Saturday, August 18, 2007

Starting New

Hi Everyone!

I have a new spot and the ability to post again. I have missed you all. Much has happened but you can get a summary on Dr John's page.

I did want to tell you about my eye surgery. It is great to be able to see even if it is only in one eye. I can see almost at 20/20. I have worn glasses since I was nine. I was very near sighted, I guess I still am but the lens is implanted. I will have surgery on the 4th of September, on the other eye. It is funny because when I go to bed I try to take off my glasses, which I no longer have.

What have I been doing? I have spent most of my time dog sitting. I have spent more time with Maggie than my husband. Although we have a fenced in yard Maggie wants company. She loves to play. She knows how to get my attention. I don't want her in the flower beds so into the flower beds she goes, and digs. We have the famous pool which needs to be treated but we can't because she wants to get in. She has a small pool of her own which she loves but that doesn't keep her from the bigger one. Yesterday she caught a bird. My daughter (whos dog it is) and I went to the doggie park twice. We thought if we went early there would not be many there, wrong. Maggie loved it. The problem we have is that she doesn't come when called yet, and with the other dogs there it is hard to keep her with us. My house needs a lot of attention but I hate to put her in the crate, thats why I am sitting so she doesn't have to stay in a crate. In the house she gets into trouble, wanting to tear up paper and cloth.
I will close for now.


Josie said...

Betty... Hi! It was so nice to see you again. Thanks for the update on the pool. I chuckled when I saw Dr. John's posts about it.

Maggie sounds wonderful. I had a little scotty dog named Maggie, and she was indeed a member of our family.

Take care,


Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

Hi Betty.
Welcome back.

I had eye surgery also some years ago and I still try to take off my glasses or contact lenses, which are no longer there or needed.

Praying all goes well for you.