Thursday, February 26, 2009

Quilly's Word Challenge#3

Quilly words: opprobrious abusive, offensive conduct.
quondam belonging to prior time
casuistry method of case reasoning

Matt Cain listened and waited patiently as Cori List continued her opprobrious behavior. This was no different than a quondam session. She would use casuistry to explain her choices. His job was to aid her in re framing her thinking to let her rejoin the community.

The room became silent, she leaned back in her chair, tilted her head up staring at the ceiling. Matt tried to engage her conversation to no avail. He was not sure if this was better than her quondam behavior. Her time was up, but she did not move. He was about to call for assistance in removing her, when she stood and walked calmly out the door.

He wrote up his report, and left for a meeting feeling confused. His job many times left him feeling confused.

Matt's supervisor began the meeting with a list of changes to be made. The list was long and complicated. He used his best casuistry trying to bring his employees into line. The supervisor became opprobrious toward the employees as his reasoning failed.
Matt left work hoping that tomorrow would be a better day.


quilly said...

So, what's Matt's job? I hope this is a continued story. It is a great beginning because it makes me curious and leaves me with lots of questions. Just like a good story opening should.

Great job using all the words -- some of them twice! And you kept it short, too!

Nessa said...

I understand how Matt feelings. Good job with the words and good job expressing Matt's frustrations.

Thom said...

Really enjoyed the story. I hope this continues on. Poor Matt. I don't think I would like his job, but there again, maybe we all have a job like Matt :)

juliana said...

i din't think i would want to be in matt's boots although i suspect most of us are in a way, at some point at least.
love the story.

Melli said...

Well, it seems like Matt's job is in the psychology field... is that right? And it sound like the supervisor is having a bad day. Might have to eat some words and make ammends tomorrow...