Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Waker Upper

Not only do we have gunshots to wake us in the morning but a rooster. In the weekly paper front page ran an article about a man from Neenah complaining about the neighbors rooster waking him up. He was the only neighbor complaining. The rooster owner has a permit and they checked the noise and it was not too loud. Just a reminder this is the city. I have not heard the rooster and I would not be bothered by that noise, I lived in the country and I am use to that sound. Neenah is trying to raise money to restore the city clock so it will again chime. Crystal Falls has a bell that would sound on the on the hour and half hour at the County Court House. I liked the bell because if I awoke at night I could tell the time by listening to the number of times it rang. There are people who do not like the bell ringing. I wonder if Neenah will get complaints when the bell is fixed.


Melli said...

LOL! Of COURSE they will get complaints! You can never please all the people - and humans do LOVE to complain! We are a moaning society... *sigh*

William ~ The Old Fart said...

Betty ~ I hope Neenah's City Clock is restored, there is something wonderful about the Town Clock. It always adds to the Downtown, I hope it will chime for you as well.

Thank you for stopping by the blog the other day and leaving a nice comment.

Melli said...

Betty, I think you SHOULD do the Hubby Meme! After Dr. John left his comment, I made Dennis do the Wife version! I'll be posting that on Tuesday! LOL!

Lori's Minute said...

I read about the rooster and wondered if it was near you. I would not like to hear the bell chime every hour. We had a clock at the other house that did that and we took it down because I couldn't sleep with it. (This was at the time Bree was an infant so any little noise bothered me).

PLease stay indoors if you hear more gunshots! We want to keep you around longer!!!