Monday, February 16, 2009

Jeff's Photo Story

Sandy Shore had a dinner meeting with six of her friends at The Fortress at Pigeon Falls. One of her friends did not show, and had left a message to meet her at another resort some distance away. Sandy called and never got in contact with her friend Pam. Pam had not returned any of the calls. A day had passed, and Pam's friends were worried. The friends drove to Pam's home and she was not there.
Sandy and one of the friends Sidney decided to drive to The Harpers, the last place they had heard from Pam. The drive went smoothly until they were within a few miles of the resort, when the car began choking. Sandy looked at the gas gage and noticed the gas light was on. She pulled over to the side of the road. She asked herself why she did not look earlier. There were no gas station any where around. Sidney was using language none too lady like to express her frustration with Sandy. Opening the car trunk, Sandy pulled out some boots. They were not dressed for hiking through the woods but the boots should help.
How to get to the resort was the next issue. Sidney wanted to walk on the side of the road to the resort with the likelihood that someone may come along to offer a ride. Sandy wanted to get there quickly, and the quicker way would be through the woods in a straight path to the resort. Sandy won the argument, and they headed into the woods. The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line,but it is not necessarily true. They had to trudge through and over brush. Climb over trunks of downed trees with Sidney loudly and persistently complained over Sandy's choice.
As the sun was beginning to set, the resort came into view. With a scream Sandy grabbed Sidney as she was about to step on a sprung trap. The trap was covered with cobwebs, maybe it had been sitting there awhile. Lying in the trap was a piece of paper. Sandy carefully picked up the decaying piece of paper. She studied it,trying to make out a message from the faded ink.
"What is it?"asked Sidney
"I can't read it," answered Sandy.
"I say we move quickly forward to that resort, "said Sidney. Sandy put the paper into her pocket.
The front door of the lobby was finally reached. Sandy looked at their reflection in the glass door, they looked like they had been sleeping in the woods. She took a deep breath and opened the door. The lady at the desk, had a startled look, but recovered and asked if she could help them.
"In so many ways," said Sandy. "First my car ran out of gas, and I need a gas station and a ride there and to my car. Second have you seen this woman?" Sandy took Pam's picture from her wallet, and showed it to her. " Third we need a room, so I hope you have one available."
The lady replied,"To the first problem Ronney will give you transportation to the gas station. We have a room available that will take care of your third problem. The second problem about seeing the young lady Pam Stream. I saw her yesterday." The desk clerk checked the computer and said,"she has not checked out. I will call the room. There is no answer."
"Sidney you go into the bar and I will take care of the car and join you later. Maybe you can read this note in more light,"said Sandy.Sandy gave Sidney the note.
Sandy went with Ronney and Sidney went into the bar and ordered a drink. She moved to a table with light and studied the note. Sandy returned and got a drink and joined Sidney.
Sidney said," I know what it says. I hid the money in the old junky bus. "Do you know of an old bus?" Sidney asked the bartender.
"Out way back in the woods there is a junk pile, and one of the items left is an old school bus."
"Do you have a flashlight?" asked Sandy.
"Yup" He handed a flashlight to her.
"You are not really going out there at this time? You are going out looking for hidden money based on an old note? You really are crazy Sandy."
They made their way to the dump based on the directions from the bartender.
They squeezed into the partially open door. Sandy shone the light, around and was surprised to
find a tied up and gagged Pam. As quickly as they could they removed the gag and untied her.
Pam sat and cried for awhile. Then she said over and over how thankful she was to see them, and she had no idea how they found her.
Pam told her story how while out walking she came across this old bus. The bus had the same number as the one they use to ride to school, so she climbed in. She was sure that this was their bus, and she found the pencil box she hid so many years ago. She was about to pull it free when she felt someone behind her. They grabbed her and tied her up, and they searched the bus. They did not find whatever they were looking for. They left her there. She was sure no one would find her, and she would die there. She turned around and reached for the pencil box. She opened it, and to all of them was the surprise of a bundle of 100 dollar bills. That was big return on a couple of marbles.


Maggie May said...

This story had me gripped to the end. Nice surprise getting the money.
Not sure who tied her up though.

bettygram said...

Maggie May: That maybe another story.

Finding Pam said...

That was a great story. I am starting to not like old busses i the woods. Scarey!

quilly said...

Great story. Good suspense. And will we be hearing about this bad guy again?

Jeff W Bach said...

. . . and they all lived happily ever after. (with enough spending money to go around)

Nice story Betty.

Melli said...

Sandy has the most interesting group of friends! They all seem to find themselves in the most amazing messes! I wonder what the penguin was up to while all this was going on! Now... will they turn the money in, or is it finder's keepers?

Alice said...

I'm loving reading all your stories that turn out to be one story with several chapters, lol. This is great writing, grabs and holds the attention.