Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Boots

I got a pair of new boots to walk the dog. They are mens but they work.
I have a new problem , mice and dog. This morning after her walk the dog found a nest of mice under my daughters little corner garden. She dug and dug until she got the tiny wiggly body and threw it around. With a great deal of effort I dragged her back into the house and put her in the crate. She was very dirty and my rug is now very dirty from her paws and my boots. I have left the dog in the crate and I will cover in her hole and dispose of the mouse. I know this is not the end to the problem.


Lori's Minute said...

Do you ever get a days rest? I am glad you got some boots.

Jill said...

Oh my! Years ago when I was pregnant with my first child we discovered a next in a closet. Yuck! Now the next neighbor's cat hunts for rodents and leaves them in the parking lot for all to see.

Margaret said...

Squeeeek - it must had been an exciting day for Miss Maggie. A new, real, live squeaky toy. =O)