Saturday, July 4, 2009

Raven challenge 70

Today I face another Raven's Challenge.

Next Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: Florida, spit, child bride, operatic, busy, holding pattern, sunflowers, ginger jars, office, superintendent

For the mini challenge: music to my ears, plot, powerful, braggart, super model

The gang with invisible animal companions were in a holding pattern waiting for the police to investigate the man in the multi-colored hooded sweatshirt they brought in for causing the explosion at Poets Corner. William and Stan had warmed up to Sandy after what they went through with her to get back her penguin. [The penguin that didn't need to be rescued.] Of course if they did not think the penguin was in danger they would have not caught the hooded man.
William paced back and forth in front of the office of the police superintendent and making the others nervous.
" I know a lady you should meet. Let's go over to her place, and get out of here. I will give them my cell phone number in case they need to talk to us some more. Her name is Winter Florida," said Stan.
Sandy followed Stan and William's car out into the country away from the busy city streets. They came upon a cottage nestled in the woods, and the car with William and Stan came to a stop in front of it. Sandy pulled up behind it. Sandy felt she was playing a part in fairy tale. The cute shuttered cottage had sunflowers lined around a winding brick path up to the door. She expected the flowers to burst into song. They were silent not even singing an operatic chorus, a bit disappointing. Stan knocked on the door, and a petite young dark haired girl opened it. A tall red haired gentleman stood behind her. Her face became glowing as she grabbed Stan in a hug.
"Oh, come in , come on in," she said. She dragged Stan in. William and Sandy followed him into a spit and polish clean house. Stan introduced William and Sandy to Winter Florida and Dale Florida. Winter led them into the living room past a kitchen door where Sandy could see ginger jars on the shelves. To Sandy, Winter looked so young. Sandy whispered to William,"She must be a child bride." Her whisper carried to Winter's ears, and Winter said," I was."
The three sat on a couch facing Winter on a recliner and Dale on a matching recliner. Stan told them about the catching of the man expected of bombing the Poets Corner. As they were speaking Stan's phone rang. He smiled as the conversation over the phone transpired. That is music to my ears. Stan related the conversation. The police had enough evidence they felt to charge the man. He confessed that he was with a powerful group that had plotted to cause fear in the community, and the braggart even confessed to wanting to kill supermodels. Once he started he was not able to stop and gave up other names.
"We can be a powerful force, but that power should be used to help those without, "said Winter. As she was speaking a wolverine curled up on her lap. Sandy began thinking about the beginning of seeing her penguin and how she wanted to get rid of it. It did cause some trouble for her, but maybe it had to grow up too. It now was part of a force for good.

Mini Challenge:

Super model Celeste was cruel to her step sister Mable. A braggart in their home she would rag on Mable about her hair color and style, her weight, and her gate. Mable could do nothing right. In her mind Mable would plot to bring the powerful model down.
Jim Rose, a very handsome man, a super model also, became interested in Mable not Celeste.
He came to the home with flowers and gifts to woo Mable. Mable's attitude slowly began to change about herself. The change showed in her demeanor. When Mable told her mother that Jim had proposed, her mother exclaimed," That is music to my ears."
Mable no longer wanted to humiliate her sister but found it enjoyable to rejoice in her success.

Happy 4th of July!


Raven said...

Enjoying the continuing story of Sandy and her invisible penguin. Winter Florida. Cool name. I loved your mini. I like romance and redemption. Lovely. Happy July 4th.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July to you, Dr. John and your entire family. Great stories this week. That pesky invisible penguin :) Have a great weekend :) Aloha

quilly said...

Happy 4th of July! I am glad Sandy is learning to love her penguin!

Nessa said...

I am glad that Sandy is finally becoming comfortable with her penguin.

Happy 4th of July.

Richard said...

I guess it's true; Penguins can be a force for good.

Mable is a great old school name for a gal.

Stephen said...

I liked your stories. Looks like Sandy and the group may be getting closer to solving the case. They have another invisible animal, too. The second story, with Mable getting married and deciding to like her sister, had a nice ending.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA