Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today the doorbell rang. The only people who come and have rung our doorbell ,were children wanting us to come and watch them ride their bikes in a contest, and somekind of mailperson. I expected a mailperson. It was not. It was a woman from St. Marks, our new church. She handed me a bag. The bag had cookies and a beautiful hand made blanket. I would have liked to invited her in but my house was a mess, from the dog and me wrapping presents. The dog wasn't wrapping but had taken every toy and bone out and some torn up tissue layed on the floor. I was dressed in my clothes to go and work on the train layout and I had not even combed my hair. She said she was asked to bring the bag over and drop it off. Even if I was not prepared I was very grateful for the gifts because it said we were thought of. A big high five for St Marks.

Dr John was in bed most of the day. I would like to get him to the doctor if things are not better tomorrow. He is a hard person to get to go see a doc.

My daughter and I took a quick trip to Oshgosh to shop. They have an Outlet Mall.


Jill said...

What a sweet gift. How nice of people to think of you. Keep an eye on Dr John for us. Hope he gets better soon.

Lori's Minute said...

That is cool they brought you those gifts. I know how you feel about not inviting people in because of the way the house is....I go through that every single day!!!!!

He is VERY difficult to take to the would think he would want to get better faster! Hmmmm....I will have Pete call to check in Sat. If you want him to help you get JOhn to the doctor, he will do it!!! All you have to do is ask!

maria said...

What a thoughtful gift from your church!

Happy Christmas!


Margaret said...

I hope Dr. John is getting to feeling better. He didn't eat another ham and jam sammich did he?