Saturday, February 14, 2009

Raven's Challenge 50

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: ubiquitous, do you see what I see, getting a word in edgewise, wild goose chase, grandmother of five, Freemasons, Pacific Paradise, everything and nothing, insanity prevails

Mini Challenge: shortening the distance, it’s all about bloggers, the Fortress at Pigeon Falls, finding Pam, a raven’s nest

The news was ubiquitous. A species new to this universe with great power needed to be found and stopped. Councils of many planets and established alliances were meeting in emergency session to plan for it's capture and removal, using Dr. Peterson as advisor. Many vigilante groups were formed, and flew off on wild goose chases. The Free Masons offered a reward for the capture of a Zonic. Captain Clark attended as many of the meetings on capturing Zonics as he could on behalf of his son Mark, but many times he could not get a word in edge wise. Insanity prevailed.
The news That Mark was a Zonic did not seem to rattle Mrs. Hanson, as Mark had expected it would. Mrs Hanson only softly commented "I think you did not tell us something." "I told you everything and nothing,"Mark replied. They watched as a grandmother of five being interviewed kept saying ,"Do you see what I see?" Hoping that the reported would agree that she had found the Zonic. She was pointing to a stump, it could have been but it was not a Zonic. Another report came that there was evidence that a Zonic was found in the resort on Earth called Pacific Paradise.
Couldbe offered a perfect haven, it was remote, and on a small planet that had no influence on universe affairs. He had friends, and a mysterious tower to explore. The fact that he had been in Couldbe for awhile meant he fit in. As long as he did not do anything to draw attention to himself he probably was safe.
Mark could not rest with that thought. He would leave his father having to defend him , and not knowing that he was safe. People could be hurt or killed by ignorance of other in their search for him. Could he get news coverage and tell his story?
There was no need for contemplation, as he step out of the door he faced Dr. Peterson, and an army of officers and news media.

Mini challenge:

Sandy Shore went to The Fortress at Pigeon Falls to dine with friends. Her group of friends was seated, but Pam ,one of her friends, had not been seated and the rest of the group had not seen her. Finding Pam was Sandy's objective as she excused herself and moved toward the front door.
The door opened, and the light highlighted a female figure. Sandy quickened her steps, shortening the distance to the door. The woman was holding a rather thick book, and it was not Pam.
Sandy was embarrassed as she was about to hug the woman,and she had no idea who this lady was.
The lady hugged her and said, "Are you Sandy Shore?"
"Yes,yes I am. I thought you were someone I know, Pam Stream.
"I do not know Pam Stream, but I know about you Sandy Shore."
"You do? How do you know me?"
"We have a mutual friend, not human. He gave me this book for you."
After giving Sandy the book, the woman turned and left.
Sandy looked at the book. The book was titled A Raven's Nest. She called after the woman but she had gone out the door. Apparently the penguin was not gone out of her life. She sighed and looked to see if Pam had come in. She did not see Pam, so she took out her cell ,and gave a call to Pam. She got an answering machine saying she was at The Harpers and the girls should meet her there.
Sandy returned to the table and related what had happened. She did not say anything about the penguin. The ladies looked at the book and Mary said "It's all about bloggers." The ladies did not want to travel all the way to the Harpers but said if Sandy and Sidney wanted to go meet with Pam they would understand,but they were staying at The Fortress.
Everyone was a little upset with Pam. If she changed plans she should have let them know. Sandy and Sidney choose to stay and eat with the other ladies. Sandy called back and left a message that they were at the Fortress and were going to eat there.
Gnawing at Sandy during the meal was why had Pam changed her mind, and why did she go to
the Harpers? The Harpers was a resort out in the woods a great distance away.

To be continued on Monday.


Raven said...

Poor Mark! I hope things turn out well for him. And I look forward to an answer to the mystery of Pam's mysterious decision to dine elsewhere and the Penguin's motives in it's most recent escapade.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Richard said...

He's a Zonic, he'll figure it out. I hope. Good episode.

Richard said...

He's a Zonic, he'll figure it out. I hope. Good episode.

Dianne said...

could Pam and the penguin be planning some mischief!!

quilly said...

I am worried for Mark! I can't seem to make up my mind. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I think he is very dangerous. I understand the people who are looking for him.

Alice said...

Great stories, Betty. I wonder what is up with Pam changing her plans like that and just leaving a message on her machine instead of calling Sandy to let her know. I love that name, Sandy Shore... Haha.

Dr.John said...

The best of your stories. Your characters are taking on a life of their own. I can hardly wait until Monday.

Finding Pam said...

I love Sandy Shore! I can't wait to read the rest of the story. Hope that Pam is alright.