Sunday, November 30, 2008

The day after Thanksgiving feast

We went to my son Pat's the day after Thanksgiving. He cooked a turkey that had not been frozen. It was very good. We also had a beef roast. My grandson baked three pies, apple pumpkin and lemon . They were all very good.They have a wii and I went bowling. I didn't play but they also played football. Maggie came with us and was for the most part good. My grandson took out his pet snake and put it on his head. Maggie wanted to get it. We brought a stake and chain to put her outside. One time it was not on right and one of the grandkids went to walk around the house, and she followed. He went in not knowing she was there. She decided to check out the neighborhood. Pennie notice she wasn't on the chain, and called her back.The day was very nice but my son Pat got sick probably nerves and my daughter got the flu.Dr John is still recovering from the long ride.


bettygram said...

Hey no one commented on my the. I don't know what i was doing but it kept posting as I tried to put in the title.

Sandi McBride said...

LOL, at THE...sounds like the feast was mostly good...sorry about the illnesses rearing their ugly heads! Good thing someone noticed Maggie, sit back and recover!

Melli said...

LOL! Looks like Blogger was SNEEZING!

Sounds like a yummy post Thanksgiving feast! How far away do the kids live?

Jill said...

Sorry your son and daughter got sick, hope they are better now. I know how tiring a long ride can be. Wish Dr John well for me. We are still tired from all of this week-end's buzz.