Monday, November 17, 2008


Today I face another Raven's Challenge.
Ten words: pipe organ, ravages of time, lottery tickets, angelic music, five x five, boxes of books, flattery will get you nowhere, yodelling, pig tails, knitting needles

Mini challenge: canary yellow, grizzly bear, out of the frying pan into the fire, simpleton, Ministry of Crazy Walks

The Flicks
Ten Word Challenge
Mark in the form of the giant thin green bipedal humanoid creature, engaged a pair in conversation. Another gift he had was that after listening to a conversation for a little while he knew the language. The pair were heading to the palace. No one prevented him from entering with the pair. There was angelic music being played by a pipe organ. He looked around and he could not see the pipe organ. The room was spacious . It had marble tile with beautiful mosaics on the wall. The room was attractive but showed the ravages of time. The organ stopped, and then he jumped because there came a sound that he had only heard from Carol Burnett on old CDs. There was someone yodelling. Out from a sliding door came a creature like the others but smaller in pigtails. The pair bowed to the smaller creature. Mark followed their lead bowing also. The creature with the pigtails walked past them and the pair followed, and so did Mark. She walked to another sliding door. The door opened to a five x five room with a box of books and another box of what looked to Mark like large human dolls. The pigtailed creature pulled out of the box three dolls. The creature then went to the box of books and sorted through the books finding two and taking them. She then walked passed them and the three followed. Mark was silent as the other two discussed as they followed that the Princess was "Not right" because she was obsessed with the belief that something looking like the dolls did exist.

Mark had learned that the creatures were called Linx. Their names were Let and Sut, and the Princess's father wanted the two body guards to stop his daughters belief in what Mark knew to be humans. As they made their trek toward the waterfall that Eric and his father were hiding behind ,Let and Sut argued over who would be the best in convincing the Princess. Each one was trying to convince the other that the other would do the better job. After Let described Sut's amazing verbal abilities, Let said"Flattery will get get you nowhere." Sut finally agreed to explain to the Princess that the beings she had dolls of, did not exists. He made no head way.

Eric had spent the time of their hiding telling his father Dr Peterson that Mark was not a threat. They had known Mark for sixteen years and no one had been hurt. Dr Peterson argued that Zonics are powerful and that Mark alone could destroy the ship and its inhabitants. Eric as he talked to his father check the court yard. He saw three giant figures and a shorter one approach the waterfall.
"They are coming this way,"whispered Eric.Dr. Peterson and his son ran back to the fake living area. They hid behind the couch and just in time. The four came into the room. The shorter one with pigtails placed the dolls it was holding on to chairs around the table. It spoke to them, brought over the fake food seeming to be pretending like a human child with dolls. One of the dolls which had grey hair, had a ball of yarn and knitting needles. The smaller creature then moved the dolls to chairs facing the fake TV. The creature with the pigtails went to a pocket of the doll which looked like an older human male. It pulled out what looked like lottery tickets. It then bounced the dolls up and down raising their arms. It was then that three of the Linx froze, and Mark shapeshifted into Mark the human.
"Lets get out of here now," he said.
Eric and his father did not argue but left the way they had originally came in. They were not met by the wild dogs , and they move quickly and silently to their space shuttle. Each one was thinking about all that had transpired on this excursions.

Mini Challenge : Sandy's Date

Sandy had no idea how unusual her date with Jeff , the B movie star was going to be. They left the movie set ,and drove to a park near the lake they were filming. There was a small hut at the entrance. It said in bold letters above the door Ministry of Crazy Walks. Jeff picked up a map and paid the entrance fee. They began walking on the path when Sandy almost fainted for there was that penguin with the cinnamon floppy hat, and wearing a canary yellow jacket. The penguin waved at Sandy. Jeff said nothing. She grabbed Jeff's arm tugging on his navy jacket.
"Do You see it? Do you see it?"
"See it? what?
"The penguin in the yellow jacket and a cinnamon floppy hat?"
"What are you talking about? I don't see anything. Wait, there is some thing behind that rock. It is." He walked closer, Sandy followed close behind, but the penguin was not behind a rock. It was beside them.
"It is a grizzly bear"
They were about to run, when it rotated to the side.
" It is a fake bear. Brave me I feel like a simpleton. Nothing to fear from a fake bear."
" But what about the penguin?"
" A penguin? I don't see a penguin."
" Then there was a roar, a lion was charging them. Jeff was pulling Sandy. He saw a brick building ahead. He hoped they were close enough to get there before the lion. Sandy saw the penguin beside her then ahead of her. The penguin went in ahead of them. Sandy closed the door leaning against it trying to catch her breath. Jeff was leaning over trying to catch his breath. Sandy heard the penguin chuckling.
"What are you laughing at. you ran too."
"I am not laughing." said Jeff
Just then they heard the flutter of wings and a giant bird flew at them. It was out of the frying pan into the fire. The bird was on a string hanging from the ceiling. It seems that the animals they were meeting were models. The penguin was still there, and Sandy knew it was not a model or was it. Jeff and Sandy decided it was time to end their first date. Jeff left Sandy off at her place, quickly driving away after a short kiss.The future of this pair did not look so good.


Melli said...

YAY! (((Hugs you!))) I'm so HAPPY you are going to study Daniel with us!

I wonder if Mark & the Peterson's will ever let the wee one know that it's okay for her to believe!

Poooor Sandy... that penguin is just going to ruin everything! I think she just needs to accept him and include him in all of her plans! Then maybe he'll get tired of her... but I doubt it! That IS a snazzy canary yellow jacket he's added to his wardrobe!

Raven said...

I love your space adventures.... Like Melli... I want to know if the little Linx princess will learn the truth and be vindicated in her belief.

Poor Sandy. That is one pesky penguin.

quilly said...

I knew it! Humans are just figments of someone's over active imagination!

Lu' said...

Those pecky visible invisible penguins have killed more than one romance. Good stories :)

Carletta said...

You have a wonderful imagination!
I really enjoyed these.

gabrielle said...

I love the Linx children playing with human dolls. Turns reality on its head like the old Twilight Zone episodes used to. Rod Serling lives!

another fledgling romance flummoxed by a diabolical penguin!

Dianne said...

oh my I think I've had dates like that!!

I love that Jeff is a B actor ;)

and as I say every week, I love the penguin - now it sounds like he's dressed like Paddington Bear.

I'll be back to read your POW - I am hopelessly behind but determined to read everyone :)