Monday, December 8, 2008


My son came up from Madison to put up the mantel that my daughter gave me for Christmas last year. We think we had a part left out and we couldn't find the directions. My daughter first bought what proved to be only a front to the fireplace and not the mantel. She then went out and bought the shelf. That was last year . She stained all the pieces not knowing what was needed. We found also that the shelf was longer than the fireplace. After all she went through I didn't want her to go get another shelf so I said put up that shelf. They went out on the net to see if they could find directions and that is when we found we didn't have the part they asked for. Not to be stopped he found some wood in the garage that looked liked it could be used. The mantel is up.

While the mantel was being put up. My grandchildren brought up the tree and decorations. We put up the tree and hung the decorations. The oldest and I went out in the cold and hung some lights on the fence. We had lights that used solar energy. We hung them on the far side of the fence, so we don't know if they can be seen.

On Sunday we went to church. After the service in the fellowship hall they had a Silent Auction.

I got a fishing trip for the summer for the grandchildren. They had small items that the children could bid on also. They had a good time.


Melli said...

I LOOOVE your new mantel! It's FINE for it to hang over larger than the fireplace -- many of them do! And now you have a beautiful place to hang the stockings! Ho ho ho! Your son sounds like my husband... once he sets his mind to getting the job done, the job is getting DONE no matter what pitfalls stand in the way! Tenacious? That's an honorable trait! Your little tree is lovely too -- with the required train around it. Sounds like the auction was both fun and a good deal! And now Christmas will carry through into the summer.

Jill said...

Nice job on the mantle, tree looks good too.

quilly said...

That beautiful mantle needs some Christmas stockings!

Amber Star said...

After all the challenges with the mantel it all worked out great. It is beautiful and like Quilly said, needs some Christmas stockings.

The Old Fart said...

Yes Betty, now all the Mantle needs is your's and Dr John's Stocking hung up for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve.

Glad you had a good visit to Church.


Raven said...

Looks great! And ready in plenty of time for Santa.