Friday, November 30, 2007

Too much Eggnog!

Yesterday my daughter brought home a quart of eggnog. I poured two glasses, and was putting the cap back on when for no good reason the bottled leaped from my not too steady hands and splashed eggnog over my counter, floor, cupboard doors and the toaster. I grabbed paper toweling and wiped the counter and the floor and the doors. It was late so I put off a good cleaning. At breakfast, I told Dr John my hubby that I would have to scrub the floor and why. He had already gone to bed. For breakfast he wanted toast and as I put in the bread I noticed that my toaster was covered with eggnog.
Dr John is on a mission to clean the basement and get rid of things we can't use. He puts things on e-bay and I wrap and pack them. He has been keeping me very busy. The floor has need a cleaning for sometime, but he says it can wait. The eggnog made it have to be done.
I did make a little dent in the garage. It has been used for a workshop and there is no room for a car.
I have been walking the dog early in the morning. The last few days have been very cold so our trips have been shorter. We got a dusting last night of snow. There should be a storm tomorrow and it sounds like most of the country will share that storm. I was hoping that my son could come down and help me with getting Christmas decorations out. So we will see.


Jill said...

When you get through with the garage you can help us.LOL! My husband cant seem to part with anything or make any decisions about anything lately. I do feel your pain about the spill. I have decided to never again buy a box of wine for the reason that it seemed to spill all over the counter and floor. Never could get it to work right. Of course my dog Daisy loved to lick up the mess.

Nessa said...

The clearing out never ends.

We'll get some snow tomorrow.

Margaret said...

Oh no, Egg Nog spills - certainly not the same as spilt milk. Next time call Maggie in to help with the spills. =O)

Dr. John told me about your Dependable Mountain. I bet that came out pretty good. Hehehehe.

Nea said...

Sounds like you have been keeping busy, but then don't we always. Especially at holidays. There is nothing like a milky spill to make one clean the floor, because it makes you stick down. My son Nick every so often will spill a glass of milk, and I always hate it......everytime he gets a glass now, I yell, be careful and don't spill it, I don't feel like mopping tonight. haha

I would love to see some snow......