Saturday, December 13, 2008

Raven's Challenge 43

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: Horny as a toad, Frankenstein’s sister, Greeks bearing gifts, Holiday, Cheese grater, Gridlock, Drip dry, Coffin maker, movie mogul, Turkish coffee

Mini Challenge: prenuptial agreement, The purple cow just hated the orange cat, potato chips, sari, Hammer and nails

Search For A New Home-Ten Word Challenge

"I know." replied the Captain to his adopted thirteen year old son Mark. His threats against the ship and possible take over were all possible. Mark had great power, as did all the zonics. The Captain remained still waiting for Mark to get a cooler head. Mark turned his back and shapeshifted into his true form of a blue globe, and vanished into the wall of the ship. " Mark" the captain cried.

Mark moved away from the ship but had no direction. He thought about all the trouble he had been causing. Maybe it was best for him to leave,to find a place for himself. It would not be his home planet. Someone from there wanted him dead, leaving him as an infant on uninhabited planet. As he traveled he searched with his mind for some kind of being. He heard what sounded like a melody. Some being was singing. This being was inside a log like structure. There were other similar structures in a circle. He entered the structure and saw a singing bipedal creature using a cheese grater on a small table. He took the form of a chair. She resembled what Mark thought the monster Frankenstein's sister would look like, horny as a toad. She wore a simple plain colored dress. On a near by wood stove was a pot of what smelled like Turkish coffee. Hanging across the room was a cord from which hung candles drip drying. Mark from his advantage point could see out the window and there was forming a large group of beings that resembled the female[or what he assumed was a female]but it looked like a mixed group. They were shoving and pushing one another. " We want the coffin maker. We want the coffin maker." they cried. There was a being coming from the back of the crowd caring packages. He tried to get to the front of the crowd but found gridlock. The package caring individual finally made it to the front. "Coffin maker it is a Holiday come and see." Mark could see this was not a holiday looking group, and he did not feel a holiday spirit coming from them. Were they Greeks bearing gifts? Out of a back room came a tall being. He opened the door, and as he did so Mark saw that from behind the backs of the crowd came large bat like sticks. He shapeshifted to be like the beings shouting"Don't let them in"Cut!" A fancy dressed being came out from the back room. All eyes were on Mark. It was then he noticed the well disguised cameras. An irate movie mogul faced him. Oh great, his shapeshifting would be on camera. It was of course of a chair to these beings. The cameras were not rolling now, and this is not where he wanted to make his home. He shapeshifted to his blue globe and left the building and out into space.

Mini Challenge;

Sandy Shore was reading the early morning news paper. She was dressed in her comfortable sari and sipping her coffee. She read the nuptial column and wondered how many had prenuptial agreements. She sighed she would have to get to putting up a shelf for the stuffed animals she had collected over the years. Her favorite was the purple cow ,which just hated the orange cat. She went to the cupboard and took out the hammer and nails ,along with a bag of potato chips for her pesky penguin, which she was sure would make an appearance later that day. Her sighting of the penguin was now to her common place. There was a knock at the door and there it was with the cinnamon floppy hat and yellow jacket. She let him in and it went to the stuffed animals piled on the floor waiting for a place on the new shelf. The penguin chose the orange cat and carried it out of the house. After a short time the penguin returned with a stuffed penguin with a cinnamon colored hat and a yellow jacket. The penguin ate the potato chips and Sandy put up the shelf and aligned up the stuffed animals.


Dr.John said...

Poor Mark I hope he finally finds a home.
I just love Sandy's Penguin.

Melli said...

Hm. Mark is not being very "careful" these days. I had no idea he was so YOUNG! That speaks volumes!

Awwwww... how sweet of the Penguin to bring Sandy a stuffed replica of himself. Maybe he's planning to move on and wants her to have a reminder of him...

Raven said...

Thirteen! Poor Mark. I hadn't realized he was so young. Glad that Sandy Shore is making peace with her mysterious penguin and that it's making kinder gestures. Wonder what it did with the orange cat...

quilly said...

I see Sandy has decided to ignore her insanity. If that works I hope she lets me know.

Poor Mark. I am so glad he didn't decide to destroy the ship.