Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sandy and her new friend Ellen stood looking out the window of the resort and trying to find the source of the noise of the fracas that had interrupted their conversation.

"I want to see what is going on out there,"said Sandy hastily walking towards the door.
They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the penguin and miniature elephant fighting over a very old coin. Ellen looked at Sandy shrugging her shoulders,and making the sign of crazy by circling her finger by her head.
"Not so crazy if you can see the stupid penguin as well and what's with the elephant?" Sandy said sounding offended.

"Your not crazy. The numismatics are crazy.I didn't even know that elephant liked coins."

"Do you think that others see a penguin and miniature elephant fighting over a coin or just us?"asked Sandy.

" I didn't even see the elephant until that Mully or Molly or Melli person put this gypsy curse on me because she didn't like the paint I suggested she use for her kitchen. Now I see it everywhere." exclaimed Ellen.

The coin slipped out of the hand or flipper of the penguin and went sailing towards Sandy , who reached out and caught it. " I'm keeping this until the two of you learn to get along with each other which according to my most perspicacious judgment may very well be a long time"

Sandy followed by Ellen went down the path out into the woods.They should never have come in that stupid old bus as it broke down right at the summer cottage leaving them stranded with penguin and elephant. Sandy heard a snap and a scream. There was the poor little elephant stuck in a bear trap. "oh no, You stupid elephant we have to get you out of this trap," said Sandy as she tried to free the elephant, and succeeding found the coin missing. " Okay! who has the stupid coin . You have to give it back you know."Sandy noticed a silly grin on her pesky penguin, as he scurried toward the resort leaving the ladies and the elephant standing in the dust.

Because the penguin was looking back to watch Sandy's reaction it didn't see the resort worker carrying the bucket of vegetables . The penguin hit the worker head on, and vegetables flew in all directions. You know what would go good right now ?" Sandy said to Ellen, " Penguin and Elephant stew."

"I think your right, and I can get this coin appraised," said Ellen as she proudly held up the coin. All we need now are two more bear traps.


Melli said...

Hmmmmm... I just read this SAME story somewhere else! You two do great together! I DO know how frustrating it can be though ... since I did the one with Krysti! I'm thinking Penguin stew would be lovely! I don't think I'd mix it with Elephant though!

Nessa said...

So silly. Very fun story. You can never trust a penguin or an elephant.

quilly said...

Bravo! Bravo! You two make such a great team. (That probably explains the success of your marriage.) I loved the ending of this story -- though I do hope that elephant they're stewing isn't Ella or any of her relatives!

Jeni said...

Ah ha! You must be the other half at Dr. John's household! I figured that out all by myself when I checked your profile and saw where you live in Wisconsin. I don't believe I've ever had a "husband/wife" doublt-team me in my comments before. Pretty neat, huh?
Just wanted to thank you too for visiting and here's hoping you stop by again -and again, etc!

BJ Roan said...

So you are the Betty, or other half of Dr. John's offering. I liked it!

Alice said...

Noooooo, not elephant and penguin stew!!! Just roast them over the fire, haha.