Saturday, February 21, 2009

Raven's Challenge 51

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: spring fever, coyote, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, birds of a feather, broken camera, artificial flavoring, cane, garage, ask and it is given, gay

Mini Challenge: glorious, sugar and spice, premature baldness, gargoyles, campaign trail

Mark, the shape-shifting alien, looked at the diverse group before him. In the very back of the group were children with spring fever. Playing games with little curiosity for what was going on. Next were reporters jostling for position, the results were for one reporter a broken camera. Then there were the armed forces with ready firepower. Last were his father and Dr Peterson. He felt like a coyote in a trap. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid were often in this position and managed to become free. Could he do the same?
What were his options? He could with his firepower kill them all, but that for him was not an option. He could he thought, as he watched the flying red horse and flying pigs go by, transform himself into some kind of flying creature, after all ,birds of a feather flock together. Then that brought up the question could he fly fast enough to avoid the sharp shooters in the armed forces?
He again surveyed the scene before him knowing he had to make a decision soon. In the back of the crowd was a small lad coming out of a garage caring a tray of drinks containing artificial flavoring, and cane sugar, and water. The lad was happy and gay as he past out the drinks,
saying "Ask and it is given." He now he saw the solution. His being a shape-shifter was of more value than his power to destroy. Everything had to have perfect timing. He transformed himself into the liquid in one of the drinks. To those waiting to capture him he was just gone in a blink of an eye. He then caused ,by rocking ,the glass to spill. He then transformed into a fly and flew away. His final transformation was into his true self, a blue glowing crystal, after he was far away from the planet to be seen.

Mini Challenge:

Alfred Flink was a politician He was handsome young man with a winning smile. He did have some premature baldness but that was a plus for it gave an allusion of maturity. Sandy Shore became one of the many workers in his campaign. She enjoyed working and it seemed a glorious time.
On the campaign trail Alfred was all sugar and spice. He wooed the people, with his
smile and seemingly concern for their problems.
Sandy had a shock, when she saw her hero not campaigning. He was rude and mean to those that were working for him. He degraded the people he was trying to win behind their backs.
She was then not sure of her course of action. She no longer wanted this man in office.
The walk leading up to the entrance of the latest hall where Alfred was to speak was lined with gargoyles. Sandy thought that with all her experience with the penguin , one of these gargoyles had come to life and it was Alfred. She really disliked that man, and she was not alone from the rumblings of other workers. They even talked about Alfred doing illegal activities.
The hall was packed. She was very busy escorting dignitaries to their seats. She did not see any one tampering with the sound system, but someone did. Alfred was introduced and he walked to the podium and began his speech. He would make a statement, and following each statement came another voice seeming to interpret his statement with his true thoughts. He tried to talk faster to over ride the other voice. He failed and soon he was booed. The friendly crowd became hostile. Looking at the podium Sandy saw the penguin dancing on the microphone.
The next day Alfred pulled out of the race, and Sandy was happy but she had to look for another candidate.


Dr.John said...

Shape shifting is certainly helpful. Good job there wasn't a big wind or who knows where the fly would have ended up. Clever
I just love Sandy and her penguin. Glad to see a politician get what's coming to him.

Melli said...

Oh ya gotta LOVE that penguin sometimes! I wish he was around for ALL political speeches!

What in the world is Mark UP to? The next time I'm asked which super power I would choose if I could, I'm choosing shape shifting! (I usually choose teleportation...)

Raven said...

Every politician (well most) should have a penguin! Wouldn't it be grand to have someone to translate what they say to what they mean! And bravo to Mark for finding a safe and peaceful escape. Great job! I thought these words were really hard and you made it seem easy.

quilly said...

Sandy is going to learn to like that penguin!

And poor Mark. Will he never find a place where he is safe and belongs?

Dianne said...

see! I knew there was reason to hope the penguin stuck around, he's politically active!!

Finding Pam said...

I loved both of your stories!
I am so glad that Sandy has that penguin. Wonderful to read.

Richard said...

Zonics rock. Best wishes to Mark out there in the universe somewhere.

Nessa said...

Both of these are very good stories. I want a penguin that reveals the truth.

Alice said...

2 good stories again this week. I especially liked the second one and how the 'jerk' was revealed in the end. Well done, Betty.

Akelamalu said...

I love the shapeshifter story - so original and I liked that he chose not to kill. :)