can't use water for their rice crops because it is needed at the Olympics. The relay swimming was exciting last night, with a last reach to give the USA a gold.


quilly said...

It is little thoughtless things like what was done to Penny that can harm people's faith. I am sorry for how she was treated and happy to know that her faith is strong enough she won't blame it on God.

Right now there is a bit of bickering and contention going on in our church. OC's faith is fragile (it wars with his science background which stresses that he should not believe). OC resigned as choir director and made way for someone who wished his job; and this Sunday, thanks to two attacks by one bitter man, OC resigned from the church.

He says God can't possibly be there if the people are going to act like that. I asked him to explain how his behavior was better than theirs. He said he couldn't, and it wasn't and that's why he wanted out. He's given up on anything healthy ever coming of that crew.

You know, I am glad I wrote this. It seems it isn't so much OC's faith in God that was shaken, as his faith in a handful of people. Even so, he's hurting right now and apparently we are in search of a new church home.

Melli said...

Ohhhhh... I am sorry about the Puppet thing... it might not have been so bad to let the other Pastor keep the job if they had just been thoughtful enough to let Penny know. I've always thought that it's a shame to have the Church all filled up with Human sinners! As Quilly points out up there, it often times gets in the way of our MISSION! I sure do hope the rest of VBS goes smoothly!

I can't believe that about the farmers and the water.... what IS the world coming to when the OLYMPICS is more important than a man's livelyhood??? It's nuts. I keep "meaning to" watch the Olympics... but haven't gotten around to it yet.... *sigh*

Jill said...

Tell your daughter to hold her head up high and move on. It is a shame about her and the puppets. Too many times "politics" creeps into church activities.