Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Us Together Again

Penny Sue Tractor and Colonel Montana were the names that Mr. And Mrs. Reginal Maki decided to use for their big Hillbilly party this evening. The party would be held at a small cabin in the woods they rented for the night.
It looked just like they thought a Hillbilly home should look like. Every good Hillbilly home should have a pig. But the only pig they could find was one of those fancy pet pigs that belonged to a rich friend and they had to promise no harm would come to it to borrow it for the evening.
Mr. and Mrs Maki came up with mud wrestling as one activity, since greased pig catching was ruled out not wanting to harm the pig.
At the last moment they even found a dog named Duke to complete the picture.
Turning into Penny Sue Tractor and Colonel Montana brought them to giggling as the transformation took place. Everything was ready including the fake still from which the liquor would be served in fruit jars and the deer in the pen behind the cabin for the deer tackling event.
Old hats long beards and missing teeth were the norm but Lester Cain, or at least who ,the now, Penny Sue thought was Lester Cain had deep scratches over his face, and cuts on his arms. He looked like he had been in a fight with a mountain bobcat and she assumed it was part of his costume. He staggered as he picked up his fruit jar and sat at the teeter-tottering table. Suddenly the table went over and he fell to the ground looking very much like he had died. Mrs. Maki screamed out his name, and ran to him finding that the blood pouring from him was not fake but real.
That was when the Federal Agents choose to raid the party and arrested them all for a long list of offenses including having an illegal still. Mr Maki tried talking to the agents explaining that everything was fake for a party, but the with the body they were not buying his explanation.
As the agents were rounding up the guests, a couple and a teenager, Billy Jones and his parents walked in , Billy also with multiple scratches. It didn't take long to discover that Lester and Billy had a fight and according to Billy he stabbed Lester while defending himself. Billy was caring a pitch fork as part of his costume, but Lester, somewhat drunk, thought he was the devil.
Tomorrow they would be arraigned and the authorities would discover they had among others the District Attorney, the Mayor, and the Chief of Police, the strangest group of Hillbillies ever arrested.


Anonymous said...

Betty as I told Dr. John this was awesome. I really enjoyed it. You two do such a good job. I hope it continues as I want to see what happens now :) Aloha

quilly said...

Death by pitch fork has got to be a gruesome thing! This was a great story and I never saw the end coming -- oh to be in court tomorrow!

BJ Roan said...

I work in the courthouse here, would love to see the outcome of these trials! Well told, and as I commented on Dr. Johns, you do write well together. Great job!