Friday, July 24, 2009

Dog Progress 2

The head front and back have been sewn, but then the machine could not sew the foam and lining.
I tried many different settings only to give up and sew the back foam and lining by hand. It took an hour, with a machine five minutes at the most.
Watched the live feed again, Peter brought Bree down so they saw it too. the going in and out makes it difficult to understand the speeches. Pennie just called and every thing is going fine. They put up some walls for Habitat For Humanity. Went on a scary ride. Getting into the stadium is scary because of the heat and the pushing to get in, so they are going a little later hoping to miss the pushing and shoving. We have not been able to see them because they are in the shadows Pennie said.


Anonymous said...

I didn't get a chance to see the feed. dang it. Timing just wasn't right. Making progress on the dog. Sorry to hear you had to do it by hand.

Melli said...

I saw part of the feed this evening -- a couple of the songs. What a WILD time! I would love to go to a youth gathering I think! I read the blog too -- sounds like they are all having a great time!

This dog head sounds like something ELSE! MY machine would never even THINK of sewing through foam... it would think I was trying to KILL it! I think you have to have a special machine for that! Probably best you did it by hand... but what a PAIN! Actually - MY hands couldn't even DO that - so YAY you!!! My hands would be completely numb by 3 stitches!