Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are They Still Safe?

A horrible thing happened in the Iron Mountain area. Three teens were killed and another wounded by a sniper as they were swimming. This was a safe place to live. People leave the city to come up North to be safe. The shock of the incident made everyone feel insecure.The man believed to be the shooter h as been caught and brought to court, but there is still a fear that was not there before. I have had two shootings on either side of my former home up North. One was a man who had escaped from State Prison who shot a man sitting on the porch of his house . The man was shot in the head but he did not die. The other was a woman who was killed by a man on the steps of the county police station. The police station is across the street from my house. The county police station was remodeled and they no longer used that door and they did not hear her cries for help. In both cases I or my family could have been in danger. There were two grocery stores near my home and we sent my boys to the one away from were the the shooting took place of the man on the porch. I was at the church putting on make up to be a clown for the bible camp. When I left the church my house was marked off with crime scene tape. As I drove to the bible camp I turned on the radio and they reported what had taken place. These shootings took place with a distance of time so we remained feeling safe. I feel this area is a safer area to live in, but I am sure that the families who children were killed or hurt will never feel safe again.


quilly said...

Noone is safe anywhere. The world is full of crazy people. Often my heart aches and I ask God to send Jesus now. Still, I know much worse will come first. All I can do is trust that God really is in charge.

Margaret said...

That was very shocking to read about earlier this week. I can't imagine what made this young man do this other than him living an idle life. Living with his mother and trying to hang out with younger kids. If he'd a been working, going to college... even meeting new friends his age at the library and church. This would have never happened.

It's terrible, but Quilly is right. God is in charge and I'm so secure in knowing that I'm His child.

The Old Fart said...

Like Quilly says Betty, No place is safe anymore, look at the poor young fellow who was killed on the Greyhound bus in Manitoba. That is still making news here in Canada.

We must put our trust in God Betty and Pray for the safety of our family and friends.

Blessings to you and Dr John.

Melli said...

True that nowhere is safe ... but really it never was. There have always been loonies in the world, and they could always show up ANYWHERE at ANY time. The difference is the media letting us know about it EVERY time it happens now. The world becomes smaller and smaller. What used to only travel by word of mouth is now broadcast on television, the radio, the internet and the newspaper! Proof is in the pudding -- I don't listen to the news anymore - nor do I read the paper -- but because I DO read blogs, I have just learned about several murders that I otherwise would not have known happened. We are a much smaller world than we once were. I don't think the world is any more dangerous... I just think we are more knowledgeable about the variety of lunatics living in it! I do know that you can't live your life in FEAR. It's not what God wants. How many times does Jesus say "Do not be afraid" in the bible? Trust in Him.

Jill said...

Seems like there is no place safe from crime these days. Doesn't matter if it is a city or little town or way out in the country. Take care.