Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just News

I finished therapy today. I have been going for a very sore shoulder. I had difficulty dressing and doing cleaning. Putting on a seat belt was difficult for me.
Therapy has worked this time. Because of my posture I will always have trouble but with what I learned it should help strenghtening the muscles. I must keep doing it. If I feel that I can't take the pain I could get an injection.
I liked my therapist and we exchanged recipes. I got tee-shirt as a gift.
We had a storm tonight. Many in the mid-west had it. Lost the TV but not phone or internet.
Everyone in our family trying to lose weight is doing well except me. I am eating healthier, but not losing.


Thom said...

Hi Betty.I'm sorry to hear about your shoulder. About 5 years ago I had shoulder surgery and went through therapy. It was crap really. But then I went and tried Aqua Therapy and I tell you it was like a miracle. Working in the water was so much better and helped my shoulder greatly. Just thought I would share with you and give you something to think about. Keep eating healthy :)

Melli said...

So therapy is done! Wow! I bet that's a great relief! A few years ago - before I started losing my weight the first time, I was having shoulder trouble in both of mine - but the right shoulder locked up -- I couldn't even move it more than 15 degrees away from my body... and that only with GREAT pain. It was horrible! Turned out to be bursitis. I got an injection of cortizone - and that gave me great relief - enough that I was able to start working through it. It took a few months but eventually I got full range of motion back again! Since then, I take care to USE my shoulders -- in every direction! I don't EVER want to go through that pain again!

I'm only two days in to my diet and exercise this time... but I'm determined, and Jesus is with me! He sits beside me and cheers while I pedal! LOL! I've gone to the kitchen both nights looking for something sweet - but then I remember - oops! NO sweets! Funny thing is, I don't substitute it with something else! I just walk out of the kitchen and have nothing! (that's not like me at all!) LOL!

It is SO much harder to lose OLD pounds Betty! They've been with us and cling on for dear life! You just keep at it - you will lose! Are you exercising too? THAT really is important.

bettygram said...

Meli: My left shoulder had great pain and I didn't get help with therapy and I got the cortizone injection and that has kept away the pain for two years now. The pain in the right shoulder was a little different alot of pain but restricted the movement differently. Therapy has helped this time much less pain not gone but less.

bettygram said...

Thom: Aqua therapy sounds great. When I had a broken arm I stayed at my sister-in-laws and she had a large hot tub and using it helped alot.

Lori's Minute said...

Glad the therapy is helping. My poor mother... I forgot her main gift at Christmas and then I forgot her gift at your house. We finally got her Christmas gift to her so now I can tell you what it is...a paper that does diamond cut.

Doubt we will be down this weekend because Pete has a bad cold. I am finally better and went to Ash Wed. services. It was good to get out of the house. Hang in there about the weight loss...soon it will come off. Having you all in this has really helped me stay on it this time where before I would have given up after a couple weeks. I keep hoping watching Biggest Loser will inspire me to exercise more but I just do not think losing ten pounds in a week is healthy or realistic so I will stick with my one pound a week. (Now watch this week I will gain or something....) Have a good weekend!

quilly said...


Eating healthy has probably startled your body! Just make certain that you are getting the calories you need (don't eat too little!)and keep eating healthy -- and add in a bit of exercise -- and you will lose.

Exercise can be as easy as walking in place. Start out for 10-15 minutes marching in place while you watch your soap, and slowly lengthen the time as you can. Twenty minutes a day will probably do, though 30 minutes would be great!

Jill said...

Glad you like your therapist and that it is working. Eating healthy is half the battle.

Raven said...

Glad you found a good therapist and that therapy helped. I know I'm always repeating myself on this, but you might consider trying Dennis Puffett's help too.