Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lots of Candy left

We didn't have a single trick or treater at our house or did we see any kids moving about. That was scary. We do have kids in our neighborhood, and the house next door was decorated but we didn't see any kids. Our grandchildren came and they were in costume[ pictures on Dr John's blog]. They already had plenty of candy so they didn't eat any.
We went to the Post Office and they had plenty of candy left also. Each clerk had a pumpkin with candy in it. The question is are the children of Neenah going to have better teeth than other children?

I finished plastering the beginning of the mountain of Dr John's layout. I am looking at pictures with mountains in them so I can see colors so I will have a mountain that looks like a mountain. I am not an artist because I can't see it in my mind, but I can copy.

I have left the dog unattended so have to go back to the living room to see if she has found something to tear up. I left her sitting in my chair asleep. My daughter is on call, so I do not know when she will be back.

Oh yesterday we ventured out to Hobby Lobby. I didn't get see all that I wanted, John with his scooter traveled much faster than I did. In that store I could spend a lot of time and money.


Jill said...

We didn't have any kids either. Of course I think a lot of our neighbors did not even bother. As for the candy- my husband has been on a sweets kick for the last several weeks. Right now I am growing tired of candy...

Josie said...

I have read on so many blogs that people didn't have any kids. Where my daughter lives, they had so many kids, they ran out of candy.

Bizarre, isn't it?

Margaret said...

Since we went Trick or Treating, we didn't get any here either - but I did leave out a bowl of candy on the porch.

The kids were honest, even the big kids. That makes me happy. =O)

Louisiana said...

i can just imagine how fast Dr. John is on that scooter. when i had to use the walmart scooters i had trouble turning in the tight clothe aisle and so i always ended up bumping into things and all sorts of fun trouble, lol..

it is so nice that you and Dr. John work so wonderfully together.

we actually had some kids at our door this year. not last year though, at all..maybe it was the weather for it was quite nice for this time of year.

i hope your doggy is behaving himself, he sounds absolutely adorable even when he is naughty.

i hope your eyes are good Betty. i hope they healed well.

thank you for all your kindness and caring not just for me and the kids but for so many you share your heart with all over.


Lori's Minute said...

I don't think I am an artist and I always copy, too, so I know how you feel. I am not a true artist until I do something on my own!!!! Someday.....

When we were in Colorado, the mountains looked either like giant sandpiles with a bush here and there, or they were covered in pine trees.