Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Weekend

The end of Sunday School had come for the year. My daughter, the Sunday School superintendent, had great plans for honoring the students , and the teachers. The students, and teachers were to get certificates, which a member of the Christian Ed. committee created and gave to my daughter to sign. My daughter also wanted to give a plastic red apple filled with candy to the teachers and a box filled with candy for the shepherds. My job, if I chose to take it, was to fill the apples and boxes with candy. Filling the boxes and apples was not hard, but tying small ribbons on them, not easy. My old fingers had difficulty with the bows. My daughter also wanted to give each teacher, shepherd, and the piano player a slide show of the year. Dr John had taken pictures during the Sunday School hour, and during the services. Pictures became fewer after his death, because you forget to take pictures while you are teaching. Pennie began the week before last Sunday collecting pictures, making sure each child had their picture and name on the slide show. Background music music came next. The close of the year was to be a family event with games and snacks to follow the the awards. My daughter found a shoe cookie cutter{explain later the significance of shoe}, she planned for cookies to be made.
The problem with her plan is that everything did not go smoothly. Her slide show kept crashing even though she bought a program that was to make the process easier. She had difficulty putting the music exactly where she wanted it. On Saturday evening I made the cookies, but I do not do decorations well. My idea is to frost then throw on sprinkles, not what she wanted. I went to bed at 1:00 AM Sunday morning. Pennie was not able to get a separate show for the pianist,or the students First Communion. She did get the the cookies decorated cutely.
Part of the last six week rotation was a shoe drive. The rotation before was a toy drive for the shelter. We got two boxes of toys. We did not expect too much for this drive although we advertised each week.
Sunday came. We were at the church at 7:00 AM to set up. I was in charge of the sack race. I brought out the games for the other teachers. Teachers , parents, and students arrive. Pennie began showing the slide show, using wall as a screen, as they arrived. Awards were given. The cookies, jello feet, cut out cheese of shoes, licorice shoe laces, and juice were eaten. The sack race, bean bag toss, hula- hoop contest, Pennie toss, and relay race were played. Questions were asked covering the year's learning, before the game was played making a review.
The children sang in church. They had two pieces. One was "God is so Great" and the other the Beatitudes. During the Beatitude song the children had duets, even the kindergarten children. Because of a Baptism, the children got to sit in the choir seats.
After the service ,Pennie had a meeting where they planned fund raisers for the next youth gathering. I had fellowship and ate cake.
Pennie took me home and she went to a Tupperware party. She bought, I stayed away so I would not buy.
We went to Olive Garden for supper. We went back to the church after supper to take care of the shoes brought in. There were bags and boxes to go through. We were ready to call it a day when we counted 225 shoes but as we were locking up the office I found two more boxes. We left them.
Story of the church parrot to follow.


Melli said...

WOW! What a time! Pennie really gets herself into some stuff! LOL! She is so like me it's scary! JELLO FEET??? Amazing! Can't WAIT to hear about this parrot!

Anonymous said...

Boy you've been very busy. How fun this must have been and inspiring. :)

Jeni said...

What a shame that the program to make the slide show was a bust but the whole idea does sound like a really great plan to me. And the shoes -wow! A local Methodist church in our area coordinates a shoe bank all the time now, and another Methodist church here runs a clothing bank -both things our church supports as much as we possibly can do. The church that has the clothing bank also runs the local Food Bank as well. This past Saturday a couple from our church had a big celebration in our Social Room in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary and they stipulated that, in lieu of gifts, anyone attending was to bring canned good to give to the Food Bank -which is always in need of donations of any type. They had two very large boxes set up at the doors to the Social Room and both were filled to the gills at the end of the party! Makes ya feel so much better about yourself when you're able to do something, no matter how big or small, that helps someone else who has a need, doesn't it?

Finding Pam said...

It sure seems like you have been busy. I bet everyone loves your family at church.

Wow. That is a lot of shoes to collect. God is good.

Nice to read your post. Have a great week.