Thursday, December 25, 2008


We had a different Christmas. We didn't open gifts. We are going to wait until New Years Day, when the family will be here. We went to church to a nice service. I have had two other Christmas' that were not traditional. When Dr. john was in the hospital 30+ years ago was the first. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Green Bay. John's brother-in-law drove his mother and I down behind the ambulance. We stayed at John's cousin home as that family went to Florida. John had surgery. A friend in Crystal Falls who was caring for my children drove down so that the kids could see their father on Christmas. That is when the snow storm came. Very bad driving. I got a parking ticket how the officer found the mark on my tire I do not know. Then as I was driving back to his cousin's house I got lost because you could not see the signs. There were no gifts to give. John's cousin left cookies. John's mother kept saying Santa Claus flew right over. I can't remember if his mother got a meal. I remember I went to the cafeteria but I didn't find the food tasty.

The second different Christmas was when Dr John was in the hospital for the last major illness. That time my children were grown. Peter and Pennie came up and we celebrated at the place I was staying a converted hotel now used for families of those in the hospital. They had Christmas trees in the lounge area. Pat had to come later. We got a meal put together by the grocery store
and we used the kitchen. John could not have gifts because he was in the ICU. Pennie and I went to church Christmas Eve at Messiah. The pastor spoke about how Jesus was not at his home also.

Celebrating Jesus birthday is important even if is not traditional or on the 25th.


Melli said...

Betty - was this the way you planned Christmas to be today? Or were your plans changed by the weather? Or something else? I hope you enjoyed the day! You're right - Christmas doesn't have to be traditional - I prefer non-traditional! But it does have to be celebrated!!! You guys will have a GREAT New Years!

quilly said...

Here we have had a very lazy day, just OC and I. We exchanged a couple of token gifts, but we didn't want today to be about presents. Last night were attended both Christmas Eve services. They were each different and both were very lovely. Pastor talked about our earthly homes, and the fact that, if we know Jesus as our personal Savior than, no matter where we are, we are always at home.