Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Christmas Tree

The tree was easier to put up. It looks nice, so the humans are happy not so the dog. The tree is small and sitting on a round table. It has a train that goes around it. When the train is on the dog goes and hides. Tonight she took to barking at it.
I just fell asleep at the keyboard so I will call it a night.


Jill said...

Animals are funny about things. I had a tree with a train running under it one year. My dog tried to chase it or take off with it. I ended up only turning on the train when she was out of the area.

Margaret said...

The tree is so cute. We still have a small one, not much bigger but to our 5 year old - it's the pertiest tree in the world.

I need a train, maybe then we can keep the kitten out of the tree and the dog from walking underneath it wagging her tail and sending balls and ornaments all over the place.

Mimi said...

My Cubby Bear barked for hours at a 2ft Santa I got.

Hope you got some rest:)

Nea said...

haha, that is funny Betty, but I have done that also, fallen asleep while typing and about fell off of my chair. I saw your tree on Dr. John's site, I was watching the train and the tree at the same time, and about fell off of my chair, but I do think it looks nice. Well at least the dog isn't trying to eat it, haha.