Monday, May 3, 2010

Luke's Birthday

My grandson Luke will be 9 tomorrow. After church Pennie and I drove to Luke's house to celebrate his birthday. Before we went out to eat we went to Hazelwood one of the first large homes in the area. My granddaughter was giving the tour of the home. She volunteers, but had not been in the home for five weeks. She had not also given the tour on her own. This was the day she got to give the tour solo. She did a good job and we gave her a hard time with questions she did not have the answers for. There were no other visitors at this time, so it was a good practice. She got to discover items she had not noticed before. After our tour my granddaughter got to join us because she was through for the day. We went to Perkins, Luke's choice. We went back to the house for cake, and Luke opened his gifts from his sister and parents. Pennie and I will celebrate again on mother's day because it will also my son in Madison birthday.
We had an active morning at church, because the children in the kindergarten, and fourth grades got their bibles. Pennie because she is superintendent had to sign all the bibles and put the child's name in them. We did this on Saturday but as she was doing that she put the wrong name on one of the bibles. There was a white out pen but that did not work. She then wanted to put in a new dedication label. She had to get one more bible for a child who had not attended Sunday school all year, but because he got a letter he might show up. Pennie also thought that it would be nice to bring him the bible even if he did not show up. We had the bibles from before stored, and we wanted to get a bible that would be alike, but they are now out of print and had to get a new version. We then asked for a label, and the store did not have them, but would engrave the bible. Not what she wanted. She tried all Saturday night and Sunday Morning to get a nice dedication label made, she had one made, but it was too large . She had left the bible at church so it would not be forgotten. We went to church at 7:00 AM. I also had to set up to teach and I could not do that on Saturday because the Chippers were using the room I teach in. The chippers are wood workers. They do beautiful work. She could not sleep because she was disturbed about the name in the bible. Sunday morning she found a bottle of white out and it worked. Problem solved. Starting at seven it took me until the children were to enter my class to get the room prepared.
The Bishop was at the service. He gave the children's sermon with a puppet. He gave the adult sermon not in the pulpit, and he did a short prayer with the child and family as they received their bible. It was a very nice service. Each of the children who got a bible also got a backpack to carry the bible in.
I will explain why I had to take so long to set up. I have the art workshop[class}. We are making Kingdom Cups a symbol of their lives open to the Spirit's working in them. We are using Crayola Magic clay. A template of a rectangle is taped down covered by wax paper taped down. Each child gets a larger ball of brown or white clay and three small balls of red, blue and yellow clay. They also get gems, and a plastic knife, and a small rolling pen, and a paper cup. The time comes from taping down the papers, and making the balls of clay. I put the clay in small baggies. We are studying the Beatitudes. The art workshops covers the first and third. On Sunday I had the Kindergarten & first grade. Every class I have had loved making their cups.


Anonymous said...

Hau`oli La Hanau to Luke. I hope he has a very happy birthday. :) Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy :)

quilly said...

Happy Birthday to Luke! It sounds like you had a busy, stressful, yet productive AND fun weekend. You sure know how to pack a lot into a little bit of time.

Did you take any photos of the kingdom cups so we can see one?

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh I sure would like to see pictures of those Kingdom Cups! I'm gearing up for VBS you know.... :) That sounds like a GREAT craft!

I am JUST like Penny! Boy if that Bible situation wouldn't have driven me half mad! I'm GLAD it worked out for her!

Happy Birthday to LUKE! And Happy Birthday this weekend to Patrick!