Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor done on Labor Day

The week started with my grandchildren and son coming. They helped Dr John build the tables for his train layout. My daughter and I took them to an art studio. We did not guide them well in their selection of material. The youngest picked a castle bank with a lot of detail, and the oldest decided to do a mirror decorated with glass. The middle child picked a tank and there was paint everywere some getting on the tank. They had fun but the two hours we spent were not enough. We are to pick up the finished items this coming Tuesday. The oldest gave me the mirror which will mean it should not get broken in travel. He put a lot of thought into it. I have a place to hang it. I think it should be very pretty.

The weekend held for us a lot of jobs to do , because I was going to have surgery on my other eye on Tuesday and for the rest of the month I would not be of use. We started sealing the deck, which was more work than we thought because I read the directions and they said to sand off the words printed. The deck looked great when we finished. Then came the fence, which had a very worn look to it. We had decided to paint it white. Dr John bought a electric paint spayer. I was afraid of it, I can't get water hoses not to leak, so when my other son came to visit we asked him to set it up. He did and squeezed the handle, first nothing and then the paint came in big globs spaying far and wide. The deck was then speckled in white paint, which quickly dried and was not coming off. My daughter bought an inexpensive paint spayer which leaked, and I used a paint brush and we got the fence on our side of the house done. It looks nice but I had not pain from the eye surgery but pain in my arms and legs.

My eye surgery went fine but there has not past enough time to see how well I will see.


Margaret said...

Hi Betty!

My Grandparents, now both 90/91 both had eye surgeries over the last two years. Now they're off honeymoonin' like two young spring chickens.

Ugh, the paint sprayer disaster. I'll have to take a photo of our neighbors house and post it sometime. It's terrible. I think because it splattered over the white/trim, porch, etc. He decided to just paint it ALL vs. cleaning the splatters up.

Take Care.

Louisiana said...

i am glad to know that you and the kids have so much love and fun. the children will treasure these times with you all their lives, i know for i have done so myself.

i'm glad your eye surgery went well. i know it takes a few wks for you to see the final results but i also know that you will be seeing with great vision. i hope there has been no pain.

thank you for blogging again. i love you and Dr. JOhn's makes me feel so close to you, like i'm part of the clan ;).

the kids and i send you many hugs, best wishes for a speedy recovery and our love.

we will keep you and your eyes in our prayers.


Jill said...

So this is where you've been hiding. That painting will get you every time. Been there! Glad your surgery went ok. Take care!

The Old Fart said...

Hi Betty

I am glad you had a good Long Weekend and that your Surgery went fine. If you get a chance stop by my blog, you will see a quick movie I made of my Sister Edie's puppy Winnie and our trip today to St Jacobs by way of a Vintage Train. I am sure Dr John will be wanting you and him to make a trip to Southern Ontario to ride the train.

A Blessed Week is wished for you and Dr John.

Anonymous said...

Well here you are! I have been wondering about you! I am glad the eye surgery went okay and I pray it helps you see better!