Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday at the Linna'a

We started out the day at church. They do a rotation type of instruction at St Marks. This Sunday my daughter had the kindergarten, and no students came. So we went out and visited with people as they came in. There is a lot of illness, which may have hurt attendence.
I listen to a man tell the reason why he has lived so long. He is soon to be 90. He always walked, and did not have a car until he was thirty. He then told the story of one morning he was running on his way to work. It was still dark and a police car pulled up. The police asked him why he was running. He said he liked to run. They then asked where he was running to. He said work. They asked if he would like a ride, and he agreed. He told them where he worked and they drove him there and waited until he went inside. There had been some break ins and they were not sure about him.
The church youth were selling pies and soup to raise money for camp. I bought a lemon pie for Dr. John to have at lunch. I had put on a roast for lunch. Pat had to go back to Madison to bring his boys back to their mother. We played canasta and watched tennis until 3:30. My daughter made Whoopie Pies. They taste so very good and they only have 100 calories. They are a sandwich cookie. The two out side cookies are chocolate cake like and the center marshmellow creme. Dr John retired to the bedroom and we watched the President and Matt talk. Then came the Super Bowl. We wanted the Cardinals to win. We watched the game and had the soup I made. At the half I went and did my visiting of the blogs I had missed on Raven's Wordzzle, so I missed out on the half time entertainment.
When I came back I said to my daughter that I think we jinxed the teams we want to win. First we were for the Packers, then the Eagles and now the Cardinals. Lets I said cheer for the Steelers. That seemed to be the answer, the Cardinals caught up then went ahead and then it fell apart. I said to Pennie we were not convincing enough cheering for the Steelers. We have such power!


Melli said...

Oh you DO! You DO! Poor Penny! You work hard to put those lessons together - it's so sad when no one shows up for them!

Our Youth were collecting money this weekend too -- but they did it the easy way! They all just stood in the Narthex before and after service holding soup pots or GIANT soup bowls with SOUPER BOWL labeled on them! Every year on Super Bowl Sunday our Youth do THEIR Souper Bowl of Caring -- and collect to either restock our food pantry OR to donate to the Lutheran Mission Society in Annapolis.

quilly said...

The youth in my church in LV used to sell submarine sandwiches on Superbowl Sunday. One ordered them the Sunday before the Superbowl, and picked them up in the church kitchen the Sunday of the Superbowl. They were great sandwiches!

The Old Fart said...

Glad you had a good day a church and a happy Super Bowl. You soup sounded good what is a Whoopie Pie?

blessings to you and Dr John.

Jill said...

Well, until the Texans get into the Superbowl(yes, I'm laughing) I have a hard time picking. I wanted the Cardinals but it was not to be.