Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time Goes On

A week has past and not much has happened, in my life. I went to my monthly bible study and we started a new book. Dr John went to get a hearing aid and proved to have a bit of an adventure. There is a back way and a get on the highway way. After a bit of an arguement which I won but lost because I agreed with him but he agreed with me so we started on the back way and I could not find the road to take up north. We took a road which I knew was wrong because it was a highway and the speed limit was 55, I remembered the speed limit was 35 from before, but we came to a crossing road that was just North of the road I wanted and I knew how to get to.
My daughter was almost in a bad accident on her way home. She was driving in the middle lane when a red suv cut in front of her. It lost control and was going side to side out of the lane. My daughter slowed down not sure of what that car was going to do. On her right was a green van. The red car moved into the right lane and hit the green van. The green van spun across the three lanes and turned over and back up then moved back across the three lanes to stop on the side of the highway. There was smoke coming from that van. My daughter had slammed on her brakes as did other traffic. She had pictured in her mind those chain of accidents you see on the news and thought she should get her car which was not hurt at all off the highway. She pulled ahead and to the side and called 911. They asked if anyone was hurt and she said there must be and he said did you see someone hurt and she said no. She felt bad because she didn't think to go back and check on the people just to get out of the way.


Margaret said...

In hindsight it is hard to know if you are doing the right thing or not after such a close call. Accidents like this leave you so shaken up, even close calls. I'm glad the Lord was with your daughter and kept her safe. =O)

Moving to a new place takes about a year or two to get to know the roads and how to get around. There are still places in Savannah that I'm not comfortable driving to now after 10 years.

Try this: type in the address on Google Maps. Type in your address too. They will give you a map and directions.

But it's fun to look at in your spare time. On the top of the map on the top right hand side are three tabs. "Map" "Satellite" and "Hybrid".

Click Hybrid and you can see trees and even the top of your house and swimming pool. You'll also see the street names and you can drive around from your house with your mouse.

This way you'll be a pro when it comes to driving around town. And you won't have to get on the highway or actually get in your car to do it. Just drive around the google map and find your way home and around.

This way, if you get lost - All you have to do is refresh your webpage and it will bring you right back home. =O)

Lori's Minute said...

I know how she feels...once Pete and I saw a dog get hit by a car and there were two other cars who stopped to help so we went on but I felt guilty about it.

We also argue about directions but now we let the GPS do the talking and blame it if we get lost.

Hearing aids are a pain but a necessity...I still have to get one in to get it repaired but costs over $200 so I keep putting it off.

Mimi said...

She called 911 and that is the most important thing. Lots of times your not supposed to touch anyone who is hurt anyway. And seeing them would have made that harder. So she did what was best probably. I am glad she was okay.

Jill said...

Oh my.That whole thing is scary. Good thing she is ok. That stuff happens around here way too often here in Houston.

Johnny said...

You made me remember my first driving experience.
My instructor did not tell me anything, even "beware of Volvo drivers, cause they think they road owners".
But I think that we have to avoid vans, cause every van man thinks that he is a king of a road, and he really does whatever he wants, and this is a problem, especially for beginners.
In sum at my first lesson I was hit by a white van man. very pity.
I hope you did not come to harm.