Saturday, August 25, 2007

No dog,Kids, or Husbands

I took a day off, and with my daughter, daughter-in law, and her mother we took a trip to Do0r County, WI. My daughter drove so I didn't even have that concern. We took off on Friday afternoon and stayed at the Landmark Resort in a suite with kitchen. This is a great place to stay. They have a restaurant, The Carrington Pup&Grill, they open at 5:ooPM,we were too hungry to wait ,so we drove toEgg Harbor and ate there. Great food. I had honey BBQ salmon. Next to the restaurant was a little shop of purses which we wandered through. Then back to the resort after picking out food to eat for breakfast at the market. We watched the Packers play . Then played canasta.
Saturday morning we went to the Hands On Art Studio in Fish Creek. Had a relaxing time. I painted a butterfly. Then we traveled to the small communities stopping in the small shops.

There were some problems. No pictures, we had camera but forgot to take them. At the resort the pool was to be open twenty-four hours but when we went it was closed for cleaning which would take 30 minutes, but we could use the hottub. Hot tub was very nice. We also got a call from my son that Maggie[the dog of my daughter left at home] was enjured by my sons dog while they were playing, and my son took her to the vet which gave her eye drops.
I want to thank my son and my granddaughter and grandson for taking care of Dr John and the dog.

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Louisiana said...

how wonderful that you had a girls day out and had fun even with some of those not perfect incidents like the camera..i sure know what that is like.

i'm glad for you gals for it sounds like you had fun and besides you spent the day with some fine ladies and they did too.

how nice for Dr. John to have been in great hands while you were away, i'm sure he had a great day in their company. sorry about the dod, i sure hope he is alright. poor thing.

i hear you are having surgery tomorrow. i hope you are alright. we shall be praying and sending you much love and happy, healthy thoughts. pls know how much you are cared and loved.

and...Happy Anniversarry to you, Happy Anniversarry to you and Dr. John, Happy Anniversarry to youuuuu, Happy Anniversarry to you...

Belated, i'm sorry but surely sincerely meant.

take care, God's Blessings and much love. xo